He looks like he's trying hard to digest all those information. But eventually asked,


"And the reason?"


"I'm not sure if I'm in the position to tell you that.

I initially wanted to tell Dylan about this, but I'm not sure if he's willing to listen, after all, it's been years since I last talked to him."

I answered, I admit I was hasty when I told him about my brother, yet now I realized it's not the time for that and that I can't let him know without telling Dylan first.


"I understand," he said and went silent again.


I suddenly laugh. He looked at me with a confused gaze and I told him, "Haven't you noticed? This is actually our first conversation after introducing each other's names. What a nice introduction right? " I said sarcastically.


And we both laughed.


"But you know what, I find it quite unfair. My information is out there in the open for those who are interested, just a few clicks on the internet, and there you go, detailed information about my background. While until now, I still don't know anything about you,


Yet I said all those things about my brother.



Well, it doesn't matter, you know him anyway and I felt like you guys deserve to know he didn't have bad intentions that time. Just think of it as if I'm doing this to clear my brother's name." I sighed.


"Well, if you're interested, I can send you a presentation about myself on your email," He said jokingly.


"And if I'm not?"


He frowned and asked, "are you?"


I didn't answer him as I was unsure of myself.

Am I interested?


"You don't have to take it seriously," he said smiling.


I nodded and asked,

"Why are you in Australia anyway?"


"I thought you were not interested?" He asked teasingly.


I shrugged, "Just a little curious I guess."


"Well, I'm taking up my 2nd degree here. I initially took up music composition in Korea. Now I'm taking up Business Management here."


I looked at him with a questioning look and said, "those 2 courses weren't related at all"


He laughed and answered, "It might not be for others, but it's totally related to me."


I'm still confused but didn't comment about it again.


Felix Park




Why does it sound familiar?


The more I know about him, the more confused I get. There are still a lot of questions in my head but I chose to remain silent.


I eventually brushed it off and sip my coffee.


"Busy?" I saw Noah messaged me.

"Not really, just having breakfast" I replied.


a few seconds later, Noah called me.


I looked at Felix and he said "go ahead" so I answered the call.




"Addie, where are you right now? I'm bored" he said immediately.


"I'm at a coffee shop eating breakfast right now" I answered, trying to filter it out.


"Alone?" he asked. Gosh this guy, I have no intention to tell him but he's forcing me *sigh*


"Initially, yes" I replied honestly.


"What do you mean?" he asked after hearing my vague answer.


"I bumped into someone I know and had a small talk?" I said while raising my brows at the man in front of me and he chuckled so I rolled my eyes.


I don't know how else to explain it though, otherwise, there would be a series of questions to follow. He has a habit of being a gossip just like Piper so I have to be careful when saying things to them.


"Oh okay then, I'll just meet you at lunch." He said and I agreed, "Okay see you later, bye" After I hung up the phone,


Felix asked, "boyfriend?"



Friend" I answered.


He just nodded his head and didn't say anything else.


"Looks like every time we try to have a conversation, someone has to call you," he said after some time with a hint of disappointment in him.


I tried to recall what happened last time and remembered Aiden calling me. "Oh, right. It was Aiden"


Again he just nodded.


As I can't take the silence any longer, I finally said I have something else to do and had to go now.


"Sure, but


May I know your WhatsApp account?"


I stopped for a while and shrugged. It wouldn't hurt if I give him right? I then opened my phone and showed him my account.


*new message popped from an unknown number*


"See you again next time, Addie."


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