God's Trials

by Haruimi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Daichi lived in a wonderful world. Happiness was common, people knew their neighbors, his life like any other could be described in one word: peaceful.

Then one day that changed, his life as well as the lives of everybody in his town suddenly ended. 

In one day the lives of nearly everybody he knew were suddenly snuffed out seemingly for no reason. 

The aftermath leaving a changed world with new rules, and only four survivors from once thriving town. 

The world now different, leaves only one choice and one path for those surviving to follow; The path to power or death. 


Note: Please note, this story was never categorized as a LitRPG, it merely contains those elements as a plot point for the development of the plot later on.

Official Website: 9tribulations.net (Chapters through 200+)

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4th Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 The Before - Prologue: Daichi (Part 1) ago
Chapter 2 The Before - Prologue: Daichi (2) ago
Chapter 3 The Before - Prologue: The Gods (1) ago
Chapter 4 The Before - Prologue: The Gods (2) ago
Chapter 5 The Beginning: Waking up to a new world (Part 1) ago
Chapter 6 The Beginning: Waking up to a new world (Part 2) ago
Chapter 7 The Beginning: Waking Up to a New World (Part 3) ago
Chapter 8 The Beginning : Waking up to a new world (Part 4) ago
Chapter 9 The Beginning - Safety & Monsters (Part 1) ago
Chapter 10 The Beginning - Safety & Monsters (Part 2) ago
Chapter 11 The Beginning - Safety & Monsters (Part 3) ago
Chapter 12 The Beginning - Safety & Monsters (Part 4) ago
Chapter 13 The Beginning - Goblins (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14 The Beginning - Goblins (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15 The Beginning - Goblins (Part 3) ago
Chapter 16 The Beginning - Goblins (Part 4) ago
Chapter 17 The Beginning - Strength (Part 1) ago
Chapter 18 The Beginning - Strength (Part 2) ago
Chapter 19 The Beginning - Strength (Part 3) ago
Chapter 20 The Beginning - Strength (Part 4) ago
Chapter 21 The Beginning - The First Step towards Evolution (Part 1) ago
Chapter 22 The Beginning - The First Step towards Evolution (Part 2) ago
Chapter 23 The Beginning - The First Step towards Evolution (Part 3) ago
Chapter 24 The Beginning - The First Step Towards Evolution (Part 4) ago
Chapter 25 The Beginning - Leaving (Part 1) ago
Chapter 26 The Beginning - Leaving (Part 2) ago
Chapter 27 The Beginning - Leaving (Part 3) ago
Chapter 28 The Beginning - Leaving (Part 4) ago
Chapter 29 Cheating Death - Necessity (Part 1) ago
Chapter 30 Cheating Death - Necessity (Part 2) ago
Chapter 31 Cheating Death - Necessity (Part 3) ago
Chapter 32 Cheating Death - Necessity (Part 4) ago
Chapter 33 Cheating Death - New Members? (Part 1) ago
Chapter 34 Cheating Death - New Members? (Part 2) ago
Chapter 35 Cheating Death - New Members? (Part 3) ago
Chapter 36 Cheating Death - New Members? (Part 4) ago
Chapter 37 Cheating Death - Choices (Part 1) ago
Chapter 38 Cheating Death - Choices (Part 2) ago
Chapter 39 Cheating Death - Choices (Part 3) ago
Chapter 40 Cheating Death - Choices (Part 4) ago
Chapter 41 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 1) ago
Chapter 42 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 2) ago
Chapter 43 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 3) ago
