"Uncle, can we order 8 barbeque snags, 3 orders of fish and chips, 2 pumpkin soups, and 4 bottles of cola, please? Thank you" Piper ordered and the owner looked at us in disbelief. He just went back to the counter while shaking his head.


"I didn't know making you cry would make your order that much," I told her while trying hard not to laugh.


She just rolled her eyes and said "Well, Ms. Williams here would pay for it so I have to do the honor and make her spend a little bit of her money." she said, talking like a kid and I can't help but laugh.


"Piper stop acting as if I'm much richer than you lol We have almost the same net worth"


"Well, that's true if we only consider our parents standing, but, girl! You're constantly receiving royalties from all the songs you wrote for your brother. And now you even have your fan club Ms. Celebrity. When will you be able to spend all your fortune if I won't help you?" she said in between biting her snacks.


I also took a bite and said, "Are we finally on that topic?" It took quite longer than I expected anyway. I thought she would immediately ask for details as soon as we meet.


She looked at me for a few seconds without saying anything, I was wondering what was on her mind when she finally say, "Congratulations on your first step to freedom." while smiling then she continued devouring the food.

That's it?

I was dumbfounded. A few moments ago, she was crying, afraid of the consequences of my action. Now, she's congratulating me? I think something went wrong in her mind while studying psychology.


"I just realized, it's actually a good thing that you got into this mess, otherwise you'll just be alive and not living all your life." She added, still continuously eating.


And those words were stuck in my mind even after I arrived home.


When my eyes are closed, I can see clearer.

Can look beyond things.

It goes deeper and deeper.

The visions are endless, but I still can't see what I want to see.

That even my imagination draws me to reality,

Saying, 'It's impossible! Have some rest, You know it won't happen'

Even so, It makes me wanna look more,

I can't stop searching, hoping that someday, it might come true.


The words Piper have spoken awhile ago made me wonder about all the possibilities I have for my future.

But unfortunately, for now, I have to finish all my papers first.


Everytime I try to break free, I immediately fall back down to reality as if I'm bounded by heavy chains.


What's the use of realizing I have wings when I was too scared to fly.

Too scared to even move,

that I just let the current dictate my path.

I'm slowly drowning, struggling to be free.

I finally tried to change its flow, yet it still keeps on dragging me.


That's when I realized, I don't belong here.

I should've learned how to fly before my wings gave up on me.




it's too late now?


I might have missed the right timing to break free. I have crossed this road for too long that I can't even see the beginning of it when I look back. Alot of time has been invested, and it would be too much waste to suddenly reroute. In order to have freedom, I at least need to be able to stand on my own, and that won't happen if I can't establish a name on my own.


I need to finish this race first before running to the next one. I have to complete myself before anything else.

The waves will keep crashing on the shore,

And it will always make my castle fall.

What can it do? It's only made of sand.

But falling doesn't mean I will stop trying, It gives me a chance for a new beginning.

This time, I will use more than sand.


I will be stronger, strong enough not to need anyone's support. Strong enough to be on my own.


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