I feel numb.

Numbed by the cold.

I can vividly see icicles around me,

too sharp that they might pierce through my numb heart.

I feel suffocated, the chill surrounds me and I'm struggling for air.

There was a tense atmosphere that can be felt through the phone.

I can sense that while mom is calling, I know my dad is beside her and secretly heard what we are talking about. I can feel his presence. His patience ran out and as he can't take it any longer, he grabbed the phone from mom and asked me directly,

"Addie, be honest with me, are you also planning to continue writing songs? Are you teaming up with your brother to humiliate me? Have I not taught you enough?

I'm telling you right now, it would be impossible in the future. You won't have enough time to play around with your brother, and even if you do have, I won't let you. If I can, I won't ever let you out of Australia again, I will assign bodyguards that will tail you everywhere just to make sure you will never meet him again. I'm afraid he will influence you into something more foolish than what you are currently doing.


You are expected to be more responsible than him. You know we already gave up on him and put all our hopes in you,

So why? Why are you still in contact with him? Even giving him some hand. He is not a good influence on you so better stay away from him.


Tell me, is he pressuring you to do it for him? Is his agency incapable of producing music for him? I just knew he is not capable of choosing. He can't even choose a decent company and asks someone else to provide him with songs.


Why does it have to be you?" I kept silent and just listened to him, I don't have anything to say, or rather, I am not capable of producing words right now. Offcourse his agency is more than capable to support Aiden, but I promised him to make songs for him, and the management thinks his voice suits it better. But I can't possibly tell him that.



"You know what, never mind. We'll go there right now and talk to his CEO. You can't be dragged to this foolishness.

You're better than this Addie, you're my daughter after all." 'And is he not your son as well?' I wanted to ask him this but offcourse, I dare not.


Upon realization of what dad has said, I panicked and unconsciously blurted these words:


" Dad no, please don't,


It was my




My own decision"

At this moment, I know I'm doomed.

This isn't what he's expecting to hear from me. Why would he? He thinks it's all my brother's doing and that I was just following him. I am her perfect daughter after all.


"When did it start?" My dad asked coldly and I shuddered upon hearing it. He was always cold, but the way he said those words made me feel like someone made a dagger out of ice and stabbed me.





have always been interested in music,

I don't know how exactly did it start but I thought,


It was fun." I started and waited for his reaction but there was no response from him so I just continued. Where am I getting such courage to tell him honestly?


"When we were kids, I and my brother would often play some music. I would casually play the piano for him and he would sing.

It was part of our daily routine." I can vividly remember that time I thought there was nothing wrong with it. I was having my classical music lessons arranged by them anyway so I assumed it was fine. But I didn't stop there. Since I was too impatient and wanted to learn to play the piano, I often pester the music teacher in the academy to personally teach me.


"During middle school, I started having piano lessons with our music teacher and she would also teach me how to write songs." I continued, trying to reminisce how it came to this. I really had no idea at that time that I'll be the one to take over our business, or maybe at that point, I don't have the heart yet to accept my fate.


"Most of my brothers' songs were actually written during my high school days as I don't have time to write recently due to all the books I have to study.

Speaking of which, I easily proved his innocence due to this reason. The composition is obviously mine to begin with and they can't retaliate that I copied it as the pages and writings look really old and it even had my initials and date written on it.


Lately, I haven't had time to write any but I would casually help my brother fix his composition for him when I have free time.




I assure you, it never distracted my studies, it actually helped me regain my energy whenever I feel drained." I finished, feeling proud. I thought I explained it well, but still, as expected, it didn't get through to him.


"I don't care how he would resolve his problem, let him handle it on his own. I want you to stop this idiocy and focus on your goal!! Who cares if he's accused? It serves him right.

This would have taught him a lesson not to disobey me" He shouted back with so much anger in it that he might even squash the phone in his hand and I trembled.


"Dad, please.


Don't make it too hard on Aiden,

I promise I will work hard for our company but please acknowledge him again. He's also your son.






It's really my fault this time."


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