77. A Broken Witch [Part-6].


77. A Broken Witch [Part-6].

Screen opens back to Ethan and Winnie looking at Helen surprised to see her there. As she looked down on them from the top of the vine wall she created. Winnie injected herself with an ectoplasm shot that heals her wound.

Winnie [Mad]- What do you mean by that Helen?

Helen- That's simple my daughter.

Winnie look confused at that statement. But that when she moved her hand changing the shape of the vine wall Infront of them changes shape to a mirror that shows each of the Monster Girls and Rangers being killed. Ethan and Winnie looked on enraged at what they where seeing. But what broke there silence was seeing Tanis and Nova's death. Ethan look lost for words and mad along with being upset.

Ethan- Tanis!

Winnie- GRR! What wrong with you Helen! How could you allow Tanis to die like that.

Helen- Believe me if I could I would have prevented it. But I still have you two now will you allow me to erase your memory's properly or are we going to have to do this the hard way.

Winnie pulls out her claws.

Winnie- Never!

Ethan [Mad and Upset]- Mom what's wrong with you!? Is someone controlling you?

Helen- No. . No one is my son. Where at war with the Monster Realm and I don't want you to be force to serve and be forced to kill your girlfriend.

Ethan- She's not my girlfriend!

Winnie- I'm not his girlfriend!

Ethan and Winnie look at each other embarrassed.

Helen- Ha. Weather you are or not together. It was ither erase your memory's or to kill Winnie and force you into the war. And I wont allow you to be a tool of The Freedom Fighter Core. So forgive me my son for this.

Ethan- Wait what does the Freedom Fighter Core has to do with. . Uh! Winnie look out!

Helen didn't even draw her sword she leaped at Winnie with blinding speed reaching for Winnie head. But Ethan yanks Winnie out of the way causing Helen to grab Ethan by the head. This surprised Winnie who was surprised by Helen being able to blitz them. But seeing Ethan in trouble caused both her and her Werewolf Spirit be enraged.

Winnie- Ethie!

Wendy [Thoughts]- Mate!


Helen hand burn with dark Aura on Ethan head he was trying to resist. Winnie get up and runs at Helen who drops Ethan who's passed out Helen use telekinesis to place a traer onto Ethan before turning and blast Winnie back with Dark Green Lightning. Winnie slams into a tree but it doesn't brake through it. As Winnie see Ethan nocked out her rage took over and she charges at Helen. Helen reactivates her sword as Winnie try's to kill her by using her claws but Helen block Winnie aggressive strikes.

Winnie- Werewolf Magma Claws!

Helen- Come now Winnie you know you can't defeat me. Just allow me to erase your memory. I know you want to be with Ethan. We can be a happy family.

Wendy [Thoughts]- You know she's right.

Winnie [Thoughts]- GRR! Shut up and help me or buzz off.

Winnie- Not happening Helen! UHF! Ahh! What!! No!

That when deactivated her blade and slams it into the ground then she smashes her fist into Winnie chest and slams her into the ground while mixing telekinesis and Dark Green and Black Lightning blasting her back and sliding her against the dirt. Then vines ties her up.

Helen- Well it look like you wont have a choice now.

Helen [Thoughts]- Finally I can see if Ethan is her mate.

As Helen walked over to Winnie she began to talk to Wendy. Inside the seal holding her.

Winnie [Thoughts]- Wendy a little help here!

Wendy [Thoughts]- Why should I. Helen might already now your Ethan mate. Also if she erases your memory's you can be with Ethan and there's nothing the Werewolf Alphas can do. It's a double win.

Winnie [Thoughts]- That's not the point! I don't want any of my memory's erased or my fate to be controlled by anyone including Helen.

Wendy look away as Winnie was about to launch a fire ball at her but stopped when she hears another voice.

Mason [Thoughts]- Winnie listen I'm here to help you.

Winnie [Thoughts]- Hold on that voice. Mason! I thought Ethan killed you.

