Micro - Efficient and Reliable Cultivation [deckbuilding, cultivation, isekai]

Micro - Efficient and Reliable Cultivation [deckbuilding, cultivation, isekai]

by eric_river

Dungeons? Cultivation? Core Cards? Other Worlds? Dirt Roads?!

In a world where cultivation has long been the practice of the powerful, magicians fight the natural order. To help them challenge the cultivators, they will summon a hero! But wait, what did they really summon?

This is a story of cultivation and dungeons, magic and monsters, love and rivalry, action and adventure, and so much more. What arts will this traveller master, and will he make more friends than enemies along the way? Join Micro on a road trip across the universe.

What to expect:

-Dungeon Trials
-Truck Humour
-Nonhuman Characters
-Sect Conflict
-Jade Beauties
-Young Masters
-Gods and Immortals
-And so much more...

Release Schedule: 2 chapters per week (regular schedule when life calms down)

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Table of Contents
107 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 001 - Efficient and Reliable ago
Chapter 002 - No Speed Limits?! ago
Chapter 003 - Core Cards? ago
Chapter 004 - That's Not a School Bus! ago
Chapter 005 - Dragon? What? ago
Chapter 006 - No Seatbelts?! ago
Chapter 007 - Off Roading ago
Chapter 008 - A Rusty New Friend ago
Chapter 009 - Cultivation? ago
Chapter 010 - A Problem With the Fuel Tank ago
Chapter 011 - What Drives a Cultivator ago
Chapter 012 - Somewhere to Be ago
Chapter 013 - On the Road Again ago
Chapter 014 - Head On Collision ago
Chapter 015 - The Sound of Rain ago
Chapter 016 - For Sale?! ago
Chapter 017 - The Young Master of the Fire Mountain Turtle Sect ago
Chapter 018 - Who and What are You?! ago
Chapter 019 - Sharing the Road ago
Chapter 020 - Cultivation Roadkill ago
Chapter 021 - An Explosive New Coat of Paint ago
Chapter 022 - We're Not So Different After All ago
Chapter 023 - Without a Bed, Arms Must Suffice ago
Chapter 024 - Dao of Patience ago
Chapter 025 - Time, Turtles, and Trials ago
Chapter 026 - Unfinished Business in the Dungeon ago
Chapter 027 - The Beach Episode ago
Chapter 028 - The Eternal Beach Episode ago
Chapter 029 - First Dungeon Complete ago
Chapter 030 - Be Careful What You Call a Road ago
Chapter 031 - Wishes and Passengers ago
Chapter 032 - A Passenger with Deep Pockets ago
Chapter 033 - Jumping Into a New Adventure ago
Chapter 034 - Welcome to the Fire Mountain Turtle Sect ago
Chapter 035 - Not Too Old to be Surprised ago
Chapter 036 - The Talented Attendant: Rose ago
Chapter 037 - A Simple Lesson in the Basics of Cultivation ago
Chapter 038 - The Aftermath of Lesson One ago
Chapter 039 - The Weight of a Hasty Decision ago
Chapter 040 - A Cultivator Must Read All Kinds of Signs ago
Chapter 041 - The Origin of Cultivation, Dungeons, and Core Cards ago
Chapter 042 - Using What We've Learned ago
Chapter 043 - The Many Paths of the Turtle ago
Chapter 044 - Mountain Fried Beef and Inbound Trouble ago
Chapter 045 - Making New Friends ago
Chapter 046 - Speed Bumps Ahead ago
Chapter 047 - Efficient Cultivation ago
Chapter 048 - Cultivators Love Mountains ago
Chapter 049 - Attack on Mountain ago
Chapter 050 - A Moment of Levity Despite the Gravity ago
Chapter 051 - A 'Generous' Young Master ago
Chapter 052 - A New Generation to Represent the Jade Fire Mountain Turtle Sect ago
Chapter 053 - The Bumpy Road to the Imperial City ago
Chapter 054 - New Imperial Friends ago
Chapter 055 - The Safety of a Dungeon ago
Chapter 056 - Do You Not Like Mushrooms? ago
Chapter 057 - Roadblocks Aren't a Joke ago
Chapter 058 - Reunion in the Imperial City ago
Chapter 059 - Unlikely to Draw Attention ago
Chapter 060 - The Annual Jade Alliance Tournament ago
Chapter 061 - Everything is Under Control... ago
Chapter 062 - Third Round of the Tournament: Reunion of the Sparrow and the Turtle ago
Chapter 063 - A Turtle that Fights the Current ago
Chapter 064 - "Huh?" ago
Chapter 065 - True to One's Purpose ago
Chapter 066 - Mundane Kindness ago
Chapter 067 - Thinking Outside the Box ago
Chapter 068 - A Perfectly Safe Tournament ago
Chapter 069 - Honour is in the Fight! ago
Chapter 070 - Let's Dance ago
Chapter 071 - Small World ago
Chapter 072 - Only Three Contestants Remain ago
Chapter 073 - So This is How Cultivators Fight ago
Chapter 074 - A Thunderous End to the Tournament ago
Chapter 075 - Chaos Up Close ago
Chapter 076 - Pump the Brakes! ago
Chapter 077 - Disarmed ago
Chapter 078 - A Small Distraction ago
Chapter 079 - Into the Night ago
Chapter 080 - The Goddess Nora's Chosen Souls ago
Chapter 081 - In Need of Repairs ago
Chapter 082 - Goodnight ago
Chapter 083 - Excuse Me For a Second ago
Chapter 084 - Enough Caves! ago
Chapter 085 - Rocky Road ago
Chapter 086 - A New Road ago
Chapter 087 - Watch Out for Oil Slicks ago
Chapter 088 - On to the Next Race ago
Chapter 089 - A Forest of Mysteries and Magic ago
Chapter 090 - The Shame of the Water Tiger Moon Sect ago
Chapter 091 - Magical Creatures ago
Chapter 092 - More New Friends? ago
Chapter 093 - Barbaric ago
Chapter 094 - The Smell of Rust ago
Chapter 095 - Lessons ago
Chapter 096 - And It Was All... Yellow ago
Chapter 097 - No Fog Lights Either ago
Chapter 098 - Ura ago
Chapter 099 - Working With What's Available ago
Chapter 100 - Charming Encounters ago
Chapter 101 - What Sects are For ago
Chapter 102 - The Truck Sect ago
Chapter 103 - Story Time ago
Chapter 104 - The Water Serpent Moon Sect ago
Chapter 105 - Noble Attire ago
Chapter 106 - Sweet Welcomes and Odd Weather ago
Chapter 107 - Otherworldly Poison ago

