Snippy is bringing down ...

the reputation of this neighborhood/downgrading the quality of our friendship with his antics.

I've made several promo-nent and less-ment requests of Snippy so that he may return my sword.
He refused to acknowledge such.

He is my neighbor, but good and polite neighbors return the things that they borrow. Also, I do not like him because he keeps my sword in his chest. He is showing off that he has a sword and I do not. Today I shall talk to Captain about this.

Just then, Captain saw me and beckoned me to come over, shoveling a crayon box and a line drawing of a rainbow at me. Where my Captain obtained such vibrant painting supplies, I do not know.
Perhaps Captain knows of an exorbitant art supply establishment nearby. I wrote a mental note to myself to ask Captain for direction to such. The note floated on top right side of my right eye, along other notes of interest. The Gobblegoop then told me of many NEARBY art supply places, but Captain definitely knows which of these is bestest.

"PILOT! I command you to color this certificate of friendship for Snippy's benefit! We must acknowledge that he has finally understood the true value of friendship."

I obeyed my Captain and began to color the drawing. Captain is the most benevolent person, and always does marvelous things to help others. I know by doing so, my drawing will really make Snippy feel better and he will agree to become my friend/proper neighbor.

I signed the drawing as "THOMAS". It will con-fuddle Snippy's mind and keep the surprise relevant.

When I was done, I handed the drawing over to Captain, who nodded approvingly. "MARVELOUS! BUT I CAN TELL THAT YOU ARE STILL MOROSE. TELL ME, WHAT SADDENS YOU?"

I explained to Captain about Snippy's insistence on wearing my sword on his chest.

"TAKE HEART! SNIPPY NEEDS YOUR SWORD FOR DARING DEEDS OF VALOR!" Captain said. "But you are right. I shall arrange an intervention for him promptly to remind him of the importance of friendship. Follow me." With that, Captain marched off to where Snippy was currently resting.

I stood by the door politely while the two of them argued. Captain informed Snippy that the chest-sword was upsetting me, but Snippy retorted that it wasn't his and that he was dead.

Boobish Snippy! Does he not realize that he is alive by the power of friendship?

Suddenly, Captain produced my drawing out of nowhere.

"CONGRATULATIONS ON harnessing the magic of friendship! Here is your graduation award!"

With a flourish Captain waved the drawing over Snippy's head and promised to put it somewhere prominent. I saw Snippy lighten up briefly. Will he be my friend now?

I really hope it happens.


A note from Vitaly S Alexius

Street Cred:

This episode was made with help of friends in abandoned places:

Love and hugs for helping with this episode go to our British comrades:
Laura C & Gemma C

Also many rainbows to: Clare C, Jessica C, Regine T, Vicki & Oggy.

Journal writing help by: user_name




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