Not sure if this even counts as a short story since it's only one paragraph but oh well.  


One day at school during lunch there was a dog named Browny who saw an owl who she never met before, and she was always looking for new friends, so she went over to the owl and said,

“Excuse me, may I ask you what your name is?”  She noticed that the owl was a boy. 

He said “Hool, what’s your name?” 

She said “I’m Browny, do you want to have lunch together?”  He said “Sure.”  And so they ate lunch together.  

End of Prologue.  


About the author


Bio: Hello friends,
just feel free to call me Firelily or Polybear, whichever one you guys like.

I'm just writing for fun and going to start posting my stories here. Feel free to read them whenever. I will not be Updating them a lot since I still have work to do and will have to focus on school, but I'm always open for any comments, quetions, or suggestions anyone has for any of my stories I will post in the future.

Most of my posts will probably be shorter than the average posts by other people, and I wont be posting often.
I will post stories as I get ideas for them, and if I'm not too lazy to write them out.

I originally was only writing stories because I wanted to make them into animations and make videos to post them on youtube, but I've decided to post them as stories and see how that goes.

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