Fire Touched

Fire Touched

by DeclanBoon

Sarah Wycombe, the first human to be chosen by the god of fire as his champion in the mortal realm in living memory, wants nothing to do with her divine destiny. However, as sinister forces attempt to elevate a minor deity to the Pantheon of the Gods, and in doing so bring death and suffering to millions in the magical world of Sera Thun, she finds herself having to make a choice; to continue adventuring with the love of her life, or to risk everything she holds dear by submitting to her destiny and fighting for the realm.

New Chapters on Monday to Friday

Fire Touched is a slow burning traditional fantasy novel.

Book One is now complete! I will be releasing chapters of Book Two, Water Speaker, Under this fiction.

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Table of Contents
63 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
One: Village of the Dead ago
Two: An Unsettling Discovery ago
Three: Agni's Chosen ago
Four: A New Job ago
Five: A Brief Respite ago
Six: Udoriol the Excommunicated ago
Seven: Attack of the Inquisition ago
Eight: Obtaining a Healer ago
Nine: Ambush ago
Ten: Corrington ago
Eleven: Domain of the Night Goddess ago
Twelve: Encounter with a Vampire ago
Thirteen: Licking our Wounds ago
Fourteen: Lost and Found ago
Fifteen: The Grand Library ago
Sixteen: Research ago
Seventeen: The Marquis of Corrington ago
Eighteen: Walking Away ago
Nineteen: A Desperate Flight ago
Twenty: Temporary Refuge ago
Twenty One: The Great Rescue ago
Twenty Two: Rallying our Forces ago
Twenty Three: Opening Gambit ago
Twenty Four: The Siege of Corrington ago
Twenty Five: Vengeance Incarnate ago
Twenty Six: Forced Hand ago
Twenty Seven: Massacre at the Citadel ago
Twenty Eight: Showdown ago
Twenty Nine: Avatar of Agni ago
Thirty: A Clandestine Departure ago
Fire Touched: Epilogue ago
Book 2 - Chapter One: A New Job ago
Book 2 - Chapter Two: On Her Own ago
Book 2 - Chapter Three: Locked in the Attic ago
Book 2 - Chapter Four: An Old Acquaintance ago
Book 2 - Chapter Five: Court Intrigue ago
Book 2 - Chapter Six: Lost in the Woods ago
Book 2 - Chapter Seven: Out of the Frying Pan ago
Book 2 - Chapter Eight: The Road to Findendor ago
Book 2 - Chapter Nine: Strange Bedfellows ago
Book 2 - Chapter Ten: The Green Highway ago
Book 2 - Chapter Eleven: A Hostile Town ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twelve: The Water Speaker ago
Book 2 - Chapter Thirteen: The Plot Thickens ago
Book 2 - Chapter Fourteen: A Dubious Offer ago
Book 2 - Chapter Fifteen: Cornered ago
Book 2 - Chapter Sixteen: A Difficult Decision ago
Book 2 - Chapter Seventeen: A Royal Audience ago
Book 2 -Chapter Eighteen: The Severing ago
Book 2 - Chapter Nineteen: The Coup ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty: A New Start? ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty One: Unrelenting Pursuit ago
Book 2 -Chapter Twenty Two: A Stunning Admission ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty Three: Abandoned in the Woods ago
Book 2 -Chapter Twenty Four: The Passing of the Torch ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty Five: Encounter in the Mists ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty Six : A Sudden Visit ago
Book 2 - Chapter Twenty Seven - Attack from the Mists ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty Eight: At a Stalemate ago
Book 2 -Chapter Twenty Nine: Interview with an Elf ago
Book 2: Chapter Thirty: Opening Gambits ago
Book 2 -Chapter Thirty One: Taken by Surprise ago
Book 2 - Chapter Thirty Two: Clash ago

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Fire Touched's Song

Reviewed at: One

It has a traditional vibe, it’s off to a nice start
We get a good introduction in the very first part
All the characters have unique voices, which is nice
Their vivid personalities all give this book some spice

It has dark overtones but from what I have read today
It has a fun spirit to it, dark in a fun way
The premise is creative, grammar is high quality
The pace is pretty quick, and exposition flows nicely

I’m glad I stumbled on this and I think you will be too
If you like some good old fantasy, this one’s for you
It delivers on the themes the synopsis presents
And the first chapter really kicks of the course of events


This is a novel in which there is a grand, overarching plot which the characters are uncovering bit by bit. We see Sarah discovering how she fits into the schemes of gods and her resolve to forge her own path.

The grand intrigue is definitely the drawing point of this novel. Not the (adequate) characters or any kind of cheap dopamine fixes like some other novels have. If that's all that you're looking for, this novel may not be for you. But if you're looking for a sit-down story of good quality, this is worth your time.



