🎶You're my sky,

I don't care if you're rainy,

Shines brightly,

Or even with thunders and lightning.

With the sun, or the moon and stars.

Whatever the condition is,

I'll never get tired

Looking at you.🎶


Unbeknownst to Addison, Felix has already fallen for her. The encounter at the bookstore wasn't actually the first time he saw her. Even before that, he often noticed her around the campus.


Though Addie is undeniably beautiful, it wasn't her appearance that got his interest at all. The truth is,

he's captivated by her distinct presence.

Mysterious, cold, distant but wonderful. She looks effortlessly amazing, even without fancy clothes, nobody would compare to her. By the looks of it, it's obvious that she's quite popular, but you can't see any arrogance in her at all, on the contrary, she looks like she wanted to be left alone. She doesn't care at all about the attention she's getting.





interesting. She fascinates him so much as if he's already bewitched by her and there is no turning back.

She's a complicated puzzle he would want to personally solve. The more he knows her, the deeper he falls. It's as if he was trapped in a maze, and in every turn he does, another path opens, as if it's endless. He doesn't seem to mind though, he enjoys the trap and has no intention to go out.


"You are worth it" he finally answered. "Can you at least give me a chance?"


Addie was dumbfounded. Is he serious?



It took a while for her to answer and said,

"Give me some time, I'll think about it."


It's not something she can just decide suddenly. She is not the impulsive type, and this is something new to her. Also, it would be a hard fight if they decide to give it a try which scares her the most.










Addie didn't get to sleep the whole night, and she wasn't even able to pack up yet.


*knock knock* Aiden poked his head through the door and noticed Addie is not yet ready. He shook his head and entered.


"Didn't you say you'll leave today? Why haven't you packed even a single cloth yet?" he said while getting her suitcase to do it for her.


"because you'll do it for me," she said playfully. "thank you"


Aiden shook his head again and told her to take a shower and then go eat breakfast after.


When she finished taking a bath, Aiden was already done packing everything. "Wow that was fast" she exclaimed.

"This is nothing, I'm used to traveling anyway so this is a piece of cake," Aiden said smugly.


"tss, you think that's something to be proud of huh?"


"Well, since it's something you're bad at, I guess I can show it off to you" he answered shrugging.

"Whatever, I'm hungry," I answered, then stormed out of the room.


After eating, I casually browsed through my phone and realized I forgot to answer Noah's call last night. Oopsie, I often forget things recently, I guess I'm getting old.

I then decided to message him even though it was late:

"Hey, sorry about last night. I didn't notice you called and just saw it now. What's up?"


"Nothing, I saw your message yesterday saying you were gonna celebrate with Piper and Aiden and I wasn't able to answer you that time so I tried to call afterward but can't get through. Anyway, let's just meet in Sydney later. My parents are still here and told me we'll just fly back there tomorrow. See you!" he replied.


I smiled sadly upon reading his reply, he really has a nice relationship with his parents. Will there come a time that I'll experience their warmth too?



"Let's go"


If possible, I really don't wanna leave this place. It's not like I have many fond memories here but, I'm just not ready to face my parents yet. And I'm not ready for the responsibility that awaits me.


Will I be able to meet their expectations? What if I mess up at work?


During the flight, all sorts of things crossed my mind. The company, the executives, my parents, Aiden and





I told him I'll give it some thought but,

I can't seem to find an answer.




It only took a few hours to travel from Melbourne to Sydney. And now we're finally here. Aiden didn't come with us and only accompanied us to the airport. He might be on the way back to Korea now and I didn't even properly say goodbye to him.


"Addie sweety, let's go. I told old Master William we'll be flying today so he arranged a car to pick us up. I think it's already here." aunt Sally said when we got our suitcase.


"Ohh okay auntie" I answered, quite shocked that my parents actually arranged something. Or did they want to make sure I won't go anywhere else?


Well, it doesn't matter. It's not like I have the guts to run away.


The truth is that, when Addie's dad decided to Aunt Sally to accompany her, it was not because of Aiden's bargain not to bother Addie ever again, but because he needed someone to monitor Addie after she got her final grades to make sure that she won't do anything else but to return to them and work for the company. Offcourse they did not tell Aunt Sally the whole reason, they just asked her to report Addie's whereabouts and to make sure she'll bring Addie with her upon returning to Sydney.


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