Mason [Thought]- Not quit. But I'm here to help so listen carefully. Use your fire repulse to free yourself then grab Ethan and runs to the Magic circle on the ground it will teleport you away from here. You understand.

Winnie notice the Magic Circle not far from where Ethan is lying.

Winnie [Thoughts]- How do I know your not handing us over to The Freedom Fighter Core!

Mason [Thoughts]- Because I'm your only hope at the moment. Unless you want to be Helen's pet that is.

As Helen get closer to Winnie she grips her fist enraged.

Winnie [Thoughts]- GRR! Fine.

Winnie- Magma Repulse!!

As Helen raises her hand to grab Winnies head Winnie does a Magma Repulse that burns away the vines that griped her she ran towards Ethan once freed. The repulse managed to stagger Helen but not harm her. She takes off after Winnie as she began to catch up.

Helen- Your not getting away Winnie!

Mason [Thoughts]- Keep running Winnie! Don't worry about Helen. I'll deal with her.

As Helen got close Winnie pulls out her claws but kept running she changes into her Werewolf Beast form and grabs Ethan but Helen leaps her hand sparks with Dark Green and black Lightning. Helen hits Winnie in the back slamming Winnie to the ground. Her Lightning forcing her to return to her normal Werewolf form. While holding her to the ground while pushing herself up keeping her from crushing Ethan.

Helen- Like I said your not getting away. Now prepare to join our family. Hu!?

As Helen grabs Winnie head her body turns into mist and fades away. We see turns around Winnie still in her beast werewolf form running towards a Magic circle that burns a Light Blue with the Minutemen symbol on it. Helen eyes change to Black and a Demon Dark Green as she ran towards Winnie at blinding speed with her hand out ready to grab Winnie.

Helen [Thoughts]- Dam you Mason!

Helen- No! I wont let you two get away!

But it was to late when Winnie Enter the circle a bright light blue light blindingly consume Winnie and Ethan and they disappears. Helen stands there looking in disbelief at what happened. As Mason walks out from the forest behind her.

Mason- Sorry Helen but your child like attitude must come to an end here.

Mason activates his sword as it burns light Blue with a white blade core. Helen enraged grips her fist and uses her Telekinesis to yank her sword to and activates it burning Black cracks and Dark Green.

Helen- How dare you keep me from my perfect family. I will kill you for this.

Mason- We shall see.

Helen speed dash towards Mason who grips his sword firm with both hands as wind forms around his sword blade. Helen body and blade has Dark Green and Black Lightning running through his body.

Helen- Rot Lightning Strike!!

Mason- Republic Wind Strike!

When there attacks collide it unleashes a powerful blast that have them both slides back unharmed but the area has tree torn from the ground and form a storm above them. The screen changes to Winnie still holding Ethan still nocked inside a forest and slide downs a hill then into a mud pit. After they stop sliding Winnie leans Ethan against a tree. And returned to her normal Werewolf form.

Winnie-Uh! Yuck! Where the hell did that old man teleport us to?

As Winnie wiped off mud Ethan began to wake up but his face looked scared at Winnie. She notice this and look surprised. And quickly gets up try's to move away from Winnie.

Winnie- Ow! Finally decided to wake up hu Ethie. . Um? Are you alright? Wait Ethan don't go that way!

Ethan try's to run away from Winnie into the swamp. But she manages to grab Ethan and wrestle him to the ground.

Ethan- AHHH! Please don't eat me!

Winnie- Eat you? Why would I do that? HU!!

Alligator- RAAAAAA!

Ethan- AHHHHHH!!

Winnie [Thoughts]- Dam it. That old geezer teleported us right in the Baron Bog.

Winnie- Werewolf Magma Fire Ball!!

That when giant alligator the size of a bus leaps out of the swamp to try and eat them. Winnie manages to leap away and launches a Magma Fire Ball at the alligator ripping it in two. They land back on land. Ethan manages to rip free from Winnie gripping him. And pull out his pistol and points it at Winnie. Who places her hands up.

