Princess Tells Her Story

Princess Tells Her Story

by Typhin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Terra is a world unlike Earth.  Magic is the rule, not the exception.  Magical creatures are commonly known.  Swords and sorcery, knights fighting dragons, all of it.  This, however, is the story of one dragon who meets a friend, and the life the two build for themselves.  Princess the dragon and Tola the mage have plenty of their own secrets, but they will have to rely on each other to survive the sometimes harsh world of Terra.  Thankfully, they have more in common than they could have expected.

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Princess Tells Her Story is … actually, quite a horrible title. It doesn’t have the feel to it, almost like the author didn’t know how to name it. It is not a horrible story, however. 


Style - Style isn’t bad. It uses the usual, 1st person narration, and we are experiencing the world through the eyes of the protagonist. It’s well written and easy to read, easy to understand, the only true objection there would be the choice of words. Which aren’t necessarily an issue, they are just minor things that caught my attention. For example, the protagonist reincarnated into the universe’s equivalent of the dragon (albeit one pretty much human-sized) describes her hand as paws. This is strange because I imagine she would have grasping talons like the dinosaur. On the other hand (pun not intended) in the next chapter she expresses that she isn’t able to turn pages of the book, which is understandable if she indeed had paws like a cat or a dog. Though I imagine raptor wouldn’t have fine coordination either, and I assume she does indeed look like the winged raptor. As you can see, it’s a minor strangeness, so 5-star for Style.


Grammar - All stories I review receive 5-star for Grammar by default. English is not my first language.


Story - Story is, actually, fine as far as isekai (portal fantasy) goes. Reincarnated as monster species is actually quite a popular subset of the isekai. I can’t comment much on the plot, since it is merely 2-chapters, despite each being like 6k words long, and doesn’t happen much, though I assume this is a slice of life story. There is a market for those. It does have a feel of interspecies romance though it isn’t tagged as one


Characters - Only the main pair has been introduced, Princess (given name) the reincarnated person. And Tola, the local mage. They aren’t unlikable, which is good, but have their quirks, especially the protagonist. It would be a strange relationship, though that’s given, considering one is the dragon and the other the human. 


Overall, I would rate this a 5-star, it’s the start of the story, and could be enjoyable.