[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling - A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling - A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG

by SilencetheHunger

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Astrid, a mischievous noble teen, long dreamed of exploring the ancient cities preserved beneath the waves, left behind from a time before the ocean swallowed the world.

When an ancient monster long thought dead assaults humanity's last bastion, a floating ship-city, she awakens her System early–only, she's not a warrior as expected, but forced to walk the path of a [Psychokinetic].

With Spawn infested oceans, pirates looking to plunder, and mysterious monsters that lurk within Bubbled-Cites at the bottom of the ocean. Safety is anything but guaranteed.

She’ll learn to trip; levitate, throw objects, eyeball pulling, all the way to the apex of psychic powers.

But, what happens when she discovers that her world was a lot larger than she–and the rest of humanity, once thought?

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling is a laid back story about a young girl who has a craving for adventure and fighting. She wasn't expecting to awaken as a mage class, but that won't stop her from having fun—no—It only makes it better! No longer will she need to resort to laborious activities, including, but not limited to; picking up stuff, carrying stuff, or even throwing stuff! Everything can be done with her mind!

This is the first serious litRPG I am writing, and I am considered a new author. So please be kind!

What to expect from this story:

- LitRPG elements with blue boxes

- A mischievous, powerful female protagonist

- Gore, eyeball pulling, and limb pulling.

- Slice of life elements with a party of (hopefully) interesting and fun characters