Winnie- Wo! Easy Ethan.

Ethan- How do you know my name?

Winnie [Thought]- Wait did she erase his memory's of us?

Ethan- Didn't you hear me. How do you know my name?

That when Wendy appears next to Winnie in her spirit form.

Wendy [Thoughts]- You better be carful other wise he'll run off again.

Winnie [Thoughts]- Shut up I know that.

Winnie- I'm your friend Ethan. Your memory's been erased by a witch we where fighting.

Ethan- Your lying. I was at home sleeping then woke up here. So how do you know me.

Winnie- I'm not lying. Look I know you like Hellgate Comics. Along with Werewolf's being your favorite Monsters. You love your family and your Cousin Nova even though you see her as a pain sometimes. And that you wouldn't kill anyone for no reason.

As she spoke she remember hanging out with Ethan and the Rangers. Winnie lowers her hands and walks up to Ethan he kept the gun pointed at her but she looks him in his eyes and he lowered his pistol.

Ethan- No this can't be but how!? How is this even possible?

Winnie- Look we need to work together and get out of here before. UH!!

Alligator- RAAAAAA!!

But before Winnie could say anything three alligator began eating the dead alligator Winnie killed. One of then see them and makes there way towards them.

Winnie- I'll explain more as we run. Come on hop on!

Winnie turns into her beast Werewolf Form this scares Ethan but the Alligator getting closer scares him more.

Ethan- Wait!? Your a Werewolf!?

Winnie- Knows not the time we need to go. Now!

Ethan looks at the alligator getting close and hops onto Winnie back and wraps his hands around her neck.

Winnie Alright hang on!

Ethan- Wo!!

As Winnie takes off the alligator leaps at them taking out a giant tree but missing them as they made there way deeper into The Baron Bog Swamps. The screen then changes back to Mason and Helen still fighting the prison structure began collapsing. Helen has deep cut across her shoulder along with light cuts across her body. Mason has multiple light cuts along with one of his hands being badly burned. Mason manages to grip his sword tight with his hands and he slams into Helen who manages to hold each strike. But Helen gets beaten back with Mason slamming into her blocks and he manages to slam her sword out of her hands. But Helen blast Mason back with a blast of Dark Green Lightning. He launched through the air and lands away from her and rolls back on his feet but hardly able to stand.

Mason- Enough of this Helen. You know you can never have the family you want. Forcing your views onto others they will reject you.

As Helen spoke flash backs of her sister being killed along with her husband go through her mind. Then her son being badly hurt. And a picture of there family broken.

Helen- I've lost everything Mason. My husband my friends. My sister. And everyone just stood bye and watched. I will not lose my son and Winnie. There all I have left. And I know what must be done to keep us together as a family.

Helen eyes changed to Black and Dark Dark Green her wounds also began to heal as she griped her sword tight with her right hand.

Mason- Then you are truly lost. Forgive me Helen but your addiction to your Envy ends here.

Helen- Ha Ha Ha. Sorry my old friend but that will never happen.

As they charged at each other again the lightning from the storm still raging inside hits the ground around them while the inside slowly collapses around them. Helen slides around Mason power strikes while using telekinesis to grip and slam objects against Mason. But he manages to hold his ground and cut through the debris. Mason notice Helen avoiding fighting him close up.

Mason [Thoughts]- I see know Helen your almost at your limit. That why your refuse to fight me close up. UH!! Darn it.

Mason grips his heart in pain while trying to chase down Helen. Who blast him with a stream of Black and Dark Green lightning. That hits Mason that he manages to block but the lightning bypasses his blade and strike him and his hands burning his left hand burn to point that it's unable to use while the other get horribly burn.

Helen- Envy Lightning Blast!!

Mason- AHH!!

