Industrial Strength Magic

Industrial Strength Magic

by Macronomicon

Original ONGOING Action Comedy LitRPG Super Heroes
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Perry Z has a Magical Destiny.

Born to a Magical Fantasy Princess and a nine-to-five Supervillain, Perry's never felt...adequate. He's completely magically dull, and without a scrap of superpowers.

When The System boots, he's forced to follow in his father's footsteps, but he'd rather take after his mother.

Maybe there's a way he can do both...

This is Macronomicon's take on a lighthearted slice-of-life superhero story. It is one of mine, though. should know what you're getting into =P

The Worldbuilding is primarily inspired by Superminion, which was in turn inspired by Worm.

The explicit content tags are so if I decide to dip a little dark later down the line, you can't say I didn't warn ya. Except the cussing. That's there from the beginning. I tried to tone it down but a little just slipped in there.

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Table of Contents
40 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Inciting Incident ago
Chapter 2: The Quest ago
Chapter 3: Class Selection ago
Chapter 4: Maths ago
Chapter 5: My Weakness is Bullet #3 ago
Chapter 6: Tinkering ago
Chapter 7: First Date ago
Chapter 8: Dressed for Success ago
Chapter 9: No Plan Survives First Contact ago
Chapter 10: Debut of Paradox ago
Chapter 11: Mk. II ago
Chapter 12: People are Complicated ago
Chapter 13: Brainstorming ago
Chapter 14: Social Armor ago
Chapter 15: Fiscal Armor ago
Chapter 16: Physical Armor ago
Chapter 17: ADHD is my Superpower ago
Chapter 18: Tung-Stan ago
Chapter 19: The Minor Leagues ago
Chapter 20: Quest Complete! ago
Chapter 21: Tide’s In ago
Chapter 22: A Night on the Town ago
Chapter 23: Paradox 1 Day Builds ago
Chapter 24: The Law of the Beach ago
Chapter 25: Replicator ago
Chapter 26: Perry’s a ticking Time-bomb A.K.A. Maths make numbers go much biggening ago
Chapter 27: Gym ago
Chapter 28: Juggling train-wrecks ago
Chapter 29: Obfuscation Through Chaos ago
Chapter 30: A Night In ago
Chapter 31: Mistakes Were Made ago
Chapter 32: Prop Comedy ago
Chapter 33:Lockdown ago
Chapter 34: Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Chapter 35: Into the Flier ago
Chapter 36: Disappointment and improvisation ago
Chapter 37: Perry Bites Off More Than He Can Chew ago
Chapter 38: Embrace The Chaos ago
Chapter 39: Tactical Hugs ago
Chapter 40: That’s Not How Therapy Works ago

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I'm up to chapter 50 on patreon!

light spoilers!

Macronomicon is my absolutely favorite author for developing unique power systems, and ISG delivers on it just as hard as usual. The story focuses around the main character, Perry, and his ability to make power armor out of garbage. It heavily features crafting and focused crafting, with strong and meaningful litRPG elements.

The style is great, the prose is well flowing, active, and energetic.

The story is one of my favorite bits. Macro walks the line between serious and irreverant, the superhero story at times taking on elements of comedic horror. humanity continues living relatively normal lives behind towering walls constructed by mad geniuses. I hadn't read other sotries similar to this besides perfect run, so seeing the dynamic between heroes and villains in a story like this where the villains are not only expected but at times encouraged has been fantastic.

The grammar rarely has any issues, and this is probably post edits

The characters are fantastic also. Wraith at times lacks her own motivation, but retains agency. Hardcase has agency and motivation. I love seeing the interactions between Perry and Team Titan. I'm excited to continue reading on Patreon!


Only 4 chapters and I am already excited to read the whole thing. I love this authors work, and I am already hooked faster than the last 5 stories I tried picking up recently. Quick attachment to MC, some obvious side characters introduced in a fun way, and a fast setup overall. Love it.

Some spoilers ahead for comments on the story itself in the first four chapters.

Macronomicon is doing it again, and providing the Magic/Super hero/System crossover I didn't realize I wanted until now. As always, great writing, fun style, and enjoyable characters. I look forward to reading a character without a totally fucked backstory, which is an enjoyable change of pace to the grim dark/world ending level fuckery that seems to impact most of the authors writing. A loving family with a slightly angsty skipped teen years? I'll take it! Fingers crossed that we don't go down the rabbit hole again with doom and gloom, and the antagonist/main problems aren't as life shattering as they normally are in the authors previous works. For new readers, there are multiple other works that are just as good as this one to go check out. They hit all aspects of an adult read, but in a fun way. I wonder how much the raunchy side of things will show up here as well.


Okay, kinda typical super hero / villain world, you probably get the gist. Perry, the MC, is the son of two happily married supers who are publicly arch enemies. The parental dynamic is hilarious. All Perry has ever wanted to do is magic like his mom, Hexen. When he awakens his father's abilities as a Tinker, he is dead set on being a magic Tinker, even though that's considered impossible. With the help of his mom's spellbook, his new powers, his pet octopus Terry, and his frenemy Heather, he'll forge his own hero legend... or something.

