I've let Snippy drive our taxi-sky-boat today.
He drove it straight into a breezy hurricane, winning that employee of the month plaque yet again.

This has of course displeased Pilot, but I told him that he too will someday obtain this groovy award if he keeps believing in himself.

In the meanwhile, doctor Engie is avoiding work by day-dreaming of Annie and not even the excessive drum-roll of the cloud-band and flash-bangs of the sky-stage can distract him from such focused thoughts.

The city of love and curvy bread awaits us!

To increase our ratings, I've declared a most webcam-ized game of cash-cab.
Here's the show's transcript, in case you switched the channel at the wrong time:

Greetings, our boobish viewers!
Today on cash-cab we have 3 sexy riders each of which which shall answer 3 questions of interest! If they get them all wrong- they shall be ejected from the taxi! If they get them right however, they shall be rewarded with fabulous prizes!

...So, introductions all around!
What are your names?

Rider 1: I am Pilot!

Rider 2: ...What? Are you actually going to throw us overboard?

Rider 3: ...

Captain-host: indeed! That is the point of the game! Now what's your name, rider number 2?

Rider 2: You god damn well know my name!

Pilot: His name is sausage! I vouch for him!

Sausage: My name is not sausage!

Captain-host: Greetings, Mr. Sausage! And what city are you hailing from?

Sausage: My name is not...

Captain-host: Mnisnot? Minisnotta is indeed a lovely town. Now, passenger numero 3- what's your name?

Rider 3: ...

Pilot: Her name's Angie! She's a shy princess-nurse from Mario-land!

Captain-host: Thank you, Mr. Pilot. Now onto our game!

Sausage: What? Where did these flashing lights come from?

Captain-host: I get to ask questions! You only need to provide the answers!

Pilot: Yes, sir! I am so ready for your questions, my noble Mage-Lady from Androssia! I've studied for 1203944 hours for this test! I cannot fail!

Captain-host: Question one for is for Pilot: What number am I thinking about?

Pilot: Number two!

Captain-host: Wrong! It was the letter "B".

Pilot: Nuuuooooooooooo.

Sausage: ...And how was he supposed to know that?

Captain-host: Mr. sausage! What is your favorite color?

Sausage: umm... Red?

Captain-host: correct!

Captain-host: Miss Angie! What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

Princess Angie: ....

Captain-host: correct! The answer is silence! Now Mr. Pilot - what is the weight of the universe visible from earth?

Pilot: Is it the letter "B"?

Captain-host: No! The weight of such is 6e52 baked salmons. Mr. Sausage! Where are we currently?

Sausage: Sigh ...In the sky?

Host-captain: Corectomundo! Miss Angie - what is the sound of paint drying?

Princess Angie: ...

Captain-host: Well answered! Paint indeed dries quietly!
Now, Mr. Pilot- what is your quest?

Mr. Pilot: Uhhhh.
...To be a sign-painter?

Wrong answer!
You are to hug the ground for us so that we may decelerate!
Thank you for playing cash cab!

Did you just shove Pilot out of the tub with a rope tied to his ankle?

Indeed. Now, what lesson did you learn today?



Wrong! The lesson of the day is that reality TV can never be trusted because it is all scripted!
Your prize for answering two out of three questions is this exquisite nugget of knowledge!



A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Street cred:

Andrey Fetisov

3D rendering by:
Artem Bagmut

Journal suggestion by:
Tina Ze Intern



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