It has been years already,

but it is still a mystery for me.

"Can you tell me exactly what happened before your debut?" I insistently asked. I don't know how many times I tried to ask him already but he never really responded to it honestly. But right at this moment, my curiosity deepened as it involves that man. I don't even understand myself anymore, but when it comes to him, I feel like I have to know. He really pokes into my curiosity everytime, as if he's a problem I'm trying to solve. In addition, I also feel Aiden's relationship with Pri5m is such a waste, and I felt the need to fix this misunderstanding if there is any.


"Sis, there's nothing significant about it. I really just wanted to focus on my vocals rather than a complete performance" he said as if I never heard that already. I looked at him intently and said, "Do you seriously think I would buy that? You've been repeating those words for years but you can't fool me Aiden, I know you the most, I know it's not that simple."


"Sis, I...


Why are you suddenly persistent about it? Did you lie about not knowing that man?" He asked suspiciously.


"I didn't," I replied boldly. "I really don't know him personally so don't try to change the subject here"


Although he was still unconvinced, he dropped it for now and finally told me what happened that time,

"Few weeks before our scheduled debut, I went out for awhile to call you, and on my way back, I accidentally heard other trainees talk behind my back. Offcourse, this doesn't include Pri5m. They were on another room but the door was open so I can faintly hear their conversation. I stopped on my tracks upon hearing it. Though it hurts when I heard what they are talking about, I can't totally blame those trainees for what they were saying about me was quite true. After that, I felt guilty towards Pri5m.


Truth is, foreigners are rarely given special attention in the kpop industry. Agencies would usually add them if they saw potential but they can't get any special participation in the song, they would rarely have lines and would rarely be in the center so fans would notice Korean members more. Offcourse, fans would eventually choose their biases regardless of nationality, but the initial intention of the management should stay the same, which is to make Korean members stand out.


But in our group, it would seem like I would be given more lines as the main vocal, and I would also appear more as the main visual, so other trainees started to badmouth me saying I bribed the higher-ups. I did not though any of their allegations but,


I then felt like I robbed some opportunities to my members as they should have those positions instead"




You never explained it to them?" I asked Aiden. I know it's a stupid question but, I felt like they needed to know.

Offcourse, Aiden can't probably explain this to them. It's not something you can honestly say.

But this misunderstanding causes a lot of pain to all of them. I also felt bad towards the members as they were kept in the dark. All this time they thought Aiden betrayed them.


I then reached my hands to him and wrapped him in a hug, trying to share his pain. It must have been hard. He was living there alone, it wouldn't have been lonely if he still have Pri5m with him but he had to give them up just because he felt guilty towards them.


I subconsciously thought of contacting Dylan but immediately withdrew from that idea. We were quite close but we haven't talked for years and I'm not even sure if he's still using his old WhatsApp account.


What about him?


how can I randomly tell him about this when we don't even really know each other yet? Offcourse, that's out of the choice as well.





How is that guy even friends with them? Is he




Does he...




At that moment, a sudden realization hit me.


He knows me,

He saw the news.

He knew I'm Aiden's sister.

And he really did say my name last time.

How did I not realize it until now?

I feel so stupid.


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