Immortality Starts With Generosity

Immortality Starts With Generosity

by Plutus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A lost soul from Earth transmigrates to a world of cultivation and finds himself in the body of a playboy noble and complete waste. Except he doesn't have any memories, can't let anyone know he's not the same person and is immediately involved in a conspiracy with a powerful noble family.

Luckily he came to this world with a power, whatever he gives to someone as a gift he'll get it back 100 times better.

His first target?

His new wife, the former top young genius.

Story updates daily. 9 am EST

Cover art by Asviloka

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Table of Contents
43 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: This Young Master Had No Clue ago
Chapter 2: This Young Master is the Bad Guy? ago
Chapter 3: This Young Master Needs Some Trust ago
Chapter 4: This Young Master Got Some Trust ago
Chapter 5: This Young Master Has Superpowers ago
Chapter 6: This Young Master Has Some Clue ago
Chapter 7: This Young Master Can Act ago
Chapter 8: This Young Master Can Fake It ago
Chapter 9: This Young Master Took A Walk ago
Chapter 10: This Young Master's First Fight ago
Chapter 11: This Young Master Gets Some Training ago
Chapter 12: This Young Master Admires Nature ago
Chapter 13: This Young Master Swung His Sword ago
Chapter 14: This Young Master Has A Plan ago
Chapter 15: This Young Master Bought The Auction ago
Chapter 16: This Young Master's Mood is Spoiled ago
Chapter 17: This Young Master Uses A Steroid ago
Chapter 18: This Young Master Needs A Break ago
Chapter 19: This Young Master Still Needs A Break ago
Chapter 20: This Young Master Has No Break Yet ago
Chapter 21: This Young Master Will Make A Break ago
Chapter 22: This Young Master Does Not Admire Nature ago
Chapter 23: This Young Master Has A Talk ago
Chapter 24: This Young Master Wants To Sleep ago
Chapter 25: This Young Master Hates Politics ago
Chapter 26: This Young Master Needs A Drink ago
Chapter 27: This Young Master Has Had Enough ago
Interlude: The Valkyrie ago
Chapter 28: This Young Master Was Waiting ago
Chapter 29: This Young Master Really Doesn't Deserve This ago
Chapter 30: This Young Master Had A Day ago
Chapter 31: This Young Master Prepares ago
Chapter 32: This Young Master Claims A Stage ago
Chapter 33: This Young Master Deserves An Award ago
Chapter 34: This Young Master Thinks About the Future ago
Chapter 35: This Young Master Might Need A Day Off ago
Chapter 36: This Young Master Almost Had Fun ago
Chapter 37: This Young Master Should Have Known ago
Chapter 38: This Young Master Does What He Should ago
Interlude: The Valkyrie II ago
Chapter 39: This Young Master Gets A Kickback ago
Chapter 40: This Young Master Does Some Shopping ago
Chapter 41: This Young Master Tries To Eat ago

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I Have A Fundamental Problem With The Title

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: This Young Master Can Fake It

Generosity isn't transactional.

I don't really have a lot to say about this story.  I tried to get into it, I read over the first several chapters, wondered if I'd missed something, then did it again.   I skipped ahead a few times just to see what was going on in the future.  And honestly, I don't have a lot to say, because it seems to be a pretty standard reincarnated-in-cultivation-land-with-one-outlier-power thing.

But the outlier-power-thing in this case should be intersting.  Should be exactly the kind of thing that would make me get into a story.  And it doesn't.  So, why?  I'd like to examine that a little bit.

The idea, and I don't think it's a spoiler to explain the title, is that the main character has a power that lets them recieve back a hundredfold whatever they give away.  This seems awesome.  Through their human connections to the people around them, and the nebulous nature of what it means to give, they draw a source of power.  Cool!  Except, not cool.  Because the power doesn't actually care about humanity, or emotion, or anything beyond the literal interpretation of the words.  If our lead hands someone a box of silver, he gets a box of gold.  If he hands someone a simple cultivation manual, he gets a tool one tier up.  That is it.  That is the extent of his power.

And that's just... not generosity.  That's transactional.  It's hollow and empty, the way he hands things to the person he's trusted with his secret reincarnation - and I do like that he trusts someone, mind you, that's nice - but he 'gives' her things, because it means he'll get better things.  That is the mindset of an older sibling giving their younger brother their gameboy, so their parents will buy them the newer model.

It's that lack of emotion that pushed me away, sadly.  There doesn't feel like there's anything in the words that connects me to the characters.  And while it's all competently written and grammatically correct, I just can't enjoy it.


