The morning air gets a little chilly.

Is winter coming soon?

I put on a cardigan on and got out of my room to check breakfast.

"Good morning," my brother said as if nothing happened yesterday and he's back to his usual self. I am still thinking of some ways to fix their misunderstanding but I won't tell him that and just act normal.


I smiled at him and asked, "what's for breakfast?"


It's obvious that he's trying to avoid that topic, or rather had no intention to talk about it ever again, and if that's the case, then I don't have the right to mention it either. We all have things we want to bury, either for the good or because of fear. In order to not complicate things, we tend to try to just forget about memories we wish will unfold.


"Just the usual, bacon and eggs. I can make a sandwich if you want" he said and I walked directly to the table and started eating "Don't bother, I'm fine with this. Much better than the toast I eat every morning" I said shrugging.


"This girl, seriously" he sighed and placed the food in the table.

"Please start learning how to cook. Your diet is very unhealthy plus you rarely sleep. Do you wanna die early?" He said, shaking his head. He is nagging me again.


"I know how to cook okay, it's just that it's not practical for me. I don't have that much time to waste, and I can even eat that outside." I retorted. I actually learned how to cook but I'm just to busy, or lazy? Whatever it is, I feel like it is not that convenient so I just usually buy ready to eat food.


"Fine, fine. I'll get you a nanny to cook for you. What's the use of all your money anyway?" he said and tried looking through his phone for a contact maybe. Why does everyone wants me to spend some money? I have no intention to overuse my parents money, I just set aside a reasonable amount on my separate account as allowance and will give back the card my parents give me later when I start to earn my own money.


"Drop it. I don't want to. I'm not comfortable with strangers and you of all people should know that. If it's Aunt Sally I wouldn't mind, but she's staying at our house in Sydney so it's impossible. It's not like our parents will let her baby me at this age." I retorted, I really don't need a maid to tend me.


But Aunt Sally is an exemption. She was our nanny back when we were kids and staying at the Manor, she was the one who took care of me and Aiden who's always left alone in that big empty house. Currently, she is still with our family but offcourse, she's at the Manor since she's our parents most trusted servant. She oversees every maid there and makes sure everything is in order.


"I'll try to bring her here," Aiden said reluctantly.


"How?" I asked, doubting my ears. That is near impossible, our parents would never allow it especially if Aiden will be the one to negotiate with them. They don't even wanna see his face, so how will he even convince them?



The next day, Aiden needed to return to Korea to continue his activities. I wasn't able to escort him to the airport as he suddenly left while I'm still sleeping. He just left a note in the kitchen saying he had urgent matters to deal with.


Well, I'm alone in this apartment again. No more delicious meals for me, I sighed.

I washed up and went to the coffee shop nearby to have breakfast as I don't feel like eating just a toast today after being pampered for awhile.



"Waffles and mocha latte please" I ordered and went to a sit nearby.


Upon settling myself on the couch near the window, I tried calling Piper but she just messaged me instead, saying she was with her boyfriend right now and will call me later.


Why is everyone suddenly busy now that I have free time? When I was busy, they were complaining, but now I can't even contact them.


I closed my eyes for a few seconds and tried to relax my mind. I can just spend some me-time if that's the case.



When I opened my eyes,

he was sitting, in front of me.

Maybe I am hallucinating.

I blinked and he laughed.

Gosh, it's real.


"Hi" he casually said.


"Hello," I awkwardly answered. Why is he here



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