For the past few days, I feel like there are lots of questions I wanted to ask him. But unexpectedly, now that he was in front of me, I remained silent.

It is quite frustrating that I cannot open my mouth in this situation.

Lately, I'm confused,

And I demand answers,

But I barely know the question.


As I was too preoccupied and lost, he took the initiative to break the silence by suddenly introducing himself:


"I'm Felix Park" he smiled and reached out his hands to shake mine. It took a few seconds before I reacted and took his hands.


I then regained my composure and said coldly: "Addison Williams, which I assume you already know."


Again, there was silence.


He looked at me, trying to comprehend the situation. *Offcourse, he does know her name but it's not like he really knows her. Felix was taken aback and curious as to what extent Addison found out.*


After not hearing any response from him, I continued, "I faintly heard you say my name last time we bumped into each other at the campus. I was preoccupied then so I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly."



What made you conclude I really said your name?" He asked curiously, but he couldn't hide the amusement in his eyes.


"I'm not that stupid okay? I tried to put things together. Well, it doesn't really matter, right?" I replied nonchalantly.


"I wanted to know"


I raised my brows at him and said nothing.


After my realization last night, I felt like he wasn't an easy person, and that I shouldn't trust him. After knowing about me, he still acted as if he don't know anything. Tss.


"You know Aiden"


I finally said with my arms crossed.


And it hit him. He partially understood the situation now. But what he didn't understand was how did she end up finding out about him through Aiden.


"What exactly do you know?" He asked, still confused about the situation.


After pondering if I should tell him or not, I suddenly thought of convincing him to tell Dylan the whole truth. It's absurd, I know but, it might be the only way.


"The thing is, we saw you yesterday and I noticed him staring at you with a complicated gaze" I started.


As he didn't answer back, I continued,

"I persistently and cautiously squeezed words out of him. Turns out you are acquainted with him,

Well, that was history, and the sudden fallout was related to his solo debut." Still, he remained silent, waiting for me to continue the story.



"I've long been curious about the reason for his decision back then. Well offcourse he had his made-up reasons ready, but they are too ridiculous for me so I always pried up about it.


And then,


Last night, he finally opened up about it."

I suddenly stopped, unsure if I should tell him everything. So I just skipped the part about the real reason and said,




That sums it up. I figured out you are Korean, you were acquainted with Dylan and Aiden, so you probably saw me in the news and heard my name there." I summarized. That's the most I can say for now.


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