That's what I need to do.

For the next few days, I either attended our class or studied at home.

Even Piper is whining that I don't have time to meet her aside from walking together when going home. I have no choice, time is of the essence and I have already set my goal.


I also haven't used my phone and had only communicated with my classmates via email to avoid distractions.


It's because lately, I felt that there were too many distractions causing me to lose focus on what I was meant to do so I have to make up for those days. It might be disappointing but, I'm back to my old self, whose only goal is to please my parents. Just think of it as a stepping stone. It's not like I'm really going back, I just need more time to build myself and be better. A few more years of being a puppet is nothing compared to what I have already gone through.





It's finally our finals.

I am near the end already but today, I am less confident than how I usually feel during exams.

Have I studied enough?


"Addie are you okay? You look pale" Noah asked, looking concerned. He touched my forehead to check if I am having a fever but I certainly don't.


"Huh? I'm,

Fine." I reluctantly answered though it might be evident that I'm not really fine.


"Are you sure? This never happened, aren't you always in your best condition during exams?" Noah asked worryingly as this might be the first time.


"Yes, I just


lack some sleep I guess." I answered though he was unconvinced. Suddenly, the proctor came in so he had no choice but to go back to his seat still looking at me.



I managed to finish all our exams but I suddenly feel dizzy. The room is spinning and my vision gets more blurry.



I heard people call my name but my eyes and body really feel so heavy so I just closed and didn't remember what happened next.



When I regained consciousness, I felt someone holding my hand. I tried to open my eyes but the lights are too blinding. I slowly tried again to open my eyes

This isn't my room, where am I?

I tried to wander my eyes around and realized I'm at the hospital.


Why am I here?


I tried to sit. But I feel too weak.


"Addie you're awake. Oh, don't force yourself to sit" Piper said while pushing me gently back to bed.


"I'll just go get some food, wait for me here" she added and I just nodded.


When she came back, she opened the bowl of porridge and started to feed me but I refused, "I can do it myself"


"Shut up Addie, I can't let you. You're too weak. I wanna scold you so bad but I'll do it after you recover" Piper insisted so I just let her.


After awhile, "What happened?" I asked.


"You don't remember? After your exams, you collapsed. Noah brought you to the hospital and called me to look after you.


Oh, by the way, I called your brother too, but he was currently on a tour and said he'll visit once it's finished. You have to update him later okay?


As for your parents, I

Was too afraid to call them. Sorry. " she said looking down.


"It's fine, they won't be able to come anyway. The company is more important." I answered. Piper looked at me sadly but didn't say anything and just squeezed my hands to comfort me.

It is better this way. If they knew, they would just scold me for wasting time here in the hospital instead of studying further.


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