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Summoned to fight cultivators by a goddess proud.
Micro's arrival infuriated a villainous crowd.
For they could tell he was not quite whole.
He has the body of a human, but a car's soul!

With the help of a pixie, Micro escapes his doom.
It's the start of a joyous journey, I assume.
Peril and pitfalls are sure to line this route.
However, there's a world to explore, and friends to recruit.

It's technically polished, with no errors to spot.
This story is wonderful, I like it a lot.
The style is immersive, with descriptions detailed.
I hunger for more, and the story's only just been unveiled.

The characters are complex and deeply vibrant, but above all, fun.
Eric brings this realm to life with skilled writing, it's truly well done.
The plot is exciting, with good pacing as well.
In my followed list, this story shall dwell.

Now, I believe there is one last thing I have yet to mention.
The aspect which most of all drew my attention. 
For those who know the author, it's a shock to see. 
The story is not written in rhyme, what blasphemy!

So, for this occasion, I take up the mantle.
A review in rhyme, this much I can handle.


This story is great. 

It's a breath of fresh air in many ways, and is honestly just a delight to read. 

Micro was once a truck, doing his duty to the Old-man who drove him, and living in the bliss that is mindless service. But on a fateful day he hits a young boy and, instead of the boy's soul being brought into a fantasy realm to he a hero, the truck is.

Micro's experience traveling through the world, and his wacky perception of it are what makes this story. But the worldbuilding itslelf is also quite interesting and keeps you engaged.

All in all, it's a great story and definitely worth a read.


Are you ready mother trucker?! Ancent chinese arts won't be the same when a truck comes barreling through. Get into gear before beginning your road trip of reading because its gonna be a smooth ride. By the end of the first few chapters you wont be looking at your own vehicle the same. You're gonna struggle with responding to your loved ones when you realize you're not a truck. But it's ok, you too can become reliable and efficient. Read this story now or forever need an oil change

Grit Your Teeth

Dog in a Fantasy World. Except the dog's a truck

Reviewed at: Chapter 054 - New Imperial Friends

Imagine an innocent dog, trapped in an unforgiving world, and all he wants is to return to his owner. This story is that, except the dog is 10 times more innocent, can talk and is just learning to deal with feelings.

It's an incredible breath of fresh air, and despite the different plot progression, it's giving me Beware of Chicken vibes.


