The hospital doesn't feel familiar to me. I never got this sick that I have to be hospitalized.

After eating, I finally decided to call my brother so Piper handed me my phone. She went to my apartment yesterday to bring my things including my phone as I haven't been using it. I wonder if he is currently available though.


*calling Aiden*


"Hello, sis? How are you? Do you feel better now? I'm sorry I wasn't able to come, my schedule is until tomorrow but I'll immediately fly there to accompany you after I am finished here. It's

your first time getting hospitalized. What exactly happened?"


"Aiden can you slow down a bit? You know I am not well yet you are asking too many questions and got me feel dizzy again.

Kidding aside, I'm okay now, I just needed rest so you don't have to come here. Just focus on your work, I know you are busy so it is fine. I may have been overworked compared to my usual routine but it's fine now. Also, I'll have enough time to rest these next few days since I already submitted all my papers, and exams are over. I'll be fine." I assured him that he won't have to bother coming here.


"But I can't be assured. Even if you won't tell me, I know that what happened in my career recently has affected you a lot and it might have caused you to get sick. I'm the one responsible for this." he said guiltily.


"Not really. It's just that it is our finals so I had a lot of things to prepare. And as for what happened there, don't blame yourself, I brought it all upon myself. I decided everything on my own and I don't regret it. It will happen sooner or later anyway, let's say it just happened a little bit earlier than planned. It has nothing to do with you okay? This time, I was just pressured as this is crucial in my future career. My fate now depends on how I did during our finals. I wasn't confident about it but I was able to finish it like usual so I guess it'll be fine." I assured him.




"I'm really fine," I said and hung up so he can stop blaming himself.


"Liar" Piper exclaimed beside me. "How are you fine? You've been unconscious for more than a day. You don't have to tell me, what's wrong. I know it.


These past few weeks, you've been overthinking, so you tried to erase those by indulging in your work. You silly thing!


Addie please, you can do things slowly. Don't sacrifice your health just to please your parents. So what if you wanna write songs? You've been doing it without intervening with your studies. So what if you disobeyed them once? Did you turn your back on them? Did you forget your goal that was set by them? Addie just do- You.

You're already an amazing person. If anybody would judge your decisions, slap them with the results.

The only thing that's on your way is your perception.

You don't have to take full responsibility for your family Addie." she exclaimed with much enthusiasm.


I looked at Piper and thought,

'When did she become so mature?' I suddenly felt so ashamed.

What am I actually trying to prove? Am I not still fulfilling their wish? Either way, I needed to see things through. I promise I will also find my own happiness soon.

Piper might have noticed my silence so she broke it by asking, "Have you thanked Noah yet?"




Right, I forgot to thank him.


I took my phone and sent him a message: "Hey, thank you. I heard from Piper that it was you who brought me to the hospital. Sorry for being a nuisance."


After a few minutes, I received a call from Noah.



"Feeling better now?" Noah asked.

"Yes, thanks" I replied.


"You have to pay for it, you were too heavy" He whined then laughed. I smiled upon hearing it, instead of asking me, he chose to make things lighter.


I've known Noah since childhood. We weren't that close but our parents are business partners so we would often meet. We also both took up Business Management as arranged by our parents. Since I'm not a friendly type of person, he's the only one I can rely on at school. Of course, there's Piper as well, but she's actually taking up Medicine, and majoring in Psychology so I only see her after class.


"Fine, I'll treat you after I got discharged," I answered. I owe him a lot, especially these past few weeks. He has been helping me catch up at school and if not for him, I wouldn't have finished everything.


Piper is quietly smiling on the side while eavesdropping on my conversation with Noah. She always thought something is going on between us, but I never really considered it. He's just a friend to me. A precious friend, and I have no intention to destroy that relationship.


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