Nevermore/Enygma Files

Nevermore/Enygma Files

by Hasegawa Kein

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

In the year 125 of the Singularity Age the Nevermore Institute is a worldwide, and extra-planetary, network of agencies dedicated to the study and understanding of a series of strange events related to the decay of the laws of physics in the universe called the Dark Events. 

Their special agents travel to where these cases occur in order to investigate them and try to prevent them from happening in the future. Mai, head of operations of the Special Investigation Division, with her partners Shin and Lizbeth, along with thousands of other agents, are in charge of carrying out these operations in cooperation with local forces. 

The cases they investigate are classified as Enygma Files.


Hi! I'm H.K., creator of the Nevermore series. I hope you enjoy it.

I will try to upload a chapter weekly but it is possible that in the future, for some time, the chapters may be delayed because the stories are divided into the cases that the characters investigate and I like to review them several times. Each case, depending on how long they are, is a volume.

Thanks for reading :).

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Hasegawa Kein

Hasegawa Kein


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Graphic novel, with professional art

Reviewed at: Vol.1/ Chapter 5: Intermission

Nevermore: Enygma Files is a science fantasy graphic novel. Yes, graphic novel, an author of this story is a professional artist and every chapter comes with very detailed illustrations. 


Style - Story is written in the same format as many light novels, or other works here on Royal Road, it uses a 3r personal narration with a very simple and straightforward style. It is well-written and easy to read, with very minimalistic descriptions to set the scene, though with the undeniable effort put into writing considering the vocabulary where applicable. A large portion of the story is the dialogue. A true selling point of the story is the detailed illustrations included in every chapter which help you to ease into the unique visuals of the science fantasy universe. Since the author is a professional artist all artwork is always spot-on, and custom-made, it bypasses the need for some descriptions and justifies the perfect style rating. 5-star for style.


Grammar - All stories I review will always receive 5-stars for Grammar by default. English isn’t my first language. 


Story - The science fantasy story is set in a (relatively) far future and follows a trio of paranormal investigators, or the close equivalent of thereof, tasked to investigate the mysterious phenomenon of Dark Events. Essentially, a failure of the law of physics, though paranormal probably fits. 


The first chapters mostly serve as the introduction to characters, which is relatively slow, and done without a hitch. Except for the little info-dumpy foreword which can be easily excused, all light novels do the same, or at least are similarly structured, and this one isn’t any exception - as far I could tell, this is formatted in the way that would allow the easiest adaptation (to anime / motion picture). 5-stars.


Characters - The characters are distinctive, yet not too developed, which isn’t a big issue since what we see there would probably make a runtime of the anime episode or two, and not much development would take place in such a short period of time. 


Overall, this is the start of the very decent Light Novel, with its own setting, and unique aesthetics and atmosphere. 


I would rate this story 5-stars - excellent read for the fans of anime, manga and light novels with unique sci-fi or science-fantasy settings, this one hits the spot in several categories.

Esbe Esi

The author is a much better artist than they are a writer. 


Yes, if you feel nitpicky, writing is a form of art, but I don’t like to use the word “painter” 


This novel has been written by an experienced artist with hundreds of highly detailed works published on Deviantart, and who knows how many more they had to draw to get this level of skill. Skill in this area is undeniable


The writing, however, is not that good. The story itself, along with the basic plot, and the setting, seems fair, and show the notable amount of effort put into it, art is exquisite as one would expect from a professional artist, just the prose is a little bit … off … 


The way the story is written reminds me more of the movie script, slightly better dramatized and with some details, actual scripts don’t have included, but it is still very simple, formulaic, and reads more like the instructions on how to shoot the movie than the actual novel. (and the sex scene is funny, but I don’t mind it, from a narrative perspective it should be there). It feels like someone hastily tried to convert a movie script into prose, only to leave the most of narration and drama.


The fact that this novel has rich illustrations in every chapter is really a saving grace. 


This should never be a novel.


A Visual Novel, perhaps, would work perfectly. How well it does in the Light Novel format is debatable, many Light Novels are lost in translation. 


This should be a comic - or manga if you like - which the author can make himself, they do have a skill.


It is very clear that the author can imagine the scene very well. A strong visual imagination is a must-have trait for an artist after all, and dialogue does work, there is the plot, there is worldbuilding being done, it has just one point of failure: scenes described are not delivered very well in text. 


Overall, I would still suggest you check this out - if this was a manga, I would absolutely love it, its appeal is however just dulled when tried to be delivered by conventional prose.


It interesting take on a fantasy sci-fi story. The world is earth sort of anyway it takes place far in the future after a war that has turned loose all manner of fantasy races. There’s also a good deal of tech, as you’d expect from sci-fi. It follows a pair of future special agents on an investigation.


Style: Its written in the third person prospective from multiple viewpoints most of the time it is one of the two protagonists. It’s formatted well and easy to read, also there are pictures in each chapter giving it the feeling of a light novel.


Story: The protagonists are members of a global reaction force dedicated to dealing with strange and unusual things. They are also strange and unusual themselves one being a fey and the other an alien. They happen to be a couple and there is one very mild sex scene the story is tagged for it and it’s so tame I’d suggest reading the NSFW marked chapter even if sex isn’t your thing in books. Back to the plot the story gave me an X-files mixed with anime feel and because I like both of those things, so I found it enjoyable.


Grammar: I didn’t find anything wrong with the grammar in this story.


Character: The characters are fun and well written and their reactions to the story are great. Being both otherworldly beings and from a future setting they have cool gadgets and inherent abilities that make for some enjoyable action sequences. Out of all of the characters I think I like Shin the most, he’s one of the protagonists he’s the alien and personally I enjoy outsider characters and while Mai is odd she’s not quite as odd as him.  


So overall I’d say that I like it and will keep reading it. I’d recommend that you do the same if you happen to be reading the reviews and stumble across mine.