Overleveled: Arrival in a New World

Overleveled: Arrival in a New World

by JL Vincent

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When an aimless guy dies making a noble sacrifice, he is presented with a chance to live life better in a new world. However, due to some godly negligence and terrible luck, his arrival does not go as planned. Having acquired overwhelming power, he has to confront a familiar question. How should I live my life?

This story is heavily influenced by Japanese light novels in regards to fast progression, overpowered protagonist, and hidden protagonist tropes. 

Every other day proved to be far too optimistic. I am planning for updates Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:45 and 9:00 AM.

Schedule will start next week on 9/20. This week's second chapter is looking like saturday.

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This is pretty good at mocking the tropes mentioned in the description and if it wasn't it is still an alright story so far. I do recommend you at least give this a shot even if it might not be your style it won't be bad.

So yeah as a satire story I give it a 5 stars and as a non satire story I give it a 3.5 stars.



This is a fairly lighthearted take on an isekai that's reminiscent of 'another world with my smartphone' as far as MC power is concerned. it's not groundbreaking but it had me smiling all the way through so far. It definitely helps that there are few major grammatical or spelling errors, though there are some, it's not intrusive. I'm Looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Youngish Oldster

Warning:  do not read this if a story that mocks litRPG tropes at every turn may offend your tender omniscient litRPG reader sensibilities.  😂

Warning:  if you like a story that mixes together all kinds of web novel & anime tropes, turns them on their head, and outputs "silly, funny, witty, and well written", you shouldn't skip this.  Binge reading awaits you.

Final warnings:  the MC is OP.  But not in a way that will help with tropey wish fulfillment fantasies.  He's got eldrich being issues.  The sidekick is an elf.  She also will not help with tropey wish fulfillment fantasies.  She's smarter than the MC and gets all the best lines.  😂

Great fun- I'm enjoying the hell out of this story.


While having a fairly unique concept to start with, the story has just turned into the usual cookie-cutter royal road story. There are parts which got a chuckle out of me but theres a lot to be worked on.

If the description made it more clear that this more of a parody than a serious story, I wouldn't have gone in with the wrong expectations.

The MC is just messing around doing OP things with his cute ex-slave Elf he freed. Character development seem to not be very deep.

There are a few quirky traits like the priestess elf being into collecting cards and very into fighting, watching matches of high level fighters. Besides those traits she's basically a modified version of the mc if he did not have balls. 

On that note the mc also doesn't have balls so he screams at every monster, but that's not really a problem and I guess it can be pretty funny.

I personally don't like parodies so that might be the reason for this review. But it just didn't meet my expectations of a polished story. It kind of seems like everything is made up as it goes along.


In a good way. 

This story had more surprises and twists than I had expected and the humor shown through as well. If you like an OP MC and he is OP. Mixed with some humor and sarcasm at times. This could be your huckleberry. There are tropes tossed around. Sometimes literally. 

But if you read 1 chapter, you may binge like me and hit the last chapter before you know it. 

Overall, I'm looking forward to more chapters. Very entertaining romp. 


Hits your common tropes. Pretty well done so far. Lots of witty dialogue. Will have to see where it goes. Hasn't done anything poorly as of chapter 15 though. Hopefully it doesnt become focussed on mc bashes things really hard and instead focuses on funny interations with common tropes. word for count


So, imagine you're in a situation you have absolutely no context for. You're not only off balance, but confused, scared, and completely, utterly lost. But, on the bright side, you do have someone trying to help and explain things to you. What do you do?

If your answer is scream at the person trying to help, a whole lot, and generally throw a hissy fit IN ALL CAPS, this is the story for you.

It was not the story for me.


I really liked the plot. Guy gets thrown across the galaxy by jerk god. So he gains massive levels by smashing through space horrors.  

The problem i have is the MC is kinda annoying.  Its hard to get into a story when you dont like the people in it. The his girl.  She starts out as a religious nun. Then turns into a battle maniac in like 2 chapters. 

I encourage you to at least try it. Maybe it wont annoy you. Different taste and all that. 


I didn't know what I expected going into this, but I sure am enjoying it. 


Style: The narrative style at the begining was a bit confusing, and I had to re-read to try and figure out what was going on, but then I realized that was my own small mindedness. From chapter two on, everything clicked.

Grammer: Perfect, nothing I could have caught.

Character: Noah and all of his companions are all very likable and characters that I want to see grow. The main character is rational and acts like a real person would in, that I find very refreshing.

Story: This is where it really shines. The first chapter was genius. 

It's a point of view from a different character in the future, and you realise quickly that the other character that intrudes in the scene is Noah. I thought that was such a cool hook and it really pulled me in.

As the story progresses we see more of how the world works and the politics involved. The world building is organic, even the "tutorial" doesn't seem forced.

Overall, a great read for any fan of litRPG and one I will for sure be looking forward to read more of!

A V Dalcourt

Over levelled and over powered are two of the key descriptors for the main protagonist in this story. However, the writer makes a point to cap his ridiculous stats pretty much from the get go, and adds a few interesting handicaps both implies and literal to sort of lower the ‘just beat everything to a pulp’ wish fulfillment we often see in Lit RRGs. It’s a refreshing read, and I intend to stick with it.

Style: The story is written in third person, with a heavy leaning on witty dialogue. World details and general descriptions are light, leading to a rapid pace style of story telling, though time is spent explaining the leveling and skill systems.

Story: Noah a former school teacher meets an abrupt end. An emissary of God reincarnates Noah with the intent of giving him a second change to do something worth while with his life, then casts him out into the vast emptiness of space, where Noah collides with a cosmic horror accidentally killing it and veering him off course to a planet he’s not meant to be on.

Character: All characters we’ve met are delightful to read about, particularly through their witty banter.

Highly recommended.