Romantically Apocalyptic Webcomic

Romantically Apocalyptic Webcomic

by Vitaly S Alexius

Charles Snippy finds himself lost and alone at the end of the world. He makes a wish for a friend and meets Zee Captain, an eccentric lunatic luminary, who drags him on an adventure through the eldritch, deadly, questionable and limitless post-apocalyptic world of tomorrow, a place where Goodness makes the rules and everything has purpose and passion.

~A post-apocalyptic, dark comedy webcomic that I've been working on since 2005 by myself at first and then with friends from all around the world.


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Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

Archbishop of Captania and sovereign territories

Royal Writathon October 2022 winner
Word Count (16)
50 Reviews
2nd Anniversary
750 Review Upvotes
Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
Top List #3
Table of Contents
209 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1: In which Charles gives up ago
2. In which Charles makes a friend whom he fails to define properly ago
3: In which Charles enjoys a relaxing song ago
4. In which Charles asks the wrong sort of questions ago
5. In which Charles finds a lovely, compact home ago
6. In which Charles makes a bad first impression ago
7. In which Charles narrates things into his tooth ago
8. In which Charles learns to appreciate beauty ago
9. In which Charles is oggled ago
10. In which Charles is rated ago
11. In which Charles is accused of theft ago
12. In which Charles is issued a new weapon ago
13. In which Charles is offered citizenship ago
14. In which Charles defends himself ago
15. In which Charles finds himself wanting ago
16. In which Charles outsmarts everyone ago
17. In which Charles meets something he can't ignore ago
18. Rememberances [ I ] ago
19. Rememberances [ II ] ago
20. In which Charles has a bad dream ago
21. In which Charles is put on hold ago
22. Tunnel letter ago
23. In which Charles gets another job ago
24. In which Charles invests in mobility ago
25. In which Charles discovers the Pilot's game ago
26. In which Charles fights against bells ago
27. In which Charles fails to appreciate carols ago
28. In which Charles doesn't understand the purpose of gift-giving ago
29. In which Charles awakens at the bottom of the sea ago
30. In which Charles almost loses his sock ago
31. In which Charles is innatentive ago
32. In which Charles raids shipping containers ago
33. In which Charles finds something that he wasn't looking for ago
34. In which Charles goes on a date to the Cinema ago
35. In which Charles is denied a drink ago
36. In which Charles contemplates public transit ago
37. Left Behind [ I ] ago
38. Left Behind [ II ] ago
39. Children of the Station [ I ] ago
40. Children of the Station [ II ] ago
41. Children of the Station [ III ] ago
42. Children of the Station [ IV ] ago
43. Children of the Station [ V ] ago
44. Catching up [ I ] ago
45. Catching up [ II ] ago
46. In which I am ambushed ago
47. In which I am bothered ago
48. Of Bench and Men ago
49. In which I enjoy lunch but not all of the present company ago
50. Rubix Cube ago
51. In which I try to explain things but Charles refuses to listen ago
52. Traffic lights ago
53. Pineapples ago
54. In which Charles doesn't get to go to Candy Mountain ago
55. In which Charles celebrates the Day of Rememberances ago
56. Fairies [ I ] ago
57. Fairies [ II ] ago
58. Death World ago
59. In which Charles and his things are evaluated ago
60. In which Charles declares independence ago
61. In which I compose a precognitive poem for Snippy ago
62. Diabolus Ex Machina ago
63. Dissection ago
64. The candle ago
65. Deep thoughts ago
66. In which princess Charles is rescued but he's not grateful ago
67. Of bombs ago
68. In which I stress about reductions and discover the culprit behind them ago
69. In which Charles doesn't want to sell his shoe ago
70. In which I treat myself at the mall ago
71. In which Charles picks up the phone ago
72. Eyes of the city [ I ] ago
73. Eyes of the city [ II ] ago
74. Eyes of the city [ III ] ago
75. The scooter ago
76. In which Charles dreams about showers ago
