I actually don't have anything to do...

I went out as I needed some distraction and yet here I am,

back at my apartment, doing nothing.


I lazily took my laptop to check for emails without anything in particular and while scrolling,

I saw an email update from school:


*Final Grades*


My heart started thumping and I was afraid to open it. I don't have the confidence to check it, I know I did what I usually do on exams, and I was able to comply on everything and yet I fear that I might have missed something.


I really don't have the heart to open the email so instead, I tried calling Noah so he can give me some heads up on what to expect.


"Hello. Grades are out, you knew about it right?

You should've. I mean, you're the school rep.

Why didn't you tell me about it?

Are my grades...




Not what you expected?

Are you inviting me a while ago for lunch to cheer me up?" I asked him a series of questions as I was too anxious right now. I don't understand why he didn't mention it to me when he already knew about it, and it made me think of some bad scenarios.

Before I can think of anything else, he abruptly answered me and said,

"Hang on Addie,


you have to chill out." He said laughingly.

"It's not like that at all okay,

Your grades are still on top, as usual, it's just that since it's our last one, I was planning to surprise you and treat you for lunch but then you beat me to it." He continued, currently sulking.


I felt like a heavy load was lifted off my chest when I heard him. Thank God! That time when I was hospitalized, I thought there is a possibility that I wasn't on my right mind during the exam, and maybe I was just hallucinating that I did well answering the questions, thank God I really did fine.


After that, I thought of something urgent I must do so I told Noah,

"can we postpone the lunch? I...





Have to report this to my parents."


What should I tell them?


Ever since the matter with Aiden, my parents haven't contacted me, and neither did I.


I finally will be able to give them a satisfactory result but, I still don't dare to talk to them. Will this suffice to suppress their anger? Will they still doubt me after this?



I stared at my phone, looking at my dad's contact on the screen for quite some time before I finally decided to call him.


My heart is beating fast as I hear the phone ring, waiting for someone to pick up my call.


After 5 rings, my dad finally answered it. "Hello," He said coldly.


I was still frozen, and can't find the right words to say.


"Addie, you know my time is precious, if you're not going to talk I'll hang up." My dad said irritated.


"Wait," I said. "I




Received my final grades.


It's straight A" I blurted.


After a few moments of silence, my dad finally said,

"Good then, I'll send you some documents so you can get familiarized with our company, then you can officially join after you graduate," he said nonchalantly then hung up.


I was speechless.

Offcourse that's how he is. What did I even expect?


After a few moments. I received emails upon emails sent to me by my father's secretary.


*I sighed*

I guess my vacation is now over. I messaged both Piper and Noah to meet up and have one last supper before I lose my freedom as I don't know when will we be able to do it again after. It's not like I enjoy going out, it's just that I think after I graduate, I'll be spending all my time at work, and I even might be monitored 24/7.


"Are you sure about this?" Piper asked looking concerned during dinner. "I guess" I just replied and shrugged.


"Well we still have time to hang out before graduation, don't think about it too much" Noah cut in, and we resumed eating.


"Fine, we'll all go back to Sydney soon anyways. You guys should feel sorry about leaving me here alone for another year instead" Piper added. And we all laughed.




"Bye now guys, I have to study the documents about our company," I said bitterly.


Piper looked at me with a hint of concern and said "Just remember I'll support whatever you choose, but make sure you are happy."


Even though I was reluctant, I still nodded and then bid goodbye. I want to tell her I do have a plan, but not until I will be able to fulfill it will I reveal it to them.



As I enter my apartment,


I was a bit confused when I saw the lights are on, I'm trying to remember if I forgot to turn it off when I went out this afternoon. I'm not even drunk so I shouldn't be seeing things.


As I go further inside, a familiar scent welcomed me.


I suddenly remembered my childhood days, when I and Aiden would play in the Manor, while aunt Sally would take care of us.


The fragrance of my favorite dessert being baked envelopes the whole house and it feels good.

I turned around to check and saw her there standing.


She smiled and approached me excitedly, "Oh my dear Addie, you've grown so much," she said with teary eyes.

"Aunt Sally, how..?" I said while she hugged me tightly.


Even though Melbourne is just a few hours away from Sydney, I rarely go home. And when I do, it's only because I was required to accompany my parents during banquets so I would immediately fly back when it's over.


The last time I saw aunt Sally was when I graduated from high school and I suddenly felt bad for never visiting her.


"I miss you" I continued.


"I miss you too darling" she answered sweetly. She is more than a mother to me. She and Aiden practically raised me. But,


"Aunt Sally, why are you here?" I finally asked. She broke free from the embrace and started explaining.


"I don't know exactly the whole details but this morning,


I saw young master Aiden visit your parents. I think they didn't actually come to an agreement about something but suddenly this afternoon, old Master Arthur instructed me to fly here and accompany you."


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