- Average chapter length 1800-2200 with a release of Mon-Fri

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Table of Contents
128 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The [Psychokinetic] Eyeball Puller ago
Chapter 2 - The First Taste of Blood ago
Chapter 3 - Canister Go Boom! ago
Chapter 4 - The Leviathan's Retreat ago
Chapter 5 - A Dress with Pockets! ago
Chapter 6 - A Wayfarer's Introduction ago
Chapter 7 - Down in the Slums ago
Chapter 8 - Enemies That Lurk ago
Chapter 9 - The Sight Of Fear ago
Chapter 10 - Sugar and Battle ago
Chapter 11 - Monsters Shall Not Pass ago
Chapter 12 - Second Class Awakening ago
Chapter 13 - A Spawn With A Cleaver ago
Chapter 14 - One Too Many Legs ago
Chapter 15 - Icy Fish Woman? ago
Chapter 16 - Entry to the Mind ago
Chapter 17 - Underbelly Subjugation: Complete ago
Chapter 18 - Levels from the Lich, and Food! ago
Chapter 19 - The Migrators, and Ice-cream ago
Chapter 20 - Wayfarer's Exam, Begin! ago
Chapter 21 - Water and breath. ago
Chapter 22 - Floating Fire Dog! ago
Chapter 23 - Fried Chicken. ago
Chapter 24 - A New World. ago
Chapter 25 - Ambush, and Danger ago
Chapter 26 - A Sign of Past Life ago
Chapter 27 - Evolved Monster ago
Chapter 28 - The Power of Emotions ago
Chapter 29 - Mission: Complete ago
Chapter 30 - Psychic Weaponry ago
Chapter 31 - The Wayfarer's Pub. ago
Chapter 32 - The Lich's Equipment ago
Chapter 33 - The Bubbled Swamp ago
Chapter 34 - Monsters in the Mist ago
Chapter 35 - Levitation ago
Chapter 36 - Unknown Lifeform ago
Chapter 37 - Liquor, and the Mysterious Entrance. ago
Chapter 38 - Dungeon ago
Chapter 39 - Eternal Chains ago
Chapter 40 - Colosseum ago
Chapter 41 - Leave or Stay? ago
Chapter 42 - The Last Meal ago
Chapter 43 - Friendship ago
Chapter 44 - Survival, Levels, and Skills! ago
Chapter 45 - Knife Skills and a Campfire ago
Chapter 46 - Ambush ago
Chapter 47 - One Sided Massacre ago
Chapter 48 - Wall Creation and Bacon ago
Chapter 49 - Childhood Trauma ago
Chapter 50 - The Golden Emperors ago
Chapter 51 - Lost Parents ago
Chapter 52 - Musical Talent ago
Chapter 53 - Anger 1/4 ago
Chapter 54 - Anger 2/4 ago
Chapter 55 - Anger 3/4 ago
Chapter 56 - Anger 4/4: Overload ago
Chapter 57 - The Threat Against HMS Rebirth ago
Chapter 58 - Experimentation ago
Chapter 59 - A Dream and Rebuilding ago
Chapter 60 - Triple Class User ago
Chapter 61 - Alcohol and Familiar Faces ago
Chapter 62 - The Brewer's Skills ago
Chapter 63 - Mission Prep ago
Chapter 64 - A Little Help ago
Chapter 65 - The Changing Ring ago
Chapter 66 - An Invading Nightmare ago
Chapter 67 - Domination ago
Chapter 68 - Camp Preparation ago
Chapter 69 - First Year Combat ago
Chapter 70 - Civil War ago
Chapter 71 - All According to Plan ago
Chapter 72 - World First ago
Chapter 73 - Voidmare ago
Chapter 74 - Major Image ago
Chapter 75 - Pitfall and a Feast ago
Chapter 76 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 77 - Sadness ago
Chapter 78 - Void Jewel ago
Chapter 79 - Rock Missiles ago
Chapter 80 - Trial 1/6 ago
Chapter 81 - Trial 2/6 ago
Chapter 82 - Trial 3/6 ago
Chapter 83 - Trial 4/6 ago
Chapter 84 - Trial 5/6 ago
Chapter 85 - Trial 6/6 ago
Chapter 86 - Class Upgrade ago
Chapter 87 - Pupil ago
Chapter 88 - Robbery and Blood ago
Chapter 89 - Death to the Corrupted ( End of Book 1 ) ago
Chapter 90 - Loss and Prayers ago
Chapter 91 - Kreka the Evolved ago
Chapter 92 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 93 - Debrief 1/4 ago
Chapter 94 - Debrief 2/4 ago
Chapter 95 - Debrief 3/4 ago
Chapter 96 - Debrief 4/4 ago
Chapter 97 - An Eavesdropping Attempt ago
Chapter 98 - A Prelude to War ago
Chapter 99 - Ghoul In The Old World Pub ago
Chapter 100 - The Old Pirate King ago
Chapter 101 - Cai The Tailor ago
Chapter 102 - The Nightcrawler Scrapper ago
Chapter 103 - A Hasty Plan ago
Chapter 104 - Playtime in the Orphanage ago
Chapter 105 - The Old World ago
Chapter 106 - Bellona ago
Chapter 107 - A Gift, and the Anchor Dock ago
Chapter 108 - New Ship ago
Chapter 109 - A New Plan For Training ago
Chapter 110 - Darcey ago
Chapter 111 - New Armour and Sparring ago
Chapter 112 - More Sparring and an Idea ago
Chapter 113 - Voidbent Bones ago
Chapter 114 - Conjoined Skill ago
Chapter 115 - Tropical Heat With A Dose Of Eyeball-Pulling ago
Chapter 116 - Lord Sinwen's Might, and Disappearance ago
Chapter 117 - Dungeon Prompt ago
Chapter 118 - Battle of the Mind ago
Chapter 119 - Primal Jungle ago
Chapter 120 - Overload: Obsession 1/4 ago
Chapter 121 - Overload: Obsession 2/4 ago
Chapter 122 - Overload: Obsession 3/4 ago
Chapter 123 - Overload: Obsession 4/4 ago
Chapter 124 - Meeting the Great No-Eyed One ago
Chapter 125 - Delving into the Great No-Eyed One's Mind ago
Chapter 126 - The Eye-Queen ago
Chapter 127 - Prelude to War ago
Chapter 128 - Emergence of an Evolution Stone ago

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A brilliant story. It is really engaging, and I read the first 30 or so chapters in one sitting because I just could not put it down. The text boxes are some of the best ive seen on royal road. The characters all are likable, and for the most part have distinct personalities and abilities. 

The only issue I have found with the story is that it takes a while to get into really what the description promises. It says it is exploration and discovering the secrets of the world, but it does take a while to start getting into that. However, this is a very minor issue as the first part of the story was still absolutely amazing and very engaging, it is just more of a dungeon crawl before getting into the main story, which is also amazing.


