Breaking Free: Filling up the blank page of uncertainties

Breaking Free: Filling up the blank page of uncertainties

by NaithRiver

Secrets are keeping you away.
They are shadows, sneaking
Stays there dark and blank.
Always following you,
But never bothers to reveal itself.
Cast by the light,
Showing someone just like you,
Only dimmer, faceless, confused.

I'm Addison Williams.
A woman who once dreamed about becoming a music producer, but life did not permit me to do so.
As an heir of one of the wealthiest families in Australia, I am destined to run a company, but do you think I can still rewrite my fate? Will I be able to break free from the chains that bound me? When the time comes, will I prefer to choose familiarity, or would I learn to see the beauty of uncertainties?

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devil mark

Some chapters are shorta nd the cover is too simple. style is good and in a way unique and grammar is good too but could be more vast.Use of literary devices is low Charcter desciption is very short. could  add a bit more about their looks as well. pls update faster too