The Uprise of a Nobody

The Uprise of a Nobody

by B1ah

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The story starts off with a monotone voice announcing, "You have died.". The man receiving this news began to tremble on the ground, curled up in a fetal position. A large window entered his vision displaying the dreadful words in a blood-red mirk "You. Have. Died.", as if hearing it announced wasn't enough. The man began coughing, then chuckled. Laughter became manic as the trembling worsened.

The man opened his body, spreading his limbs out and screamed, "Finally! Finally! Finally!~". The man laughed hysterically before he sank to the ground. Another window displayed itself:

"Would you like to restart? 

"> Yes

"> No"

The laughing stopped, and silence consumed the atmosphere. The man became contemplative, slowly getting up and began walking. Pacing around usually helped his mind process his thoughts. After a while, he paused and eventually clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Nope! Who would want to go through that hell again?!".

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (7)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch.0 - Prologue ago
Ch.1 - The Unexpected Escape (V2) ago
Ch.2 - A New Beginning (V2) ago
Ch.3 - A World of Ether (V2) ago
Ch.4 - A Painful Introduction to Reality (V2) ago
Ch.5 - The Living City (V2) ago
Ch.6 - One Step Back and Another Step Forward (V2) ago
Ch.7 - A Haunting Past (V2) ago
Ch.8 - Becoming One With Ether (V2) ago
Ch.9 - From Memories to Direction (V4) ago
Ch.10 - The Devil's Domain (V3) ago
Ch.11 - The Darkness Within (V3) ago
Ch.12 - The Enemy of My Friend is Also My Enemy (V2) ago
Ch.13 - A Recipe for Disaster (V3) ago
Ch.14 - A New Hope (V3) ago
Ch.15 - A Strange Familiarity (V3) ago
Ch.16 - A Simple Realisation (V2) ago
Ch.17 - Behind the Scenes (V2) ago
Ch.18 - Quest After Quest (V3) ago
Ch.19 - The Wrecker (V3) ago
Ch.20 - The Heart of the Forest (V2) ago
Ch.21 - Born Again... More or Less (V2) ago
Ch.22 - Alone with an Exit (V2) ago
Ch.23 - A Slap of Reality (V2) ago
Ch.24 - A Regretful Place (V2) ago
Ch.25 - The Black Market (V2) ago
Ch.26 - The Nightbride's Household ago
Ch.27 - A Gardening Experience ago
Ch.28 -The Central Kingdom ago
Ch.29 - An Unspeakable Problem ago
Ch.30 - The Bracelet ago
Ch.31 - The Yal Problem ago
Ch.32 - The Dark Ritual ago
Ch.33 - The Investigation ago
Ch.34 - Chaotic Soul Space ago
Ch.35 - A Method of Escape ago
Ch.36 - The Ennith Problem ago
Ch.37 - We Need Your Help ago
Ch.38 - Relentless Training ago

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characters range from uninteresting to unlikable. the setting could be good with a tiny bit of  introduction before the mc ignores multiple warnings and rejects reincarnation. 


a lot of characters in fiction are impulsive, they make poor choices and that creates drams for the story.  this mc doesnt do that. he makes the obvious bad choice as often as humanly posible. he seems adament in a bad choice then says he has no idea why he did that a few chapters later. 

Dang thats a cute cat

So, right now I'm only at chapter 1 (only 2 chapters have been uploaded) and the premise is really interesting! I know that is literally what the title of this review is saying but it's true and all of you should read it! This is my first review so I don't really know what else I should talk about, but yeah! Woo! Good book! Yeah! I'll update this review when more chapters get released probably. 😁😆




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