Micro is reliable and efficient and never leaves a passenger hanging because he is reliable. Did I say Mirco is effective also? With all that being said read this book it has a great plot and world building with a really cool progression system. Now I am writing to get 50 words but why are you still reading the review still? Read about Mirco and the road he takes.


I must admit that I took a while to start this one...

The descriptions and tags added to the title made me hesitant to dive in initially, as it seemed overly complex and long-winded.

However! This fic is great. The initialy hook of Truck-kun being the one transmigrated and the resulting Comedy of Errors between Xianxia characters is an incredibly entertaining one. But as the story continues the author still does make progress into the plot as we learn more about this new world and Truck-kun (Micro) gains power.

Style score:
This story has a rather simplistic prose, with the typical very short paragraphs one often sees on RR. I see this as a stylistic choice rather than some failing of literary talent (like it sometimes/often is), as this style works to represent Micro as the POV character. As a truck - an inanimate object - who has suddenly become sapient and also adrift in an unfamiliar world, the simplistic and blunt prose do not detract from immersion (personally). Something I also feel I should mention is the frequent confusion and misunderstandings that appear in his POV train-of-thought, which while comedic can become repetitive at times. Both the style and this continuous comedic misunderstanding are not for everyone, and personally it flirts the line with being too crack-ish for me but so far has never gone over. I encourage everyone to give it a try nevertheless.

Pretty straight forward. As above, simplistic prose. Grammar is good, a few minor errors (and there are correction suggestions in comments, but they seem to be addressed by the author which is a good sign).

This is another comedic subversion of both xianxia and isekai type fictions. As is almost required for the genres, the MC is OP and progresses quickly. However, his road to munchkin-ness is obstructed by his unique perspective (as a sapient truck in human form).

There is some repetition when it comes to people trying to kill him (Heroes are hated as those summoning them [magicians] are seen as evil), and then he is spared and everyone is wowed by how great he is. For now, I still find it funny, but can see how some would find it potentially monotonous


The result is a lighthearted comedy, with hints of Plotâ„¢ and potential further excitement down the line, or it could continue with almost slice of life type xianxia content (such as Beware of Chicken). Honestly, either way it would be enjoyable and I think the author has down a great job filling a niche in these saturated genres. 

The side characters are very much Xianxia ones, with I find enjoyable given their furthering of the subversion of form. Their xianxia nature makes interactions with this literal truck amusing. While not incredibly multifaceted in motivation and emotion, this once again feels in keeping with being a truck, and I find the MC entertaining. His cynical pixie companion is also a refreshing break from xianxia attitudes, and her involvement keeps the fic from being overwhelmed by the one-dimensional 'Oh my god! I couldn't see Mount Tai!' reactions to MC.
There is room for more development of characters, especially the cultivator companions who seem to be here to stay (at least for a while), but I will have faith and see what happens next.

A refreshing fic to read, and one that you should definitely try out! Interested to see where the fic goes in the future.


First off, great subversion on the isekai truck trope. Secondly, I'm loving the story here. The mix of fantasy genres are fascinating. Card cultivation, pixie magic, dark wizard cultists. I love discovering new ways people write about magic. And to view it all through the mind of what used to be a truck? How refreshing. 


Very entertaining!
It's definitely not what I expected from a cultivation story but the main character is a lot of fun. The side characters slowly introduce Micro to cultivation and the rest of the world so it feels like a natural progression of exploration rather than a chapter of infodumps.

The cards are quite an original way of learning cultivation and I'd recommend this story to anyone even if they're not interested in cultivation story.


The take on an unusual soul is refreshing. There are a few small grammatical errors but nothing to jar one from the story. I look forward to more surprises in this story. Keep the grimdark tag off this and I think I will read well into the future! 

The beginning and ending posts from the author are nice as well. It tells how much they care in my opinion. 


Okay, so, while I was intrigued by the premise in the beginning, I initially didn't have that high expectations for this work, as the card like system felt like it would either be focused too much on its own rules to center on the characters (typing systems, hp, etc.)

That hasn't happened, and moreover my fears were allayed by one of the better portrayals of a non-human/neuroatypical perspectives since, well  Super Minion and the like. Grammar is there, characters are slowly becoming less paper and more interesting as the chapters improve, and I find myself falling on a quickly increasing slope towards an unknown destination. I do hope that the Micro continues to use the best parts of themselves both as a truck and as a human, but otherwise I do believe in this story's future, and am willing to stay on Micro's Wild Ride for the long haul.