Perry is a hilarious MC with an inner voice that definitely channels Macronomicon's brand of humor. At multiple points I needed to stop to laugh because some of the descriptions and inner thoughts were so outrageous and funny.

All of the characters are great, they have clear personalities and are all pretty quirky, in the best way. For instance, frenemy Heather takes the MC to a restaurant, then reaches down and pulls out a huge blueprint. MC asks where she stored the blueprint. She says that she taped it under the table the night before, and they both continue their conversation as though that's the most normal thing. But a detail like that reveals so much about the weirdness of the characters and Heather herself, it's so extra and contributes to the overall hilarious absurdity. Like for Heather to randomly sneak into the restaurant the night before, just to stash a blueprint under the table so she could pull it out the next day... it's so dumb haha. It's unrealistic but again, in the best way, and captures some of the magic of the writing.

In summary: this is definitely worth picking up to anyone who wants to laugh, especially people who like hero villain world stories.

On the technical side, I spotted only a handful of tiny errors, very clean overall. Love the style of writing.


I've enjoyed all of Macronomicon's fictions on this site, and this seems like it might be one of the best. Only one chapter so far, but I'm already excited for the rest and impatient for more. I really love the superhero genre, and seeing Macronomicon grow horny teenage boys into pervy archwizards, so this should be a hilarious and enjoyable story.

Update, Just as excited on chapter 6


Looking great so far with likable entertaining characters that are to be expected from Macronomicon, and when he's putting them in an interesting setting by God that's all you need. 

I will admit, this author is a personal favorite, but so far this new series has been great and I absolutely recommend it if you are on the fence. If you find you do enjoy it and run out of chapters, I would also recommend some of this authors previous works that have given me many hours of entertainment.


A Masterpiece at the Style of Super Minion

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: Tung-Stan

Really good novel, good history, good wolrd building, great characthers and a well paced narrative. The author took everything he done right in Wake of the Ravager and aplied to this history. 

The world building is obvious based on Super Minion but it was done in a really good way. There only a few downsides like the fact the people can move around this Megacity like they can teleport around, one moment they are at their house and the next they are at the walls. You would think that a Megacity is a really big place that takes a lot of time to move around. Another big flaw is that the 3 dimensions are not really well explored, most of the time you get this vibe that most homes are 2 or 3 floors, but if you would have a Megacity with a high density population you would have to build a lot big skyscrapers. 

Would give a 4.0 overrall, but the novel deserve more to be noticed so will pump it to 4.5 


Chapter 20 was very satisfying.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Quest Complete!

While I was enjoying this story from the start, a few things initially held it back from being amazing, particularly the low stakes of the story. However, as the first arc concludes, I've noticed significant improvement. As a comedy, Industrial Strength Mage is entitled to a fair share of plot armor, but it felt a bit absurd how lucky the main character was getting in fights. The recent action scenes did a much better job in that regard, with a convincing narrative voice. The other thing about the stakes in this written world is that nobody is allowed to kill, which I believed would hinder any actual villainy from happening, and consequently reduce my emotional investment in the plot. However, the closing scene of Chapter 20 convinced me otherwise. No spoilers, but I highly reccomend reading to at least that point, to get a good feel for this story. 

Score increased from 4.5 to 5, you've earned it.


Superheros and magic, what could go wrong. I like the idea of a techomage and looking forward to how this story will plant out. Interested in the comments about moms home world so maybe a dash of aliens as well. Still early but would recommend a read for anyone who has some free time.


I read on Patreon about 60 chapters ahead at the time of this review. No spoilers.

The author states he was heavily inspired by Super Minion, but hasn't read much of Worm. If you know what that means, it's a good description of what the story is. It doesn't take itself seriously, it wanders around a bit through plot arcs, it provokes communal theorycrafting, and it is heavily engaged with readers (though it alreadyhappened on Patreon so far), and with little bits of worldbuilding constantly sprinkled out. This style of webfiction tends to draw people in and keeps them hooked for a long run. It scratches my itches.


Gotta say, I really like Macronomicon's style of writing, his system/way of presenting stuff. As soon as I saw Melt.EXE I knew Jeb's trigger naming had seeped through into a new story.

Grammar is pretty much flawless. Theres probably a nickpick or two but I've yet to notice or care.

The Characters are probably what make this story shine. I know I say that alot but its one of the most important points for me. From the main character to minor characters everyone is full of personality. They feel real, they have needs and wants. Some of them are assholes but they are real feeling assholes not caricatures. The main character in this is a teen with a strong age appropriate voice. He sounds and talks like a highschooler given superpowers. 

And thats where we get into the story. This is a story set in a cosmic horror post apocalyptic version of earth. It pretends its not at least near the start but it is. Theres a superhero mascarade but its more nuanced than normal with most of it being for show. Theres are villains and heroes, capes and crowls fighting daily, but no one goes after each others families or 'civilian' identities despite most people being in the know and knowing each other outside of the fight.

I really want to know what happens next which is the only real sign a story score needs to get a 5 stars from me here.

Defenitly recommend.