I've been far for too long,

But I don't seem to miss anything.

Isn't it just the same

When I'm near?

I still feel alone.

Still do the same things.

But being here again makes it worse.


The Manor.


It has been a while. Seems like nothing really changed, this home still feels empty. I started walking towards my room and the servants greet me as I pass them by. I smiled at the familiar faces, they've gotten so old. These people have accompanied me and my brother throughout our childhood. Though Aunt Sally is the one assigned to personally take care of us, other servants also treated us well. "Welcome home little Miss" they all greeted me.


I walked further inside and looked around, it seems like my parents didn't even bother to welcome me. Nothing new I guess. I shouldn't get disappointed every single time.



Since I don't have to personally fix my things as the servants already took care of them, I then decided to visit our garden. I walked towards the door at the back of the house and opened it. Even here looks the same, they did a good job taking care of it. The Manor did not lack anything, they tried so hard to make it look like a livable house. Who would have thought that this house is lonely? Look at all the flowers blooming, different colors, yet the harmony is perfect. No wonder it was my favorite spot. It's a pity though, that they removed my white piano placed inside the patio. It all happened that time, when my brother started pursuing his passion, they removed all musical instruments they can find in our house. That's when I stopped playing the piano.

I wandered further into the garden and had a glimpse of the swing located at the center of our garden I sat at it and then closed my eyes. This feels nostalgic.


The place right now was too peaceful, with no noise, no work, just me and the garden. I was so into it that without realizing, I started singing:


๐ŸŽถFeels like a candle under the rain,

Trying to give you a little light,

But my fire won't last long.

Left on the ground, unnoticed.


Looks useless under the street lights.

Yet when the power is out,

You'll go searching for me,

Only at times of your need.


But I'll be there, always.

Won't let you live in darkness.

Atleast I'm still needed,

Atleast I'm not fully forgotten.๐ŸŽถ


I haven't given this song to Aiden yet as I felt like it is a song that represents me the most. This is me, this is what I've always felt living in this house. Being the daughter of the Williams. Unwanted, but not fully useless. Someone neglected, yet still kept. Lonely.


I was too overwhelmed that I didn't realize what I had just done. Have I forgotten where I was? Good thing I'm currently alone. If someone saw me and told my parents, I don't think I'll be able to explain myself.


They think music is child's play. 'You won't feel true success with that passion of yours. You need the wisdom to run a company. That's how you will be able to survive in this world'


That's what they always insist. Music is just for entertainment. Even if I don't agree with their conception, I never expressed it, or else I'll get reprimanded.



Time is ticking but I'm actually not sure what to do. They didn't exactly give me instructions when they escorted me into the house. Should I just wait here? *sigh*






A few minutes later, my dad's secretary called my phone.

"Hello Miss, your dad told me to pick you up and bring you to the office. I'll be there in a few minutes" he instructed then hung up.


'So this is it?' I'm feeling nervous right now, all eyes will be on me and every move I'll make will be noticed. I don't afford to make any mistakes and I should give them a good first impression. I don't want them to say I got the position because I'm the daughter of their chairman.


I've never let other people look down on me. It's the only thing that protects me against this complicated world. I need to be bold enough while facing them.


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