I'm surprised about the negative reviews honestly. Most tend to focus on the MC's naïveté or his lack of agency within progressing the plot. To those ends I will say most isekais revolve around ignorance for the first couple of arcs usually, because there's literally a world to explore and societies to navigate. Most of the chapter's up until this point are centered around familiarizing himself with his surroundings. That's normal. After this arc ends the author has hinted at the MC actually losing his proverbial "crutch" and being forced to taking a more proactive role in the plot. I can't really find much flaw in the characters so far, they follow common tropes but aren't without sense or logic thus far. No cheap write offs or extreme plot armor has shown itself. They seem to have their own motivations which shape their actions and decisions, giving them depth. The MC is reaching that point I believe, he hasn't had a goal outside of finding his footing in this new world, and now he has been thinking about what he wants to do in it. Well written and a unique execution on a common setting. To be clear the MC isn't an idiot and hasn't made any unreasonable decisions, he is just understandably ignorant of the new situation he is in. So give it a try if the isekai "fumbling around" plot doesn't make you drop in these first 34 chaps. 


This is currently one of the only stories I actively follow so I thought it was about time I gave it an actual review.

For context, one of my favourite past times is going onto webnovel and reading the next garbage MTL cultivator novel with some dumb cheat power that gets old after 20 chapters. Thats why this novel is so amazing to me, it takes that trashy trope that I love so much and combines it with high quality writing that rivals any other big novel on this website. The characters are actually rather deep with reasonable motives and decision making abilities. The MC isn't OP even with his cheat and actually has to learn cultivation techniques he gains with his power rather than absorbing them or something similar that the more trashy novels use to make the MC super op very fast.

And due to this reduction in the MC's overpoweredness I believe this novel has the ability to go for a hundred or more chapters without getting boring so I will be sticking around to see if that guess is true.

Style and grammar score is 5 stars and the author is improving with every chapter he writes, while also making an effort to go back and fix mistakes that readers point out.





Surprisingly realistic MC given the context

Reviewed at: Chapter 32: This Young Master Claims A Stage

First off I'm going to point out a couple of things that I've read in the comments, the misconception that to be generous you have to do it in such a way that it's for a good or holistic reason.

Remember, generous means showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected.

Nowhere in there does it say for good reasons, just more than is strictly necessary. So a generous person could technically be someone who gives to charity, and then subsequently claims all those donations on their taxes so they can write it off. They are giving more to the charity organization than is strictly necessary or expected, it doesn't matter if the only reason they did it was for a good reputation, it still fits the definition of generous.

This is actually looked at in the story, because if the receiver of the gift knows that whatever they get will be given back to the MC 100x then at that point all gifts become expected, which means it's no longer "more than expected." and the MC is worried that if the waifu knows that hes getting something in return that it will no longer give him the stuff.

I honestly feel like this should be the reason that the flower that the MC gives the love interest didn't give him anything in return is because flowers are one of those things that are pretty much expected as gifts in any kind of romantic relationship.


I personally really like the main character, he does EXACTLY what I would expect a teenager (which is what they appear to be) to do. When giving an absolutely amazing way to get a shitton of stuff for free, they take it. When having a huge influx of wealth, they make use of it. 

The main character, for the most part, seems to have a good head on his shoulders but seems to make bad interpersonal decisions such as giving the big dude the thing (trying not to spoil) or giving out information and while I do think that this was a big risk, it's also an opportunity and teenagers (pretty sure the mc is like 16-18 years old) are horrendous when it comes to risk-reward decision making skills so it's pretty in-line with my expectations.

If it works out, its a risky wager that payed dividends, if it doesnt? now we've got the next level of cultivation breathing down our necks trying to gain a little bit more information.


I honestly really like how the character seems to make pretty good deductions about situations but seems to be fairly bad at other situations, it's realistic, people that tend to have booksmarts also tend to lack streetsmarts and vice versa. Any amount of time invested in one will weaken or outright cripple the other. I mean, the chances that he'd have literally any kind of streetsmarts, or know how to navigate conversations or relationships in a time and setting so vastly different than his own would be laughable regardless of age.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the way things are going with the story, though I am expecting the author to start to slow down a bit, a chapter a day is kind of insane.


Caught up at chapter 15 and besides some missing commas everything is smooth.

The story is entertaining while drawing your attention, and thank god I don't have to read about a complete dumbass main character.

Highly recommend, at least for the first 15 chapters that I've read. 

I need 50 words, so I'll note that the only thing that needs to be addressed is the main character's use of money when he can't protect himself (though the author did indicate that sooner or later the effects of his decisions would catch up).

Mark Arrows

One of my favorite guilty pleasures to read are isekai where the MC wakes up as 'The bad guy' - and even better if the bad guy is known as a terribly incompetant bad guy. 

Another hot topic I like is a power couple setting, where two schemers who either don't like each other, or are enemies to start with, need to pretend to get along in order to fool everyone else - and watching that innitial setup turn from frenimies to actual friends/not-so-pretend lovers. 

Haven't seen a fic yet that puts these two great ideas together, until now. And boy there should be more of them. Delightful to read. 

