Netherborne [An OP Monster LitRPG]

Netherborne [An OP Monster LitRPG]


Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Netherborne do not tire, nor do they die. Instead, they consume all that lives until there is no more. When a Netherborne is summoned to the mortal plane, civilizations that stood for centuries are toppled overnight while their nobles evacuate to the seas. As a being from the void, the world fights the Netherborne's existence. However, resistance is futile; prey can only run.

But what happens when a human mind inhabits such a creature? Does only destruction await or will there be a new age of civilization?

Cover art is generated with an AI and owned by me.

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Emerson Fortier

The story is fun. I admit to being a sucker for One Punch Man style stories where the protagonist is so powerful everything seems trivial, but this story manages to balance all of that somehow, giving us a character that is truly that powerful but also still facing a handful of factors that truly keep the tension high through most situations. Add to that the sadistic streak to his sense of humor and witless characters just tagging or hoping to benefit from this monster that suddenly appeared in their world, and its a perfect recipe for a really good time. 

That's me gushing. In a more serious critique I would mention that the style is what I would call "developing" with clear "progression" for lack of a better term, between the first and latest chapters. The prose is just smoother and cleaner in the latest chapters. Additionally, i would point out that the author tends to slip into the present tense at random moments which is a bit jarring, particularly, again, in the earlier chapters where its a rather frequent error. 

All of that said, I'm super stoked for future updates. There's a lot that's been set up, and I'm particularly excited to see what goes down with terry the terrible zombie because one thing you NEVER hear about in these kinds of Isekai stories is the protagonists life in the real world before this whole adventure, and now that Terry is back on earth, it feels like we're going to have to learn a little bit about what the protagonist left behind. Then there's something messing with his head and a whole bunch of other stuff. The point here is, this is very fun, and I can't wait for more. 

Seems like a winner. 

Crimson Blade

Quite interesting so far, not shure where the story will develope towards, but to get even a rough sence you should at least read a fiew chapters in where he cinda finds which path is his to walk in this world, to know if its your's to follow him on his.

Beware spoiler of some intentions of the protagonist! (still somewaht speculations form a chapter 17 reader ^^ )

not shure that will be his true later goal, but it seams hes cronikly board, missing usual stimuly like Food/ Sex/ hormones, and thus will try his hand as stealthy author of fates watching things develope from the sides with a MAXED out op as fuck stelth skill. If he did have hormones and a sex drive he could be a real creep, good thats out of the question ;P



Overpowered Murderhobo Monster

Reviewed at: 2. Race Against Time

The protagonist reincarnates as a giant shadowy menace, with some of the most absurd abilities I've ever seen, a true living apocalypse. However, he loses stat points every second, and will cease to exist once he reaches zero stat points. He can gain stat points by killing, so expect massive bloodshed in these initial chapters. I'm very interested in what will happen later, because in the long term, ending all life on the planet will kill him as well. With this being the case, I'm curious how he'll figure out a sustainable solution.

Great start, and I'm exited for more!


It's worth sticking around for. I was hesitant at first about the earlier chapters because it felt as though it lacked some direction, given that the MC began their journey so strong. 

But after setting the scene a bit and establishing more characters, the author found his groove and included a bit of whimsy, mystery, and attitude that I can appreciate.

I'll be checking in on this one regularly from now on, seems like there's more to it than meets the eye.

Kyen Syr

An interesting take on Antihero Reincarnation

Reviewed at: 30. Sleeping Dragon

Only 30 chapters released thus far and already Karn is giving us a more unique take on antiheroes who are Undead-type races. This is also interesting to me because there aren't many stories on Royal Road which feature an inhuman protagonist dealing with godlike abilities on this scale while still pleasing to read.

Karn, you are doing well so far and I hope you continue posting chapters here on Royal Road (even maybe make it onto the fabled KU after a sufficient backlog).


A never seen before kind of story which features mc whose lifespan is replaced with their stat points and the only way to live is to kill kill kill and kill. I highly recommend it

Spoiler :
the only thing I don't like about it is the main character is too overpowered as of now and there hasn't been any character development yet but however it's still chapter 19 so I'll have to see how it turns out


I have enjoyed the characters, world, magic, system, and humor of this book thus far. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys LitRPG, Monster MC's, Anti-Heros, and generally any kind of power fantasy.

Grammar was very good, I did not see any issues with editing that stood out, though I felt a couple odd perspective shifts that seemed to happen with POV changes.


Absurdly overpowered character making fun o tropes

Reviewed at: 19. Rainbow Fish

The story is about one of the most powerful beings in the world and its struggles with the price paid for the power he has.

It likes making fun of well known tropes, integrating them into the story with properly established characters, though I feel that the execution is lacking somewhat and the lines that seperate the snide comments with the events going on get a bit blurry.

Aside from that, grammar is top notch and the worldbuilding doesn't fall far behind. 

As for the characters, while it's still too early to say much, I can't say any of them grabbed my attention. Maybe that will change as we get further into the story and more exciting stuff and fun interactions start to happen.

Overall, it's a fun, adventurous story that has the potential of a fresh take on the isekai genre. Should it not disappoint, I can guarantee it will be an adventure worth writing songs about. 


Awesome book, must read if you like litrpg books

Reviewed at: 20. A call from Terry

For what the book is so far, i have found it to be very captivating and interesting, it grabs your attention and holds on to it, with mysteries about the world that reel you in and keep you reading, and characters that have unique views on certain things. Overall its a amazing book so far


Very entertaining and well thought out

Reviewed at: 20. A call from Terry

I really like this story in particular because it has quite a few aspects of LitRPG that I have literally never seen before. Some of the details and plot points are completely new to me, although maybe not the genre.

I would recommend reading it! You might slog through the first few chapters (still enjoyable) but the quality only goes up.