Eyeball Pulling is a fun litRPG, leaning towards the comic side of the genre somewhat, but never at the expense of the story or setting. Definitely worth a look if you like good LitRPGs.

The main character is a lot of the draw for me: a brash young noblewoman from a very martial noble subculture, who fits poorly into her own social class, has an extremely strong sense of her obligation towards the lower classes, and twin yens for adventure and ultraviolence.

Style: I like the style, and the author does comedy, tension and drama well.

Story: The lore of this setting is quite interesting, and is mostly revealed in a well-paced manner. Astrid's personal journey is also quite well-paced and interesting.

Grammar: Honestly, it's let down by the grammar a little. The occasional wrong word, misplaced apostrophe, and so on. It's a bit grating at times, but I have become somewhat oversensitive to such since I became a beta reader, and they aren't higely common.

Character: The main character both entertaining for her manic-seeming behaviour sheer lack of regard for what enyone else thinks of her, but there are also some interesting tensions bubbling away beneath her surface that make her a lot more than just a comedy character. The supporting cast for the most part are quite well-written, and all feel like their own people.


This is a fun story. It is just the right amount of lighthearted and serious with a rather unique MC. The system has some hints at a greater metaplot behind it but for now, it is still a really fun LitRPG Romp. If you wanted to see Telekinetics used to rip out monster's eyeballs, or if you never knew you wanted to laugh at it, this is the story for you! 

The blue boxes exist but they are not omnipresent, the system works well enough to be believable, it is a strange cross between near sci-fi and post-apocalyptic fantasy rolled into a Waterworld Aesthetic. A wonderful read that is thoroughly enjoyable. 

9/10, do recomend. 


Needs more visceral Eyeball Yanking

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Colosseum

Took about two days to binge up to current chapter, solid read.

Style score is a 5 out of 5, the story flows following only the perspective of the main character.

Story Score is a Tentative 5 out of 5, there is history that is established in the world and while it isn't explicitly dove into it would be nice to read a blurb about the world Astrid runs around in more than just putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Grammar Score is a 4.5 out of 5, I'm glad to say I didn't see any errant apostrophes. I did however see one use of the word "Learnt" where taught, instructed or tutored would fit better. Alternatively learned would fine as well. Another big bonus here is no confusing gender mistypes.

Character score is a 4 out of 5 much like the world building we get new characters without much backstory and are left to hunt through Astrids' internal monologue to find the pieces of their puzzle. There is nothing wrong with this style of writing it's just something I am personally not a fan of.


Overall score here would be 4.75 - 4.88 providing a range because if the grammar from that one specific instance gets corrected it still wouldn't change my totals by much. Additional thoughts in the spoiler below.


Give up on the daggers and run around with flying swords instead. Stand on top of a sheathe and surf the skies. More eyeball yanking damnit.



Story started off strong, lots of fun and interesting characters, great dialogue.

Then the negatives start for a Litrpg i would expect abilities that are well thought out and not for the sake of convenience that we see in a normal fantasy.

Astrid's abilities should of damaged her brain beyond repair at this point, it just feels bad to read when there is no explanation to why she is fine.

Only once so far has she received proper healing to her brain. She has no healing ability of her own. 

Then she gained an emotion triggered skill which only actives at the perfect time for the situation. It doesn't feel very litrpg like when the mc ends up relying on a variable skill to win critical situations each time.

Then the plot itself is just forcing her into bad situations constantly.

I am more disappointed than anything because the story started so well and i hoped it would keep going strong.


Style: It's pretty decent. The story is written in a way that shows that goes from Astrid's first-person perspective, and you can feel her sass through the writing.

Grammar: Not much to say, it's fine.

Story: Okay, this is where is gets painful. The overall plot is great, the foreshadowing is feeding us little bits and pieces so that it all pieces together during the final reveal. Good stuff. But the problem is that it feels a bit too big-picture. We jump around from team to team, one fight to another. There's basically no transitions between different chapters, and I literally cannot piece together the story in one long timeline because the transitions are missing and it hurts my brain.

