Time flew so fast. It was still morning when we came here, and now

Slowly, the sky transitions into another set of colors as the sun descend, casting long shadows on the water. I did not know it can get any more beautiful, but it does everytime especially now that we're surrounded by nature.


I don't wanna leave such a sight but it was getting late.




We decided to visit Queen Victoria Market for dinner. It's known as one of the largest open-air markets here in Australia and Aiden told me he never went there yet.




We chatted for a while during dinner, but I secretly wanted to go home as soon as possible to ask Aiden about it, the curiosity is killing me. But how will I ask without him suspecting anything?


Do they know each other? Friends? Enemies?

What exactly made Aiden stare at him with such inexplicable emotions?



I was forced back to my senses when I heard them calling me, telling me it was time to go. I was startled and immediately took my bag to follow them.


Piper shook her head and said, "I thought you were finally normal again after unwinding today but turns out you're still wandering on your deep thoughts. Ah, you need more therapy, I guess I need to set a schedule for you with my professor" she said jokingly.


"I'm not," I said, trying to deny it, but the 3 of them sighed and started walking as if they all share the same brain cells.



At home, I turned toward Aiden to finally ask him about it,

but when I opened my mouth, I'm suddenly out of words.


What will I ask him? His relationship with him?


"If you have something to say, just say it already," Aiden said and stared at me meaningfully. *busted*


I sighed and took the courage to ask, "Do you know him?"


"Who?" He asked, confused.

Gosh, I don't know his name so why am I even asking?

I inwardly face palmed myself as I don't know how else to describe him so I just said, "that guy you were staring back there at the botanical"


He was stunned for a few seconds, "How did you...?

Have you noticed it?

By any chance,

Do you know him?" he asked, trying to suddenly shift it on me. Well, It was suspicious anyway. Why would I ask if he's someone I don't know?


"So you do know him," I said while nodding my head blankly.

"And you?" he asked again, unwilling to drop it.

"I don't" I answered immediately which is half true I guess. "So what's your relationship with him?" I continued, trying to squeeze in more information from him. I won't give it a rest until he spills everything. Though I am not sure either why I have to know.




Was my friend. Well, technically he is Dylan's close friend. They are best friends even before I started training with him so I also got close to him eventually. But as you already know, I never talked to any of them ever since." he explained even though he was still reluctant to answer me.


They do know each other.

But are not on good terms.

Great. I bitterly smiled.


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