"So you are going back to Sydney tomorrow? Did they arrange for someone to pick you up? If not, I'll just accompany you before I fly back to Korea."


"Actually, they didn't tell me anything yet. I only remember dad telling me to go home immediately after graduation." I replied honestly. My brother's eyes turned dark again after hearing this. "They want to confine and control you but don't even bother arranging such things for you? Not to mention they didn't even appear at your graduation ceremony. Seriously those two!" he said angrily. "Don't worry too much, aunt Sally will be with me anyway" I replied to quench his anger.

"Nevermind, I'll just bring you both to the airport tomorrow."

"Thank you Aiden," I said. "I might not have time to visit you after tomorrow, and



It's not like you'll come to visit me at the office" I sighed.

"Is this also your reason for shutting Felix off?" he asked, and I nodded. "Partly. I think it's not worth it."


"It doesn't matter. When the time comes and you fall in love with someone, just tell me. I'll support you okay, though it depends if I find him worthy. Since it looks like you haven't started to have feelings for him yet, I think it's the right decision not to get involved with him. You both have some complicated backgrounds and it won't be easy for you. I just don't want it to add to your suffering. Our parents are already enough to wear you out, if you fall in love with someone like him, I'm afraid it would be hard to handle."


"Bro I'm sorry but I didn't quite get that. What do you mean we both have complicated backgrounds?" I asked, confused.


"He didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"He's the son of the CEO of my agency, FP entertainment"

He is what?!


No wonder it sounded familiar.



After I washed up, I jumped on my bed, took my laptop, and searched for FP Entertainment.

Founded by Park Min Seok, the current CEO. He named his agency after his son with his Australian wife, Felix Park.

Gosh, I was so stupid. I didn't even realize he owns my brother's agency. I dropped my upper body heavily on the bed and stared at the ceiling, dumbfounded. Suddenly I heard my phone ring.


*Piper calling*


Oh right, she might be dying from curiosity right now. "He-" I started but got cut off immediately by Piper's loud voice.


"You!!! Don't you know how long I've waited for you to explain to me and yet you didn't answer my calls?" I felt my ears go numb from all the yelling.


"Sorry okay, please go easy on me. I just finished talking to Aiden a few minutes back."I answered, exhausted. " Okay, okay, fine, now spill it" She sounded impatient so I told her everything, and it took quite a time to finish summarizing it all for her. How many times have I told this story today already? I feel like I can even memorize it now.


"How come I don't know any of it? I'm still your best friend right?" she asked as if she were interrogating. "Come on, you know I can't be befriended that easy," I said laughing.


"Okay, so will it be a long-distance relationship? How about Noah?" "Look, nothing is going on between me and Noah, we're just friends okay? As for Felix, we're not in a relationship, and will not have. I don't wanna be part of LDR, besides, we'll both soon be part of our respective companies so it would be too complicated"


"Girl, things really aren't easy for you, can't even be in a normal relationship when you finally got interested in someone," she said sympathetically.


"Well, we can't help it."


We talked more for quite some time, and after that, I checked my call logs, there were quite several missed calls, some from Piper, Noah, and Felix. There are also unread messages.


"How did it go?"


"I don't know, I was able to tell him about it but I'm not sure what would happen now" I replied to Felix.

"Can I call?" he replied. I was a bit hesitant but I still agreed.

"Hello?" He started. "Don't worry too much about it. You already did your part, and it's up to them now."

"Okay." I simply stated.


"Are you avoiding me?" he suddenly asked. "I felt like I was always talking to a wall, and I can't get through it," he said sadly, those words hit me and I felt guilty towards him but still, I told him,


"I just don't want to waste both of our time. You see,

I have to go back to Sydney tomorrow. And you will also settle in Korea right?" I said, trying to justify my actions towards him.


"So?" He simply asked. Aren't my words clear enough to mean that this won't go anywhere?


"So it's impossible for us to start anything okay? Even friendship" I answered. I heard him sigh over the phone and say, "Isn't your brother in Korea too? Don't you still manage to get in touch with him? Why can't we?"


"Look, things will be different when I start working in our company. I'm not even sure if I can still meet Aiden later. You don't know my parents so you won't understand. It's not that simple." I retorted back. I know it won't be easy to get out of there once I stepped in.


"We can take things slowly. Get to know each other. Just phone calls or video call is fine. If it won't work, I'll stop bothering you, but can you atleast give it a try?" He answered stubbornly.


"Why are you doing this? We rarely even know each other. Is it worth it? You might eventually get tired." I asked him. I really don't know what's going on inside his mind. It's not like we already have a deep connection to each other, I might just be some other passerby in his life.


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