Chapter 44 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 4) ago
Chapter 45 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 5) ago
Chapter 46 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 6) ago
Chapter 47 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 7) ago
Chapter 48 Cheating Death - Beasts of all Sorts (Part 8) ago
Chapter 49 Cheating Death - Hunting (Part 1) ago
Chapter 50 Cheating Death - Hunting (Part 2) ago
Chapter 51 Cheating Death - Hunting (Part 3) ago
Chapter 52 Cheating Death - Hunting (Part 4) ago
Chapter 53 Cheating Death - Hunted (Part 1) ago
Chapter 54 Cheating Death - Hunted (Part 2) ago
Chapter 55 Cheating Death - Hunted (Part 3) ago
Chapter 56 Cheating Death - Hunted (Part 4) ago
Chapter 57 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 1) ago
Chapter 58 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 2) ago
Chapter 59 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 3) ago
Chapter 60 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 4) ago
Chapter 61 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 5) ago
Chapter 62 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 6) ago
Chapter 63 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 7) ago
Chapter 64 Cheating Death - Consequences (Part 8) ago
Chapter 65 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 1) ago
Chapter 66 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 2) ago
Chapter 67 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 3) ago
Chapter 68 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 4) ago
Chapter 69 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 5) ago
Chapter 70 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 6) ago
Chapter 71 Cheating Death - Decisions (Part 7) ago
Chapter 72 Chosen - Hannah (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 73 Chosen - Hannah (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 74 Chosen - Daichi (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 75 Chosen - Daichi (Part 2 of 2) ago
Announcements - Post Book 1 ago
Announcement - Update (Interlude) ago
www.9tribulations.com - Updates ago
Chapter 76 Lumea City - Leo (Part 1) ago
Chapter 77 Lumea City - Leo (Part 2) ago
Chapter 78 Lumea City - Leaving the City (Part 1) ago
Chapter 79 Lumea City - Leaving the City (Part 2) ago
Chapter 80 The Hundred Years - Year One (Part 1) ago
Chapter 81 Lumea City - Bull-Wind Forest (Part 1) ago
Chapter 82 Lumea City - Bull-Wind Forest (Part 2) ago
Chapter 83 Lumea City - Bull-Wind Forest (Part 3) ago
Chapter 84 Lumea City - Bull-Wind Forest (Part 4) ago
Chapter 85 The Hundred Years - Ten Years (Part 2) ago
Chapter 86 Bull-Wind Forest (Part 5) ago
Chapter 87 Bull-Wind Forest (Part 5) ago
Chapter 88 Bull-Wind Forest (Part 6) ago
Chapter 89 Bull-Wind Forest (Part 7) ago
Quick Update ago
Chapter 90 The Hundred Years - Seventeen Years ago
Chapter 91 Stranger in the Woods (Part 1) ago
Chapter 92 - Stranger in the Woods (Part 2) ago
Chapter 93 - Stranger in the Woods (Part 3) ago
Chapter 94 - Absentee Instructors (Part 1) ago
Chapter 95 - Absentee Instructors (Part 2) ago
Chapter 96 Absentee Instructors (Part 3) ago
Chapter 97 - Absentee Instructors (Part 4) ago
Chapter 98 The Hundred Years - Seventeen Years (Part 4) ago
Chapter 99 The Hundred Years - Seventeen Years (Part 5) ago
Chapter 100 The Hundred Years - Seventeen Years (Part 6) ago
Chapter 101 - Absentee Instructors (Part 5) ago

