Why did that doofus had to leave me alone? jeez i am even pouting without meaning too.He knows that i haven’t been sleeping well lately,and he goes out at night all of a sudden without telling me why?
Ever since that day,i have been suffering with light insomnias and came to my sweethearts room,so that i could see him...

Seeing him makes me happy.We used to sleep together in bed until he got to his teens and then all of a sudden he got very embarrassed and started sleeping alone. If i was his girlfriend i would have understood ,but i am someone whom he has grown up with all his life!I might as well be his mother!

Anyway,when i came to check on him he wasn’t home. I even tried going outside and going through the neighbourhood,but i couldn’t find him.I even asked some neighbours at these late hours of the night to see if they had seen,but no one had seen anyone.

Now i am all alone and terrified of what that kid could be doing.He is the only person i have in this life.i don’t know what i would do without him.Mikey,my love,please come back home safe....


I don’t think i have ever been so scared of dying in my entire life. When one thinks about death one often feels distant or even calm about it,but when death stares at your face and you know that you are going to be dead in 5 minutes;death become another whole thing.

So what will happen next?Will i be in a dark void for all eternity? Will i see heaven and the crucified one there waiting for me? Have i been good enough?

The truth of the matter is i don’t fucking know.And that scares the hell out of me.

Vasco was staring me down as a man stares a pig who he is about to slaughter. His eyes were bulging,his face with stranded wisps of blood and brain matter that had flown away when he was mauling jasons head away.The man looked like a demon from the darkests pits of hell and the flames of the torch behind him made him even more fitting to that image.

If i didn’t at least start speaking now, then i would be truly dead.

Mike: Wow,wow,Mr vasco,i have no clue what’s happening,in fact i barely know jason.

Vasco: ahahaha, Mr vasco? Cajaro now that’s funny ahahahah.hei, juan,from now call me mister.

Juan: Of course,mister boss.

These two were laughing.

Vasco: How did you meet this lard of meat that we now called jason?

He said it whilst pointing at jason.

Mike: he came from me out nowhere.I think he was just looking for company.Said he was waiting for some missus.

Vasco: Missus,you are right.The fucker was going to run out with that whore to who fucking knows where.
Luckily we catched the bitch, before she tried anything funny.And jason? Well, you just saw what happened to him.

Vasco looked at the skies as a god who observes his minions does.he looked up,but he might as well have been looking down,because from his perspective he was the king of kings for the entire fucking world.

Vasco: So you telling me you had nothing to do with this? You sure that pretty face had nothing to do with this?

Mike: No,No,in fact i came here because my boss asked me to.

Vasco: So your boss wants me dead too?

Mike: No,not nothing like that.You see...

Vasco yawned swallowing my pause.

Vasco: you talk to much;you clearly got nothing to say.Well,it was nice meeting you.See ya

Vasco got up and was about to wave his bat when i yelled

Mike: OTO SENT ME!!!!!!!

Vasco shot up and immediatedly dropped the bat.

Vasco: Oto sent you? You should have told me that before me pana.

Vasco smiled and got me up.

Vasco: I am so sorry for receiving you in this manner.We would have cleaned up the house if we knew a friend of oto was coming-vasco looked at juan and yelled- tu cuno,come here and clean up this fucking mess.We have guests here!-vasco then looked at me and grinned- follow me to the tent,we will talk there with a nice cup of wine,okey?

I nodded and vasco lead me to the tent.

I looked back and saw one guy dragging jason corpse away,and another cleaning up the blood and remains that had stained the rocky terrain of the desert.

I had no clue if i was in a circus troupe or in a procession going through the various levels of hell...



Vasco: So my friend,what brings you here to my humble camp?

Me and vasco were alone sitting at his tent each with a cup of wine. i barely drank mine,but he was already on his third one. Somehow he wasn’t drunk yet,but that might have been his foreign blood playing him a good one.

Mike: Oto wanted to give you this painting.

I took a small scroll that was concealed and protected inside a tiny resistant metal can that i had behind my body armour and gave it to him
Vasco was impressed and said

Vasco: Smart.Now,what is this?-vasco unrolled the scroll-Ohhh,so oto was able to find it.Tell oto that he will get the other half of the payment tomorrow.

Mike: I will,mr vasco i will.

Vasco: Ahhh,just call me does the saying go?The friend of a friend is my friend?-vasco pondered-Well,anyway i think it goes something like that.

Mike: Oh,i couldn’t possibly do such a thing

There is no way in hell,that i would even slip for one fucking second around this fucking maniac.I would be dead in half a second if i did.

Vasco:Oh please do

Mike: Sorry mr vasco,it’s just habits.

Vasco:okay,leave it.Oto has good manners,so i guess you learned it well.-vasco gave a brief smile- Well,it’s getting late,so i am going to take a rest.Juan shall give you a place to sleep if you need to,or he could escort you back right now if you want.Just talk to him outside and tell him if he doesn’t want to do it,to then come to me and talk to me about who is boss of who. Sorry for not being able to stay with you for long okey? See ya!

I said my goodbyes in the most pleasant and respectful away imaginable,and then left.

Wolfgang,when i come back...


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