Character: Everyone is pretty loveable. Astrid is chaos, Daniel is the big dude, Rob is the silent and protective, so solid, distinctive personalities. There's also the royal kids, who blend together. I literally only know Gloria. Who is Josh? No fking clue. There's a lot of good character-building for the main characters but the side characters all mesh together because there are so many of them. I read multiple webnovels, at least 10 at a time, and I cannot remember everyone, not to mention the 30+ manhuas/manhwas/mangas I read. I can't remember all these 12 or so people, man. I literally just cannot.


I've been trying to review this book forever but each time I finish a chapter with the intention of starting, it draws me right back in and I gotta read more! I swear, the author must have psychokentic abilities himself cause my eyes are stuck to this story. 

Story: The book kicks into high gear immediately, something I've never seen any story on here do as well as this one, not even the top dogs. In the very first chapter we are introduced to Astrid, the LitRPG elements, some world building, AND some exciting action. And the book does not let up after that, leading us on a fun romp as Astrid slowly levels her powers and expands her horizons. There are quite a few plot threads developing that make it seem like there's more under the surface (much like the flooded planet where the story takes place) and I can't wait to see what is coming next for Astrid and friends. 

Style: The story is very well written, I havent seen a tale quite so fine tuned as this one, it has a breathless pace, really gets you into the action. It really does feel like the author is directing my eyes with his words, he has crafted one heck of a page turner.

Grammar: I saw very little mistakes. I actually can't think of any of the top of my head, they were so minor and didn't detract at all. 

Character: Oh man, this story has got characters in spades. There's a scene early on where Astrid sits with her family and we are introduced to like three or four new characters. All of them were immediately interesting and fun, with great banter that showed their history with each other, hinting at deeper family disdain. Was beautifully written and I cant wait to learn more about them. And that carries through with every character that Astrid meets. Even characters that can be trope like (such as a battle maid) are extremely endearing, done so well that they transcend the trope. There are so many characters and I cant wait to see how they are developed further and used as the story keeps going. 

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling is a heck of a story. It seems expertly crafted to be fun and endearing. Just be aware that as soon as you start it, your eyeballs will be pulled along to every next chapter until you're like me and reading it at 4am. Who needs sleep when there are so many eyes to pull? 


Until the ch where I am, I really liked this novel. The only thing that would basically improve is the system, which doesn't quite convince me, although it's perfectly passable and I've seen many worse things and the world, but nothing can be done about that since it's a litRPG apocalypse for a reason. I made the mistake of reading the ch when they were few and now I'm waiting for them to accumulate so I can read more often but I recommend reading the novel 100%


Neat concept, faceroll through the intro

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - The Leviathan's Retreat

There's a neat concept here, but the rapid resolve changes and personality flips in the intro give me whiplash

Hit in the face by a mystery something, instant legendary class, then immediately sent off by strict father (enough for a "my lord"), with full escort (and a packed lunch to immediately nip a "kicked out" plot), to the poor district for being a troublemaker.


Then we immediately jump through being compassionate, a first monster kill, more compassion, deftly stabbing monsters in the eye, and oneshotting something 3 times her level. Then she gets shot

Then poof, we're back, instantly healed, forgetting the "humbling" injury beyond resolving to wear armor before jabbing her maid for not diving in front of her. Father has jumped from strict to serious, and she instantly jumps into "dedicated training this instant"

Not a moment to pause and think, nor hit any amount of exposition for what the world is like

This feels a little harsh, as feel like the goal is to instantly dive into whatever the core plot of the story is and have fun with psychic powers


No Road Untravelled

This story is action heavy and light on wordbuilding. If this kind of story interests you, then welcome aboard the HMS Rebirth!

The System hits Astrid like a slap in the face, literally! It's not long before she's forced to use her new powers in battle, and rarely does more than a single chapter go by without Astrid being involved in some kind of fight. I think she's a battle junkie, at this point.

In the beginning I was getting One Punch Man Tornado of Terror vibes, but now I'm thinking this feels kid of like an action heavy Mob Psycho 100. I do not consider this a bad thing. The author has been dripping background slowly amongst the action, but go into this knowing you're getting 75% action and 25% story.