"Stop looking at me like that. Nothing is going on okay"

"Tss, you think I'll believe that?" He replied unconvinced, he then leaned back from his seat and looked at me teasingly.


"There should be nothing, and it's not like it will work out. Tomorrow, I'll fly back to Sydney to be officially introduced as Vice President of our company and it's not like we'll be able to meet after today" I said, matter-of-fact.


"Is that what he thinks too?"

"What do you mean? It's not like we're in any kind of relationship, we just crossed each other's path a few times. That's it" I answered, which is a way to also convince myself.

"Whatever you say, I won't comment any further. Like you said 'Figure it out yourselves'" He chuckled.

"Go ahead, I know you still have to explain things to your brother. By the looks of it, seems like he had no idea what was going on between you and Felix. And I have to fly back to Korea soon" he continued.


"Oh okay, bye Dylan. Stay safe and keep in touch" I said.

"I will" he smiled and we waved goodbye. He walked out of the shop looking a lot different when I met him awhile ago. I hope things work out.



On the way home, I'm racking my brains out, finding a way to explain to Aiden the way he'll be easily convinced. Plus there's Piper too. *sigh*


It was already night but I felt like my day is still a long way ahead.


How is this a graduation day?!




Upon entering my apartment, I felt a chilling sensation emanating from the man who was currently sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed.




I slowly walked toward him and froze when I was already standing in front of him.


He looked at me and said, "Speak" in a commanding tone. Aiden never scolded me in the past, so his cold demeanor at the moment scares me, he looks like a different person.





Didn't lie" I started, don't know how to continue. He raised his brows as if I said something ridiculous.


"Really, I didn't.

That time when you asked me, I didn't even know his name."I defended.

"It doesn't look like that at all. If you weren't close enough, why would he invite you for dinner to celebrate? He has the guts huh?" he countered back.


"Aiden I,

I was shocked as well when he said that." I said lowering my head. Though we already introduced ourselves to each other, I think we still aren't close enough for that. It wasn't just Aiden who was flabbergasted by Felix's action back there, even I.


"Come sit beside me," he said when he noticed I kinda felt terrified of him. "I didn't mean to scold you okay?" he said patting my head. "Actually, I wouldn't have minded but you know our situation, and I don't know his intentions. That moment, he must have known we're related, and yet he openly approached you knowing I'm there and he is accompanied by Dylan." Offcourse he would also sense something wrong, just like how I put my guard up when I realized things.


"Sorry," is the only word that came out of my mouth and he hugged me. "It's okay, but can you tell me what's going on with you two? I'm really worried. You don't have any experience with boys so I'm afraid you'll get hurt." he said, sounding really concerned that I might have put myself in a complicated situation.


"Nothing really," I said and recalled everything that happened between him and me. When I was at the part where I talked to Felix about Aiden, he cut me off and asked,


"You told him about my reasons?" breaking free from the hug. "I didn't, I told him I can't tell him the exact reason and he didn't ask any further," I explained. Good thing I held back that time.


"Hmm, okay. Continue. I want to know what exactly is he planning to do with my sister." he commented back. I felt shivers again, I didn't expect him to be this protective of me, but I don't mind, I felt protected.



So that night,

I ended up telling him everything.


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