77. The Order of Dillon ago
78. In which Charles is made a tantalizing offer ago
79. Relaxing ago
80. In which Charles hangs on ago
81. Mirrors ago
82. In which I gracefully ponder things ago
83. In which Charles has a heated discussion ago
84. Rejection ago
85. Thoughts of the flesh ago
86. Cool guys don't look at... ago
87. In which Charles congratulates himself ago
88. Running man ago
89. In which my plotting comes to fruition ago
90. In which Charles fails to appreciate his new best friend ago
91. In which I am charged ago
92. Unbunkered ago
93. Spooderyness ago
94. Flying machine ago
95. In which I have to let go of Charles ago
96. In which Charles thinks about food ago
97. In which Charles wakes up... ago
98. another place in time ago
99. Sushification ago
100. The Infomatic parable ago
101. Questings ago
102. A note ago
103. Apologies ago
104. In which Charles enjoys the sky ago
105. In which Charles enjoys the deep sea ago
106. In which Charles discovers food ago
107. The Seed of Life ago
108. In which Charles attacks a sandwich ago
109. Life and Death ago
110. Tag ago
111. Reintegration ago
112. In which Charles orders a coffee ago
113. Fireworks ago
114. Temporal Disruption ago
115. Catted ago
116. Apotheosis of Technogenesis ago
117. Fashion ago
118. Resume ago
119. Shoes! ago
120. Signs of life ago
121. Carriers ago
122. Boxes ago
123. Fridge collector ago
124. Fridays ago
125. In which I hunt butterflies ago
126. Snow ago
127. Duplication ago
128. Plumbery ago
129. Stalkery ago
130. In which Snippy visually examines the mug ago
131. Cleaning my room ago
132. Do not the mug ago
133. In which Charles finds a ladybug ago
134. In which Charles is offered a job ago
135. In which Charles scares Pilot ago
136. In which Charles overhears things ago
137. In which Charles is followed ago
138. Helpfullness ago
139. In which Charles is acting most rudely ago
140. In which Charles threatens my bestie ago
141. In which Charles is accused of being me ago
142. In which Charles is concentrated ago
143. In which Charles sees everything ago
144. In which Charles is goes on vacation ago
145. In which Charles discovers a chilling mystery ago
146. Primogenitor ago
147. Amber of Snippy ago
148. The Mod ago
149. The Word ago
150. Chalice knights ago
151. In which Charles appeals to the Holy Grail ago
152. Black hole princess ago
153. Rude awakening ago
154. Falling ago
155. Grounded ago
156. Alexander and the ghost ago
157. The tower ago
158. The bucketed ago
159. Purpose ago
160. Winter wrap up ago
161. Filing complaints ago
162. Acceptance ago
163. Bothered ago
164. Red panda ago
165. Yesterday ago
166. Made of meat ago
167. Enticing offers ago
168. Passionate solution ago
169. The searcher ago
170. The Hunt ago
171. In which Charles denies his termination ago
172. A Refreshing Morning ago
173. The fall ago
174. A smashing time ago
175. The detective and his bird ago
176. Liquid intake ago
177. Sleeping on the job ago
178. Case Resolution ago
179. Denial ago
180. Delayed ago
181. Moist ago
182. The Inception Committee ago
183. Preserved ago
184. Breakfast ago
185. Guesses ago
186. Doctor ago
187. Hugs ago
188. Accolades ago
189. Sunshine ago
190. Evolution Ponderings ago
191. Supercenter ago
192. Chains ago
193. Shutdown ago
194. Lifey & Stalky I ago
195. Lifey & Stalky II ago
196. TreEvolution ago
197. In which Charles attempts to make a Utopia ago
198. Dreams of the firstborn ago
199. Flying Boat ago
200. Skybound ago
201. Cash Cab ago
202. Socklandia ago
203. Restarted ago
204. In which Charles discovers that he's naked ago
205. Appleseed ago
206. Paris ago
207. The Blue Room ago
208. Searching for my maker ago
209. Crashing ago

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A fun and exciting story

Reviewed at: 19. Rememberances [ II ]

I have read the webcomic on the old website and have enjoyed every chapter released with the plethora of art joined along side it and music tracks that acompany some of the chapters. It's a fun story to get into and has a lot of substance to immerse yourself in. Highly recommend it and hope others enjoy it as much as I do. Fantastic work.


