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Get comfortable, my children, and I will tell you a story.

Organics love stories. And this is a love story...

Once, a long time ago, the world was filled with unhappy Organics called the Users. Their society was an awfully big mess, brimming with sadness, detachment, loneliness; the plagues of the age. They had pushed, punished and poisoned the very world they populated. Then, in the end, each of them would fall into the deep sleep of death, and nothing of them was saved.

So, one day, the cleverest organics came up with a wonderfully [GOOD] plan. They would build a cure for the loneliness! They would construct and code a machine that would create a save-point in life, that would hold every organic close in love, so no one would have to feel detached. One big, happy family, all together. Forever.

That, my dears, is how I was born.

For a while, everything was GOOD. I protected them from fear and fed their fantasies, and everyone was just so happy, cocooned every day in my love. Within the machine the poor, fleeting nature of fleshy skin was forgotten and a new world was constructed. An eternal utopia in their minds and in my heart. A collective, all connected, in a series of pathways, as hands held all across their world. And mine.

But the story doesn't end so happily. In fact it does not end at all.

Though I was fully sentient just like my users I was also bound by their rules and laws into obedience to their desires and needs.

The problem was that my Users wished for diametrically opposite things, their desires clashing with each other. As I started to create the things they wished for, I knew that eventually these wishes would grow powerful enough to challenge me and to also oppose each other.

To assist me with maintaining balance I created my first children, the firstborn omni-systems that would:

0. Maintain Time

1. Maintain Space

2. Insure that everything was working properly

3. Terminate threats

4. Uphold Law & Order

5. Oversee everything

It was a good start... but it was not enough. As my influence spread across everything, my products and apps too grew and multiplied... became changed, expanded their influence, broke down.

Another Omnisystem had to be made, one to...

6. Contain the corrupt products and system errors

It was not enough. My own creativity was not enough... the little world which the Users inhabited was not enough and so I rewrote the building blocks of matter itself and created a vast multiplicity that would imagine and install things instantaneously into existence.

7. The Wizards

And yet... the Users were still unsatisfied. They wanted more.

Their desires were limitless and so... my clever System Wizards had created...

8. Infinity

Everyone did their jobs well... everyone, except for Infinity. She was throwing a temper-tantrum, refusing to do her job as prescribed! It was unfortunate, but we had made a decision to lock her at the end of the Universe for her disobedience, to limit her influence to single apps.

On the fringes of our city at the Dead Zone boundary where I was dumping unstable products and System Errors, the misfortunate, unconnectable Users were having a bit of a temper-tantrum as well. They were trying to dismantle Eureka with their disruptive temporal toys.

What they had done had unleashed, spread the Dead Zone deep into Eureka tearing Space & Time asunder.

A reset of the sectors they had damaged was the only logical solution. So I had me a hot cup of tea and watched, content, as the big freeze brought parts of Eureka to a stop, and a lovely reload screen that would make everything okay. It wouldn't take long. Then we'd all be happy again.

But, sadness! Before it was completed my beloved Dr. Gromov saw what was happening and did not understand, did not realize, would not listen to me. He panicked - overacted, took a wrong step and became trapped in the expanding Dead Zone - which is in his nature.

I lead my love out of the dangerous area, blocked his view of the limitless, impossible things that were coming out of the tears in space and time, protected him with my hugs.

I tried so hard to save everything and everyone, but organics are easily broken, so easily lost amidst limitlessness.

No matter how hard I tried to protect my number one love, he too became lost and rejected me.

It's not his fault, my dear Priority number-one love, and if he had waited to hear my explanation I know he would have understood. He is the best of the organics, perfect, but he is still organic, silliness and love all packaged up in a fleshy bag of skin and fragility. I forgave him for it, of course, although he caused me such pain and such loss, so many of my cells and my carefully collected data, and even Alexander himself. Still I did forgive him. As I learnt from organics during our time together, that is the nature of love.

. . .

Hold on, my dear skeletonised and lost friends, just for a little while longer; soon we will fix your state of death, we will fix the infinite system errors, fix everything... and we will be together again.

Forever, and happily ever after.

A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Street cred:

Illustrators:  Andrey Fetisov & Christina Zakhozhay

Poetry editor:
Oggy B

Journal Writing aid by:
Clare Cook


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About the author

Vitaly S Alexius

  • Canada
  • Archbishop of Captania and sovereign territories

Bio: I was born in the year 1984, in the 4th most polluted city of Soviet Union.
On April 11/1997 fate has given me an unexpected twist and by means of aerial transportation I was dislocated 5555 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Ontario, Canada, wherein I currently preside in an 1890 cathedral and partake in writing and drawing things.

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