Bloody tentacles...
hard and sharp as steel, pierced my spine and lifted me in the air... and then I... died?

I opened my eyes and saw the light. I reached towards it.

My eyes focused on the scene.
My arms were oddly... naked?
There was a gray ceiling present.

"...What the? Light? Air? I am Alive?" I whispered.

"...NING CITIZEN! YOU HAVE SLEPT 4.2 HOURS!" my alarm clock speaker boomed.

It was merely a dream. Just another lovely nightmare courtesy of the iDream composer and the Broadcasting signal pounding on my unconscious mind.

"20'000 CREDITS HAVE BEEN DEDUCTED. Your dreams were brought to you by the G-Directorate Inc," the clock droned on.

"Thanks for that. It was wonderful to get eaten by a fleshy monster," I replied.

"I am sorry... Charles. Did you have another nightmare?" My personal digital psychiatrist inquired from my alarm clock.

"Yes, mother," I grumbled, scratching my chest, still afraid that tentacles will explode out of it.

"I'm afraid there will be no refund. Did you forget to think happy thoughts before you went to sleep?"

"...Possibly," I shrugged.

"Well don't despair! Today you will be cured of your incompatibility with Annet, Charles. Today you will throw off the shackles of your mental disability and join the rest of humanity in digital happiness and continuity!" The clock chimed merrily.

"Do I have to?" I asked, readying myself for a headache.

"Citizen of eureka must regularly transmit their digital rights management code to the network. Not doing so is highly illegal," The clock droned.

"You know damn well that I am unconnectable!" I complained to the clock.

"Do not be concerned!" The clock beeped "WELCOME..."

"Arghhh," I gritted my teeth. My head felt like it was about to crack open.

"NEURAL CONNECTION, TEST 304938 ...failed!" The alarm clock's excitement levels have gone down.

"Bwaaargh!" I massaged my head, getting out of bed.

Stupid clock, always trying to connect my mind to the internet.

I'd break it, but then Directorate would simply install another one and charge me for it too. After all, all unconnectables and Directorate Employees had to attempt to connect to the Worldwide Neural Network daily, in case their brain pattern somehow magically changed or in case ANNET finally figured out how to dig her claws into my poor head.

I know that it's not going to happen with me - my case was completely hopeless. The problem was likely something genetic and while those goons in the genetics department would love to get their machines into my brain, I preferred the lack of sleep and headaches to lobotomy.

I've read the reports on their test subjects: "total neural shut-down in subject 43617138", "subject 6891131-Sven resisted integration with the network, increasing the signal strength has damaged 85% of the frontal lobe."

Call me old fashioned, but I like my brain the way it is.

I shambled to the kitchen to pour myself some coffee and to make a bowl of G-cereal breakfast.

The cereal ended up looking like a primordial soup, parts of it dissolving in the milk far too quickly for my liking. I wasn't sure what was even in it nowadays and I was too tired to read the ingredients list.

"How would you rate your dream?" The kitchen clock inquired.

"Terrible. One out of ten rotten pineapples. That damn post-apocalyptic nightmare felt it lasted like a lifetime..." I answered it, spilling coffee all over the table, barely able to keep my head upright.

In my dream, I died and it was somehow Captain's fault...
...wait. Who is this ...Captain?
I could not recall. The apocalyptic nightmare was already fading away.

"The I-dream composer worked very hard to get into your brain, you know," The bathroom mirror spoke.

"...Your shtupid iDream composer went overboard again!" I mumbled to the mirror brushing my teeth.

The mirror silently displayed a massive magnification of my teeth.

"Apocalypse... aliens... monsters... Pff... What's next?" I mumbled putting my jacket on.

Once again, I was late for work.


A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Congrats on reaching the Eureka Arc of doom!

I'm going to take a few days to make lots of new illustrations for next episode and also finish more Armorer book chapters [which takes place in the same universe]

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