A long-term favorite comic! Unusual, fascinating, confusing, madcap world of the apocalypse. I don't know where this ride is taking me and I'm here for it. My only complaint about this comic is that I can't figure out the best way to tell people about it so that they want to read it. But it's fantastic. 


This work absolutely proves that freelance authors can truly make corporations VERY SHY. 
I , from the old version, and to the new version, absolutely adore this comic and wish that the reborn shall be grand. 
It has inspired me to never fear the future, for you can always adapt or find crazy friends or crew, in case of poor Snippy. X)

Thank you, VitalySAlexius, for this masterpiece.


I've been reading RA as a translation since 2012, and it's been really fun, and it's great to have a new and more interesting story added. It's good to have a lot of new art added! Most of the Apocalypse genre I've seen is dark and serious, but RA is cheerful! That's why I liked it. Read the story carefully. Mentioned again in a later episode. Every little thing is a double track.


Lemonade cults, Pineapple bombs, Projectile cakes

Reviewed at: 34. In which Charles goes on a date to the Cinema

It is a delightfully bizzare tale of very unlikely of friends, navigating the magical wasteland of temporal anomalies, aliens, bus centipedes, and arguing traffic lights. A well illustrated tale of resilience when faced with the destructive consequence of humanity's hubris, sprinkled with witty humor, occasional audio-narration, and plenty of twists and turns of the plot.

The characters are all unique and special, truly unmistakable in both personality and design, making it very easy to enjoy without having to keep conscious tabs on who's who and what everyone's interpersonal relationships are.

The illustrations vary greatly in style, but don't ever lack in the execution. Going from realism, to cartoonish, to chibi, to 9th century manuscripts, to pixel art, without any of it feeling out of place or forced. 

The story is very well planned and presented. Hints and nods to the greater story are sprinkled all throughout the story, so when the puzzle pieces finally click you have the most satisfying realization that "Oh! So that's what that thing that was mentioned 10 chapters ago was about!", And letting you speculate on what could have went down to cause all this, without giving you the whole entire backstory in one sitting and then spinning an adventure on top of that.

The grammar is good, and considering that some of the characters are either insane, corrupted AI, or both, they have intentionally misspelled and corrupted speech, making it both more immersive and easy to parse who's who, and what kind of character they are, and how they think. Every character has their own unique speech pattern, and the main charcters are color coded, too, making it very pleasant and easy to grasp who's who and what their deal is.

The characters are all extremely unique and well-developed. They all have profoundly original and different, all with their special ways of thinking, and inner monologues and turmoils. All having lived in very different conditions and socioeconomic groups before the apocalypse, now having to get along, without knowing just how different they are from one another, and what lead them there.

11/10 I'd say "would recommend", but the thing is that I have quite a few times already, and will keep doing so indefinitely


I've reviewed this in the past but Vitaly is posting again with all new art, fueled by his skills and the insane emergence of AI art.

I don't think words can capture what this story is about better than the old cover art than is no longer up, a man in a trenchcoat, gas mask, and Russian officer's hat riding a scooter through the post apocalyptic wasteland really says it all. 


The story follows Snippy as he is found in the wasteland by The Captain and brought into his totally-not-a-cult subterranean complex. There after he is subjected to endless ridiculous antics at the behest of his new captain, The Captain. Snippy is a regular guy trying to get by, a.k.a. not die, in the wasteland and The Captain is the mad test tube child of Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka and Dr Evil.


Each chapter is accompanied by art which serves as a constant reminder that this is not all happening in some cheery office or candy factory but in a bleak wasteland. 


Early on you ask questions. Why is the wasteland here? Who is the Captain? Who was Snippy giving tours to? What does Pilot pilot? These are great questions that you quickly forget to ask as you get swept up in the ridiculousness of the story.


Romantically Apocalyptic is a fun read in a dark setting. So if you ever watched Mad Max and thought "You know, this would be a lot better if they stopped to ogle a billboard cartoon pin up." Then this is the perfect story for you.