As for categories: 
1) Style & grammar: I'm very dirt simple when it comes to this - if I don't realize I'm reading words, that's an A-tier. If I do realize I'm reading words, that's F-tier. Haven't seen or spotted spelling mistakes that take me out of the story and there's no purple prose either, so A-Tier.

2) Characters: This is the meat and potatoes of the story. There's four that really matter: The MC, The bride, the troll, and the evil ojou-sama.

The MC is a scheming schemster that schemes and is good at improv. Which is exactly what he needs as he has no idea what the hell is going on and has to make things up by the seat of his pants. A-tier. 

The bride is a hyper-competant scheming schemer that schemes, and has the power to back it up. She pairs well with the MC, who's more true nature is slowly melting the ice queen, which I'm all about. A-tier

The troll is the exact worst thing any scheming schemster who schemes can go up against. Of which, there's a lacky who shows up a few chapters into the story to fill that niche up and enjoys messing with the two duo from an unmoveable position. Instant shenanigans, great chemistry right from the start. Perfect pick to contrast the schemers. S-Tier.

The Ojou-sama is the typical evil villain who you can respectfully hate in peace without any thoughts of morality or complex issues. Sometimes, the straight and traditional is exactly what a story needs. Given the cast of characters, someone to root against and feel schadenfreude when the MC wins is cathartic to read. S-Tier.

3) Story score: The MC has a unique ability that could certainly be overpowered af. Which is fun to see in action, though it has rarely been used so far in terms of story beats. Think of it like a Gatcha system from hell, except with garanteed rolls. All the fun of powerleveling, none of the RNG. The MC has mostly been on the backend trying to cover his butt, thus far the story is based on politics, gaining martial strength, and character interactions. The ability hasn't seen all the use it could have, because there's a lot of ground left to cover over time. Basically, we're hardly anywhere into the first arc of the story, so there's still a lot of ground and potential to uncover.

If that's your jam, give this a read. 

hakatri gin

So far the only requirement is to be familiar with cultivation novels, and its interesting how the MC doesnt remember anything, so he has to discover thing as he goes, just like us, and his choices feel resonable enough, because we have the same information as him

The MC has a reasonably powerful cheat, balanced by the fact it doesnt provide automatically refined superior benefits, but instead floods him with resources he still needs to learn how to take advantage of

The inclussion of a wife balances the sense of progression, as the MC has very little info and can only try to power up, while she has a lot of background shenanigans

The wife has is a conspiracy going around her, she has vastly superior experience, talent and probably a cheat of her own

This means the MC has a personal path to power while  the wife provides the background plot that is already moving, and he has to get himself going

When tied together it provides a steady sense of progress, and plenty of room to grow the initital arc towards

Lastly the characters, they are pretty solid and their interactions feel organic

Its still starting up, but the potential is there

MJ Shafa

I've been in a reading slump lately. Stories just haven't been hooking me. This one hit me out of left field. All I can say is that it is hard to believe that this is the author's first novel, as they mention in author's notes.

Story- Sucked me in. What can I say. There is nothing crazy here aside from a unique kind of cheat(which thankfully has limits and doesn't ruin everything). But it works and provides the bones that let the characters and progression have room to run around and play, and provide reasons for them to take the actions they need to. I also feel like it is building up to something bigger and there are lots of little seeds of potential conflict and world building that have been planted. If this author is making it up as they go along I want to steal their brain.

Character- The true strength of this story. Characters have consistent personalities and develpment that doesn't feel rushed. Also, the isekai element is handled in a more laid back way where the character is neither who he was before nor who he became/possessed... Great way to explore a world through fresh eyes while also not leaning to hard on modern idioms/cultural references. He's also not a dirtbag, and isn't dumb. Just a little uneducated. I guess I'm also a sucker for the doting husband trope, even if it isn't that straight forward in this story.

Style- It works. Pretty good even. Especially for RR. Unnecessary use of filter verbs and some weird tense choices niggle at me though. Really nothing major to complain about. Works very well for the story.

Grammar- Great for RR (at least at the time of me reading). Mostly it is tense/commas. Nothing that breaks my immersion.

Highly recommend.


Quite nice.

A lot of cultivation fictions make their rules overly complicated. Twenty cultivation realms no one in the novel will ever reach are common. Naming them in confusing ways, also isn't rare.

Well, none of that here. I look forward to future chapters.

I accidentally deleted my previous review.


Firstly the characters.

The protagonist and other members of the main cast have been entertaining so far. Individually the characters are consistent and intriguing enough for me to want to know more about them. Together, the main cast's interactions make up the chunk of what I find interesting.

In regards to the cheat the protagonist got, it's unique in how it forces the protagonist to work around it and I'm looking forward to seeing how the progression works past this point in the story.

(I never know what to put in reviews tbh)