Very well written. There's a lot of dialogue in the story, but the dialogue is complemented well with description and action, so it's very smooth to read. The writing is very compelling and I find myself scrolling to the end before I even know it. Encore! 5/5 for sure.


The story starts with action, and brings you in for a ride. I'm liking how it's going. The fact that Sarah doesn't just follow her destined path of being the Chosen One is a pleasant surprise, and adds interesting dynamic to the story. The realistic characters and cast creates the motivations that drive the story forward, which means that at no point do I think the plot is in any way forced. Great work!


I've noticed a lack of capitalisation in the beginning of dialogue, but other than that the grammar is impeccable.


Strong cast with interesting dynamics. I like the complement between John and Sarah, with John being the more thoughtful and strategic one while Sarah is more relatable with displays of emotion and courage.

Overall, this story is a strong recommend! An easy 5/5, and I would say to definitely give it a try if you feel at all intrigued.

MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

Can we take the time to appreciate the dope as hell cover art? It is immaculate, ooh baby.



Perfect score. Yeah. It feels like a professionally edited book. Something you’d find in your local library. The chapters are considerably long, but thanks to the author’s nearly flawless way of making sentences flow it is a delight to read through.



Paradoxically to what I said, there are tiny grammar mistakes here, but really they are all neglectable.



I want to give the story itself a 5 and I believe that if/when I read it further I will feel that should be the final score. The only reason I haven’t given it a 5 is because it is simply too early, but it is scorchingly entertaining and fast-paced!

Our main character is the “Chosen One”, wait, stop rolling your eyes, hear me out. It’s interesting, okay? Some followers want her to claim her Godhood and fulfill her destiny… she isn’t interested, though. RIP.

Seriously, I consider this one above the average on this site (and boy have I read my fair share of average and below average on this site).



The two mains are great. I like Sarah because I have a bias for naivety and to balance out her bumbling innocence is quick-witted, more stern John. The others are cool, too, and I wonder what more kind of characters we’ll meet.


So, who is this story for? Hm. Just about anyone to be honest. Have a read!


Came for the art, stayed for the story.

Reviewed at: Two

Seriously, amazing cover art, it's very eye-catching. Anyway, the writing feels polished and professional, while the premise hooked me in instantly, Instead of a typical introduction to characters and setting, the narrative thrust me straight into the action, a small group of adventurers investigating the untimely deaths of hundreds of villagers. The plot has only begun to coalesce, leaving me with many questions that have yet to be answered. All I know is that the main character has been blessed with fire magic by a mysterious deity, and the orcs are planning something awful. The characters are being introduced mainly by their actions and dialogue, a slow drip of information that is far more tolerable than massive exposition dumps. There's so much going on in this story, and I can barely wait for more!


Terribly Underwhelming

Reviewed at: Ten: Corrington

This may be slightly incoherent. 

First, the worldbuilding seems very superficial or at least thin. Through the first ten chapters or so, there's just so many issues that are blatantly obvious are like a rock in my shoes.

Second, it's a rather gloomy, tragic novel (though I'll admit that it doesn't seem like any of the primary characters die). Sarah is a bit of a naive idiot (among other unflattering adjectives that may apply) unwilling to come to terms with what has happened to her. Rather she seems rather "woe is me." It's a weird juxtaposition between she's a traveling adventurer and so seemingly worldly. Though the backstory on this is a little unclear or inconsistent. I have a remarkably hard time empathizing with her. 

Third, there's a very D&D feel to it. Not just the world, but the plot itself which seems to be largely driving the characters forward to some inevitable conclusion, and yet these events largely seem to come out of thin air. Admittedly, that happens in a lot of fiction, but it seems more obvious here and is harder to ignore. 

Finally, in a last gamble to see if it was worth continuing, I skimmed chapters 28-30 and the epilogue. There was nothing interesting or compelling enough to make the rest of the story in-between seem worth my while.

Space Pickle


Reviewed at: Six: Udoriol the Excommunicated

What a world! The female lead of Fire Touched is busy in another fantasy world than the one of World of Warcraft!

Fire Touched is well written. The grammar is impeccable. There is no typo that catches the eye to the point of becoming Long John Silver. In short, as pointed out in another review, this is the kind of book you might find in a library or Barnes & Noble. The prose is enjoyable, the chapters short. The dialogues balance the descriptions to participate in the world building in a sweet harmony.

The story just started, so I'll take the liberty of analyzing the quality of this introduction. For the moment, it rocks! We go straight to the action!

The main character, Sarah, does not necessarily shine by her charisma or her courage but brings a touch of realism that stands out rather well in a fantasy world. As a reader, I can easily identify with her and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. Hopefully her naivety and idelaism will not play tricks on her. His childhood friend, John, is on the opposite side of the spectrum which makes for an interesting dynamic.

Fire Touched is a great read. Well written, it will quickly convince and charm you. Unless you are an orc.