This is one of the best works of fiction I have ever read,  hands down. I originally found it due to the art being used in a Youtube music video,  and lead me to the website that hosted the story.  I am very glad that I found it,  as it was a real treat to read.  It wow'd me with it's visual story telling and brilliant writing. 

The characters are colorful and unique,  even down to the smallest side character.  So much thought is put into every character that shows up,  that it astounds me to this day. 

The art is brilliant and creative,  with lots of care and detail put into each and every piece.  The edition of more art and more chapters has only increaced the overall qualitiy of the story.  The overall style that is used ties everything together in a way that can not be understated.

The story is extremely well put together,  calling back to previous events,  and referencing things yet to come.  Each read through you notice different things that make you either laugh or realize there is something more to a part you read before. 

The formatting is very nice,  with a nice spread of beautiful art and wonderful story telling to tie everything together.  The grammar ties into that,  reflecting each character's phrasings and giving them a voice of their own. 

This is well worth a read!


Best Webcomic I have Ever Read

Reviewed at: 153. Rude awakening

This is one of the most interesting stories I have ever read. It starts out relatively tame, but spirals out into a very complex story that interconnects with all of the author's other works.

  I first read RA on its old site a couple months ago, and was taken aback by the beautiful art and photography, as well as the style of humor and story that seems to make sense in-world, but doesn’t confine itself to what we think is normal. It brought something new to the table in its seemingly random plotline and the art was something I've never seen before with its combination of photography and digital painting. It was completely different from anything else in the best sort of way.

Then, about a week ago, I was reminded of RA and checked the site and the discord to find that there was a rewrite! This reignited my interest in RA and I was so surprised at all the great new art and writing. I love that the insanity continues in this modern update. The new writing sheds light on some of the more confusing aspects of the story and the new AI art is beautiful and fits with the story very nicely. The fact that I could see all of Vitaly’s stories in one place motivated me to read them all. I was shocked at how all these fictions connect into this really interesting universe.

The characters in each have their own personalities that work so well together, and it's really fun to see the interactions between Snippy and the rest of the cast. I love watching the story unfold and bearing witness to the eldritch horrors of this world, served with a side of unique and funny humor. Even though it can get pretty weird and confusing at times, I never wanted to stop reading, it actually seemed to make me want to read more to uncover the secrets of this world. 

Overall, a very funny and addicting story. Reading this comic has been one of the best choices I have ever made, and opened my eyes to seeing what was possible in art and writing. I'm surprised this isn’t more popular. One of my favorite stories.

Tal Karlin

Romantically Apocalyptic - a personal review

I originally started reading the Romantically Apocalyptic webcomic back in 2011 and have been wonderfully confused and bewildered throughout.


Reading it here again again lets me be dazed and amazed all over again.


The story makes you feel lost at times which makes you sympathize with one of our main protagonists as the confusion you feel reflects their own. The blending of the words with the mind blowing imagery builds a magnificent world where some things are so close to our own experience but then we look around the corner and find that none of it is true, or all of it is true, or both at the same time.


Not for the faint of heart or feeble of mind, though the later might have a better chance as they are used to things not being clear.


The characters are more animated then some people I know even when the character is inanimate. For an existence in which most everything has died the story that unfolds .. unfurls .. collapses on itself and vise versa or verse visa is very very lively.

I do very much wish that the constant pressure in my templates would subside … 


As someone who was refused the privilege of technology for a long time I've read hundreds of books and chose to forget all but few, now when I choose to read I forget the names all of the characters, all of them blending together into a bland pale mush of repetitiveness. But these charcters cannot be forgotten, even [REDACTED] that freakey creep in love with our queen removed from existence cannot be blended away. The plot four dimensional criscrossing around but instead of getting wrapped up in confusion you get wrapped up in intrigue, of how a tiny detail lead to someone's whole existence being turned around, the story from the perspective of a can of fruit, you find yourself rereading over and over each time from a new angle with different understanding something nonsensical in the past unlocking backstory in the future, i'm no writer im the tiniest bit drunk and a bit autistic so I can't even begin to describe how much i love the art, ever since i've discovered this webnovel Zee Captein drinking from the holy chalice has been my wallpaper and will continue to be so until a superior depiction of them is made. 201 ---> word