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Great plot, needs editing

I like the story a lot. The plot is great. However, there are a few points that detract from the story.

First of all, the story really needs an editor. If the author or someone else went through the chapter after it was written and removed most of the many errors, it would be much more pleasant to read. Some glaring ones include:

  • Missing capitalization
  • Typos and missing or extra words
  • Missing apostrophes when writing possession
  •  Incorrect use of "their" and "then"
  • Usage of both "him" and "it" when describing the same monster. Stick to one in a sentence or paragraph, don't randomly switch between them. 
  • Use of "it's" when meaning "its

Another thing that I noticed is that POV changes are abrupt and often not immediately obvious. In some cases we get the thoughts of some characters when in another's POV or the POV changes without notice. 


If all of the above were to be addressed, this would easily be a 5 star story. 

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Lying Reviews, my Rant

Horius, why do you say the reviews lie,‘ you might think yourself. “Because even though the plot is really good, everything else resembles my work in third grade,” I would say in an arrogant tone “I mean, how hard can it be to show thoughts and dialogue of different characters without using a bubble with their name?”

This, my friends, was an example how to do thoughts and dialogue correctly. There was no bubble with ‘Readers’ or ‘Horius’, and yet everyone understood perfectly who thought what and who said what. Easy. And because the author couldn’t do this – and for other reasons – I rate his style with only two stars.

I also was tempted to rate his style with only one star since his prologue is treated as a normal chapter and is in all honesty a normal chapter. This just isn’t what a prologue is supported to do. If you want to know what a prologue is supported to do, click the link for Kina’s Rant on prologues. 


So, can anybody explain me why the style is rated with four stars? Anyone? Or why many rate the style with five stars?

At least I agree mostly with the rating for the story. It’s good and not too much like a carbon copy of others. Not 100% original as some others want to tell you, but a story doesn’t need to be original. So, yeah, good work author.

And now: bad author, bad! Your grammar is terrifying, even more so in your overworked ‘prologue’. Allow me to show you my five favorite mistakes in the first ‘prologue’ chapter.

“Sometimes when I when I…” Double the ‘when I’, double the glory! Surely.

“… usually feels to hard to stay…” Too and to is the same, really. 

“… it doesn’t look bad me…” Master Yoda, honored I am.

“Even at a mere Level 5.” This one needs serious explaining. He is talking about that he AS a level five isn’t all that weak.

“The world just to be very violent.” He means most likely ‘used’, not ‘just’.

But hey, as long as there are reviews like these of ‘ArmmaH’ who rates his grammar as better than his story, why should the author ever work on it? Or with reviews like these from ‘dwoolfy’, who praises the author to the heavens. I don’t even praise my favorite authors this much, and I’m ready to purchase their books for 30-50€!

These reviews make the poor not-yet-readers believe that there are really good characters in this story. Let me cite Rhaegar for a bit: “Now for this one we meet four people in the first 30 chapters and they all feel real. Every single one of them has a distinct personality, goals, morals and psyche. I especially love the psyche part comparing the nearly sociopathic mc to the others. The discussions between the characters feel very real without any of them being overly stupid simply to advance the plot.”

I stooped reading at chapter 12, so I might not be the best judge. But I stooped reading because of the Characters. Every single conversation feels weird and stupid. Every single one. I felt that their personality is just there to spotlight Daichi the psychopath. 

Edit: Someone wanted to know which story was similar, it’s Change: New World. In both stories the world suddenly changes and becomes dangerous, forcing the main character to adapt. But Change: New World is in every aspect the better fiction.

@NormalReader, look, if I really would be biased, would so many people like the review/rant? No, most likely not. I just don't butter the buttholes from authors. I mean, even the second most popular review is more honest - although I would say that this fiction can never get a five star rating. Well, maybe if the author turns in a Brandon Sanderson overnight and overworks everything.

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First a disclaimer. I only made it to chapter 14, but feel that's more than enough for all the problems on display here. Which I am not going to go through because honestly, they are the same problems 99% of all stories on RRL have. This is obviously a young not too terrible well read author who's trying to write a story he's just not ready for. He's also getting possitive feedback reinforcing bad habits from a readership that suffers from the same issues of being young and not too terribly well read.


So, here's my advice. Keep writing, but put the manga and light novels away. Stop reading them. One everynow and again... go for it if these are the genre tropes you think you wanna play with, just only everynow and again. Instead read stuff that's out of your comfort zone, and a lot of it. Read best sellers. Read classics. Read horrible bodice ripper romance novels. See how the authors form and shape a story, what sorts of turns of phrase delight you. Get a feeling for story structure and character dynamics so you aren't just figuring it out as you write it. These things are tools. Much needed tools you currently do not have in your toolbox.


