Caring for your pokemon,
A guide by Zee Captain, master pokemon champion.

I looked at my two pokemon through the databank of pokedex.

Let us examine Snippy-mon.

Clearly by visual evaluation alone, Snippy is a pokemon from black and white cartridge.
Also he is a ghost-type pokemon, with a tragic past narrative so long that I could not bear describe it.
Not only that, but Snippy is a shiny pokemon. This morning Snippy was hit by sunlight and his skin did glitter so marvelously just like that fellow from that vampire stalker movie-film.
Also, Snippymon exhibits symptoms of the pokerus. It will help him evolve faster.

My other pokemon Pilot, is a flight type pokemon.
I think he is also secretly a steel type and as such it takes a long time for him to take flight.
Pokerus refuses to transfer to pilot from Snippy. Perchance for evolution Pilot needs a special stone or two that I have yet to discover on my journeys?

That neural-stone did grant him temporary powers of summoning an army of dead clerks, but it was not meant to last.


Being the greatest champion in Captania there are no worthy matches for me. Sure, the league of Steves sometimes questions my morality code, but who are they to judge me? Pitiful npcs, that's who!

There's also the mug, but she's a tough one to get into action, although I expect for her attitude to crack soon. After all, events are always being altered, dragged sideways and not being to her standards. When Engie-mon's psychic powers come into fruition, she'll definitely act. But that's in the next chapter and I'm going overhead of myself.


When it was clearly no challenge to fight against other pokemon masters, I decided to challenge myself.

What a grand idea it was to put my Pilot against Snippy. Such a fun match that was. Fire arena is a tasty combat ground.

At the end of the match,
Pilot's sword attack somehow got transferred to Snippy activating Snippy's mega evolution stage.

Now Snippy truly exists outside of linearity and is able to draw upon the sword on command.
A most unexpected combination!
Snippy's regular attack is long range, lets see how well he handles a short-range one.
I expect only excellence from my most prized pokemon.

Today I fed Snippy ice cream. What a fun mini-game that was. No floating hearts yet though. Guess I have to try harder.

Soon will come a time to send Snippymon to the pokemon center to meet the nurse.
I wonder what fun and mayhem Snippy will attain in the pokemon center.

I overheard team rocket's most nefarious plans to cubaporate this town.
I better get my Pilot ready for flight. Civillian casualties of Captania must be kept to a minimum.

First pokemon master Zee, singing out!

A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Street Cred:

1st and 3rd frame background textures by:

Ice Cream submissions are by contest winners:

A few background textures are by:




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Vitaly S Alexius

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Bio: I was born in the year 1984, in the 4th most polluted city of Soviet Union.
On April 11/1997 fate has given me an unexpected twist and by means of aerial transportation I was dislocated 5555 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Ontario, Canada, wherein I currently preside in an 1890 cathedral and partake in writing and drawing things.

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