in Annie's name is going on?
I circled the glowing, floating error back and forth.
It offered me no solace, no answer.

"G-damn error! Why must you taunt me so?!"
I shouted upwards, getting agitated.
"What is this MUG.EXE?"

The floating letters didn't answer me.
I looked across the vast, blue desert. It tormented me with its seeming endlessness. I tried walking away from the floating letters, but it quickly got dark and scary. The empty blue landscape terrified me, seemingly extending forever, warping into itself, having no horizon whatsoever.
I walked far enough for the letters to almost fade, but then returned back to the letters immediately, fear playing with my nerves.
Without a point of reference to walk towards I quickly realized that I would wander forever in circles as a humans do unintentionally in fog conditions, due to the right foot being more dominant than left.

I was too afraid to depart and get lost, afraid to leave the light of the letters.
Was I trapped in a simulation or transported somewhere by force? I couldn't figure it out.
Also... gravity seemed entirely wrong here, almost 80% less than what I was used to, so I kept jumping, tripping and falling right onto my face, smashing into the blue sand.

How long will I last without water? Where is my body if this is just a simulation?
As hours went by, panic gripped me further and further.
I got incredibly angry at the floating letters, losing all patience.
G-damn floating letters!

"I'LL GET YOU!" I screamed, jumping towards number zero, trying to grab at it.
Thanks to low gravity my maneuver actually worked and I found myself clinging to the bottom of the zero, way higher than I wanted to be. My fear of heights kicked in. I gripped the number harder.
I noted that zero was made up of small glowing cubes.
I also noted that the cubes for some reason didn't take kindly to my weight being upon them and started to disconnect from each other.

I plummeted to the ground in semi-slow motion, holding onto the bottom piece of the zero, all while screaming like a little girl.

My interference has done something to the entire floating message. As my back smacked into the sand, the entire error message began to fall apart right above me.
I stared at it, as it slowly pelleted me with numerous glowing squares.

Various numbers and letters slowly descended and crashed all around me, raising substantial clouds of dust and obscuring my vision.


A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Street Cred:

Andrey Fetisov



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Bio: I was born in the year 1984, in the 4th most polluted city of Soviet Union.
On April 11/1997 fate has given me an unexpected twist and by means of aerial transportation I was dislocated 5555 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Ontario, Canada, wherein I currently preside in an 1890 cathedral and partake in writing and drawing things.

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