Also, plot your entire story before hand. The big overarching plot of what you want to achieve as well as a chapter by chapter outline. That includes knowing who your characters are. Write backstories no one else will ever read if you need to. Entire family trees, childhood events, or anything that gives you an idea of who they are and why they are the way they are. Stuff that'll never go into your story, but helps you write them. Right now all of your characters kinda suffer from being the same, that may change after chapter 14 where I stopped, but at that point they are all the same and it means you didn't spend the time figuring them out.


Notice how a lot of webauthors with cohessive stories hit the end of an arc and then go silent for a month or more before starting again? They didn't stop writing. It's because it takes them all that time to do the backend gruntwork. Or that most professional authors only write a novel a year? These are people who do 40 hours a week writing novels for a living and only produce 3-600 published pages a year.


Be them. Get everything straight, all the details, before you start writing. It's way more important for you as a novice than it is for them. Doing all the grunt work will help you figure out how to write competient stories, but also allow you to write better because you aren't figuring it all out on the fly.

  • Overall Score

A lit-RPG series that decided to change to a non-lit-RPG 70 chapters in.

Your readers came for the first chapters, then you switched everything on them at the very end.

It feels more like a betrayal than anything else.

1 star is for the character design, and the original way you wrote the story. The missing stars are my anger with your decision. 

  • Overall Score

The story is decent, the concept is too, but the reason I dropped it is because I realise that the MC is way too boring, in fact I thought that Hannah and her brother were way more interesting, the MC was too stoic, too pragmating, not that its unnatural it's just that I find it boring in a post apocaliptic world, so yeah, I give it 3,5 stars

John Hebner
  • Overall Score

One of the best depictions of a Sociopath that I've ever read. Psychopaths have an underlying instability which is why they often become serial killers/rapists they have a compulsion to do those things. Sociopaths are just detached from humanity. There is a difference, you write a sociopath perfectly.

  • Overall Score

if you like it go to his word press website, there are 65 more chapters there, if not then don't. 

  • Overall Score

I have really enjoyed the story so far and I am looking forward to any future posts. For some reason I saw that the top review was negative and it befuddled me that it was the top review even though the writer of the review had only read 12 of your chapters. If this gets you down please don't let it, i'm really enjoying your work and i'm really impressed at how well your tying in this new ark and the new characters in it. In reality the only real complaint I can make, knowing how hard it is to write a story like this, is that I would like the chapters to be slightly longer on your regular releases. However if you can't do that without sacrificing some quality or something from your personal life, then don't worry about it, i'm still gonna read your story any way.


Also whoever did your cover art is eggselent. :)

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soo...here are my complaints!!!

I read only read about 65 chapters. So first of all I want to say that I liked the beginning, It kinda reminded me of change:new world (which I really like) so I was happy. Even MC’s personality seemed similar to change:new world’s MC’s so  that made me even more happy. But MC of this story(Daichi) turned out to be too emotionless. I mean I like when MC is logical, smart and when he makes decisions they are based on good logic but... Daichi gives me the feeling that he does not have any emotions at all, like he’s someone who follows his instincts like a robot follows his programming. It would be no problem if he showed at least small amount of some emotion but he does not…I simply can not relate to such character and I really do not find him interesting. If this story followed MC who was a robot which was programmed to get strongest, I think there would be no difference between its actions and Daichis. I like when characters who are logical and smart have some emotional side too. I also like when MC cares about someone other than themselves, but here every time Daichi does something for someone else he always thinks of what benefits that will bring to himself (no wonder his companions do not trust him, I would not either). Sooo basically my main problem is with MC. I find him boring and without substance, though if author shows that MC has some emotions and cares about someone other than himself this would be a great story.

  • Overall Score
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Great story, love the characters. It's fantastic. I also don't get the complaints about the grammer, it seems fine (like one error here or there) which is pretty normal.

Story does go from Lit-rpg to not, wasn't happy about that but it didn't make the story any less great though. I was already invested. Plus it seemed planned.