But Mason continue his charge at Helen unfazed by Helen lightning blast.

Helen- What!?

When Mason gets close to Helen she tryed to strike him with her sword but he nocks it away with a telekinesis strike nocking it from her hand. Mason began to punch Helen as she try's to defend but Mason to quick and lands three punches two to her chest and one to her face that caused her to be launched in the air and lands on her back. Mason then use telekinesis to grip her sword. And activates it to strike down Helen but Helen in a desperate move unleashes a Lightning blast again that manages to launch him back and nocking her sword out of his hands. But as he gets back on his feet Helen summon her vines that tangle up Mason. Then raises her one taking control of the storm while the other griped the ceiling.

Mason [Thoughts]- Ah! These things again!

Helen- I wont let you keep me from rebuilding my family!

That's when the Witch of Envy appear in Helen thoughts.

Witch of Envy [Thoughts]- That's it everything is there fault. Take my strength Helen and make them pay for there sins.

Helen- Ionic Lighting Barrage!!

Mason [Thought]- Uh!!

Has Mason repulses himself free the lightning storm unleashes a giant stream of lightning bults that force Mason to try to absorb the lightning but is forced to his knees in pain. When he hits his knees Helen then brings down the ceiling onto Mason who was trying to hold up the debris as it buried him.

Helen- Like I said Mason. I will reunite my family and not even you will stop me. Now die!

Helen then hands that raised griped to the ceiling and with some resistance brings down the entire ceiling onto Mason. Helen then use telekinesis to call her sword to her. After her sword back in her hand she puts it away and heads towards the exit. She pulls out her cell phone that shows the map of the area around Muddy Creek. And a dot where Ethan is.

Helen- Ha Ha. Don't worry my children mom will be there soon.

As she leaves the room the screen changes to Winnie and Ethan. Winnie is still in her Werewolf Beast Form with Ethan on her back hanging on but there not moving as fast as they once where.

Ethan- I still can't believe in what your telling me. Monsters are real.

Winnie- Ha. That how you reacted the first time we met. But don't worry Miss Grim should be able to restore your memory's.

Ethan- So who is this Miss Grim?

Winnie- Let's just say a very powerful and kind old women. Who's our teacher.

Ethan- Wait our teacher?

Winnie- Just wait until we get there. You'll understand when your memory's are back alright.

Ethan- Um? Alright.

Ethan relaxed and started to enjoy the wind in his hair. That when Winnie Werewolf Spirit appears next to her happily following beside Winnie.

Wendy [Thoughts]- So how's our mate taking the news that his mother gone mad and tryed to erase both your memory's. And make a so called perfect family.

Winnie [Thoughts]- I haven't told him about his mom. It could cause him to want to find her.

Wendy [Thoughts]- Or you know push him away quicker. But I guess where come down that road when we get there right. Little Luna.

Winnie [Thoughts]- GRR! Shut up and go lie down. I can handle this.

As Wendy faded away.

Wendy [Thoughts]- So you say Luna. I still wonder how you'll handle telling him he's our mate.

Winnie glairs at Wendy before she completely disappeared.

Winnie- Uh. Hey Ethan.

Ethan- Uh ya Winnie. What's wrong?

Winnie- It's about your mom Helen.

Ethan- What wrong is she ok!?

Winnie- Well you see. HU!?

That when vines tangle up Winnie and Ethan. A giant vine wall rises around them as Helen walks out of the vine wall Infront of them.

Ethan- What mom!? What's going on Winnie?

Winnie- What I was trying to tell you. Your mom lost her mind. She wants to erase our memory's and make us part of her new family.

Ethan- No. She would never do. Mom stop this!

Helen- Sorry my son. But everything Winnie had said is true. And soon where be a happy family again.

Ethan looked shocked at Helen words while Winnie trying to bite through the vines as Helen walks closer to them.

End Broken Witch [Part-6].



77. Warlock A Broken Witch [Part-6].
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