The sunlight seeped through my window so I rubbed my eyes but I can't seem to move.


My head hurts from the lack of sleep. Though I rarely ever had a good sleep, it didn't hurt much, maybe since I was too preoccupied with my studies. This one is different. I lay down earlier than usual but still ended up sleeping too late and my mind just kept on thinking of some weird scenarios. I should not have drank coffee last night, the caffeine must have added up to my situation wherein I was already overthinking.


I don't have the energy to move so I just sat in my bed for a while. There's this mirror above my study table across my bed so I got a glimpse of my reflection and I let out a soft laugh as I saw the black circles around my eye that looks horrible. After a few more minutes of staring at my horrendous face, I finally stood up and had a quick breakfast. Just a toast and a glass of coffee as I wasn't able to buy fruits and cereal yesterday. After eating, I took a bath, and decided to head back to the store and search for the note I saw yesterday. Yes I know I'm acting out of character but it's just out of curiosity. It's like I wouldn't find peace if I won't able to know the person behind it. Why am I even trying to rationalize my current state of mind? I should stop, but




Seems that the mysterious person replied as the note says he's a guy. Now, what will I do with this information I've been meaning to ask? Did it change anything?


Again, out of curiosity, I searched the surrounding, but there was offcourse, no one. It's not like I have a lot of time to spare and yet I tried scribbling some lyrics of the song "Dive In" to continue this blind conversation with this person. I rarely even interacted with strangers before but now I'm like having a pen pal right here which is very outdated considering that everything is digital now. What if it turns out he's a serial killer and he's just luring me into his trap? Is that possible or have I just read enough suspense books?


🎶Dive in,

In the deepest,

Where my secrets are.🎶


Still I scribbled the lyrics, even if I might be in danger if it turns out that this is a trap. I was about to leave when I bumped again into this same guy I saw yesterday. He is wearing a hoodie again but this time it's black which looks better on him. I unintentionally stared at him for a few seconds as I try to study his face.


"Sorry," we both said and smiled at each other. At a closer look, he is definitely handsome especially when he smiles. Those defined features are something rare here in Australia. Though he still looks Aussie I guess, just a better version. Wait, what am I thinking? *sigh*

I watched him from afar while he was searching for books when suddenly he wrote something while he was on the shelf I just left. I initially shrugged it off and went downstairs,

but then I got a sudden thought that his action is a bit strange. Why would he write something over the books? And since my curiosity really won't let me ignore it, I decided to go back and check what he wrote.


I only picked up the note when I made sure he went to another aisle. I don't know why but

I was so happy with what I saw or maybe I am just palpitating still due to the coffee last night?


🎶But be careful,

Don't get drowned.

If you intend to stay,

Learn to breathe.🎶


As I instictlively felt when I first saw him yesterday, it turns out that he really was that guy, and he even continued as well the lyrics of the song I just wrote on the note. My expression might have been too obvious that he even saw me smiling and eventually approached me and said,

"Hi, so it's you?" and I nodded reluctantly. I wanted to deny it at first as I want to stay vigilant towards strangers but I know there's no point in lying at this moment since obviously, I was caught in the act.


"That's rare. It has been months since I started this habit of mine to write notes randomly and stick them on books I took notice but it is the first time that someone replied and I was a bit surprised" he continued while holding the note and showing it to me. Compared to how he looked when he was just passing by, his small smile actually suits him. There's a bit of glimmer in his eyes but still looks mysterious and calm at the same time, and it intrigues me. I realized I haven't replied to him yet and felt a bit shy for daydreaming in a short instance.


"Oh I see,






Actually, if it's just a random note then I won't really care, but the lyrics really caught my attention" I answered so it would be less awkward.


"Hmmm, I didn't know that someone knows that song," he said with a hint of amusement. I didn't expect he was the friendly type. I really don't want to make this conversation longer even though I don't wanna leave just yet either. I just don't know how to deal with people.


"Uhm, well I kind of like those types of songs so yeah, apparently, someone knows it" I awkwardly replied again.


"Ohh, so does anyone tell you that you had a weird taste in music?" He said while laughing and I answered, "all the time" while rolling my eyes. There's this strange familiarity to him that makes me comfortable as the conversation continues even though I had a hard time answering him in a stable tone. But I know I should now end this exchange of words.


So I guess that's it? Since I already met him anyway, there was no point in staying here any longer as my goal was just to identify the person behind it so I said,


"Well it was nice meeting you, I gotta go" we then bid our goodbyes and then went off our separate ways.


My curiosity has already been satisfied and yet why does it feel a bit empty? It's like I solved a puzzle and yet the pieces don't still seem to fit. My feet feels heavy the more steps I make but I kept moving forward anyway.


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