I wonder,

What did Aiden say to convince my parents? What did he try to use to bargain? I know he promised me, but I wasn't really expecting him to go personally and convince them. After all, they haven't seen each other for years and have bad blood.

I did not expect him to actually face my parents for me.


But wait,

Didn't Aunt Sally also say they didn't agree?

Aiden's initiative was not reciprocated and yet, what made Dad change his mind?




I frowned, not understanding the current situation. Upon noticing how distracted I was, Aunt Sally immediately offered me the Lamington she made to ease my mind.


Even though I had just eaten outside, I suddenly felt hungry upon seeing the dessert in front of me. Lamington is all around Australia; you can practically buy it anywhere, but the one aunt Sally makes is my favorite. I just think it tastes different.


I devoured it all in a few seconds and aunt Sally chuckled beside me, "slow down Addie, no one will steal it from you" she said smiling, with content on her face to see how I enjoy the food she made.


I smiled at her shyly as I felt like a little kid caught red-handed.


"Go to your room now and take a rest, I'll bring your milk later." She offered when I finished eating.


Again I smiled at her and felt nostalgic as if I'm back to being a kid who has someone to take care of me. It has been a while since someone took care of me like this and I feel the warmth. "Thanks, aunt," I said appreciatively and went upstairs. I took a glimpse of her once more when I was on the stairs to make sure I am not dreaming, and there she is, I think it's real, if not, I wish I will not wake up soon.





After taking a bath, I saw a glass of milk at my bedside table.


I dialed Aiden's number to thank him personally but he didn't answer. He might be busy or, he might still be on the airplane so I just messaged him:

"Thanks, bro, I appreciate you bringing aunt Sally to me."


He might not be able to convince my parents, but if he didn't bring it up, they wouldn't even think about it. His action is a step closer to bringing her to me.




I opened my laptop to start studying the documents I had received earlier.

Even though I already know the background of our company, and have been studying for years to prepare for this, I still feel overwhelmed upon looking at all the pieces of information in front of me.


Okay, first things first.


I checked the employee chart of our company first to familiarize myself with the people I'll be dealing with. The key to every company is the people working there, and to make a better performance, I should have a good relationship with them. I already know the board of directors which includes my parents. They often join us during events so I'm pretty familiar with them, but it's my first time seeing the list of executives.


Most of the top executives are much older than me. *sigh*

"How will I make these people trust a young woman like me?" I stated in front of my computer.


*beep* I tilted my head to check who messaged me.


It's Felix- he didn't say anything and only sent a sticker showing he's bored. I raised my eyebrows upon seeing it.

And since I don't know how to react to it, I just ignored him and continued studying the chart and their profiles. There's quite a list.




"Why are you ignoring me?" *pout face*


What's wrong with this guy? I pictured him as someone calm and mysterious. Didn't expect him to be this childish.


I sent him a sticker who was rolling her eyes and focused back on my laptop.


A few seconds later,

🎶See the stars in the sky?

They shine differently,

Yet they're all being looked up to.

Some may not be noticed,

But the number of stars

Make you feel you're not alone.


You may have a dim light,

But there's still someone

Whose night brightens

because of you.

So don't be too disappointed,

Just look up at the stars tonight.🎶


He sent a link to a song titled "stars" and I listened to it. I closed my eyes, trying to drown myself in the music.

It was my first time hearing this song but I felt moved. The lyrics assured me that everything will be alright, and that I am not alone.



I felt hypnotized while listening to the song, and slowly I stood up and walked towards the balcony, opened my window, and let the night breeze touch my skin. When was the last time I gazed up at the stars from my room? It's beautiful.

I stared up at the sky, checked the stars one by one, and smiled. Even though the moon tonight shines brightly compared to the stars around it, you can't still deny the fact that the stars have their own charm. As tiny as it seems, the glimmer looks like diamond dust scattered in the sky, equally wonderful, every star looks important to complete the night view. I stayed there for a while then decided to dial his number.


"Did you listen to it?" He asked.


"Yes, I like it. Thank you." I answered. I know it was me who called, but I realized I actually don't have anything to say other than to thank him.


"I'm glad you do."

"Who's the singer by the way? It wasn't written and it's my first time hearing it" I asked curiously.


He went silent for a while before saying, "I'm not so sure either, I just stumbled into it as I was browsing for songs."

"Oh, thanks for sharing it then"

"You're welcome"




I stayed there a little longer and gazed at the stars for a bit more. This event made me relaxed, and drowsy so I returned to my bed and decided to close my laptop.


I played the song once again until I fell asleep.



The following day, I woke up with a nice smell coming from the kitchen so I hurriedly went there as if I were enchanted.


"Good morning Aunt Sally" I greeted enthusiastically as I enter the kitchen.

"Good morning sweetie, come eat your breakfast" she greeted back.


"Thank you," I said and happily ate the meal she cooked.



After breakfast, I immediately checked my laptop again to continue where I left off last night. 2 weeks left before graduation and I should be finished by then.


While studying, I quickly checked my phone and saw Aiden have already replied to my message: "Hi sis, I'm glad Aunt Sally is with you, but no need to thank me. It has nothing to do with me, dad flat-out rejected me when I asked yesterday. Don't know what made him change his mind though. Did anything happen yesterday?"


Hmm, I have no idea. Aunt Sally also said the same thing. Should I ask dad then?

Well, never mind. If I call him, he might just ask about my progress and it's not like I read a lot yesterday. *sigh*


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