Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder

by mataaitai

Original COMPLETED Drama Fantasy Mystery Magic Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

April 1st. For eight minutes, a section of downtown Portland and everyone in it comes to a complete and absolute standstill. During that time a bank is robbed... and a young girl is murdered.

Three high school students, a shut in, a man involved in organized crime, and an amateur magician. The events of "the day the world stopped" start a chain reaction that will change the destinies of these six people, and the city, forever.

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Clock Link - Chapter 1 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 2 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 3 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 4 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 5 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 6 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 7 (April 1st) ago
Character Glossary (Chapters 1~7) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 8 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 9 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 10 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 11 (April 1st) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 12 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 13 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 14 (April 2nd) ago
Character Glossary (Chapters 1~14) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 15 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 16 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 17 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 18 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 19 (April 2nd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 20 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 21 (April 3rd) ago
Character Glossary (Chapters 1~21) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 22 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 23 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 24 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 25 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 26 (April 3rd) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 27 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 28 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 29 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 30 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 31 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 32 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 33 (April 4th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 34 (January, 3 Years Earlier) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 35 (February, 3 Years Earlier) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 36 (March, 3 Years Earlier) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 37 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 38 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 39 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 40 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 41 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 42 (April 5th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 43 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 44 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 45 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 46 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 47 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 48 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 49 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 50 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 51 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 52 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 53 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 54 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 55 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 56 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 57 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 58 (April 6th) ago
Clock Link - Chapter 59 (Some Time Later) (FINAL) ago
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Doesn't Deserve Five Stars. Deserves One... Hundred Stars.

At first glance, Clock Link may daunt you as a "heavy, complex mystery novel". This false impression discouraged me from picking up the fic for the longest time. One day, I decided to try the first chapter anyway... 


Don't repeat my mistake! Read the first chapter and all your doubts will be blown away!

A unique take on you favorite tropes.
A shut-in dragged into a murder investigation, a girl transforming into a demon, a newbie mage with unique potential. These are all popular and well-loved hooks, each capable to establish a whole novel in its own right. But, in Clock Link, all these "special" protagonists find themselves entangled within Portland, the weird city where the abnormal is becoming daily.

The "Durarara x Fate/Zero" sort of fic that you never knew you wanted. 
"Clock Link" is the primary social media in the setting, widely popular across Portland and used to fuel the plot. Thanks to this social network and other factors, Portland is brewing up into a battlefield between many mysterious parties, on the background of magic, justice and selfish desires.

Portland is a home to many unsual folks. 
As you follow six protagonists, you can unravel the mysteries of Portland from various angles. Inevitably, the plot progresses slower than it would with a single POV and the author perfectly understands this downside. He makes sure that each scene is tied to the main focus and pushes the plot forward.

Sharp, witty and seamless writing.
The narrative is a beautiful blend between the casual style of Light Novels and the professional style of published books; it's both sophisticated and easy to read. Grammar is pretty much flawless, and the rare mistakes were simply missed during proofreads.

Infrequent releases.
Despite the author's efforts, the fic doesn't seem to stick with tightly scheduled releases at the moment. This is understandbale when compared to many other RRL fics, as an entangled mystery requires careful and patient crafting. Give us moar Clock Link, Mataa!

A masterful urban fantasy, blending magic into a believable setting.
In Clock Link, "Portland" is more than just a "real city name" slapped over a fictional location. It's a city with secrets, trends, urban legends and personality. Through the many characters and their different lifestyles, the fictional version of Portland is brought to life and immerses with its wonders.


Still here? Get to reading! And remember:


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WC's Mutual Reviews~

Overall: 5/5 Where do I begin? Do I begin with the wonderfully woven threads that come together at just the right moments? Do I begin with the amazingly constructed characters who interact with each other in believable and realistic ways? Or maybe the world that blends sci-fi and fantasy together in a way that is nothing short of astounding? This is definitely one of the best works on this site, or indeed, on the internet. Read this if you are willing to taste a real story pushing the boundaries of what stories on the internet are supposed to be like.

Style: 4.5/5 Admittedly, it starts off weak and takes a while to get going. The multiple perspectives are done well but the characters take a while to step into their own voices so the transitions can get a little jarring at first. However, once the plot begins moving and the pieces start falling into place, this multiple perspective approach becomes massively satisfying. I simply cannot overstate this enough: YOU HAVE TO READ THIS THROUGH TO THE END. Please do not try to judge this story without powering through the beginning.

Story: 5/5 I never give perfect scores in reviews but the plot in this work is too complex and too well crafted for me to give it anything else. The mystery is compelling and the problems draw you in powerfully and grip you hard.

Grammar: 4.5/5 Being very nitpicky here but you could use a PR to brush up a few typos. Nothing major and definitely better than nearly every other story here. A few minor recurring errors but again, I'm being incredibly picky here.

Character: 5/5 Authentic. Distinct. Relatable. That's all I need to say but I'll say a few more things anyways. These characters are flawed yet likeable. There are no absolutely evil characters nor any absolutely good ones. The characters are REAL and have REAL emotions. They interact in believable ways and there is very little suspension of disbelief involved as far as the characters' personalities are concerned.

Conclusion: You simply cannot understand what writing a webnovel truly means until you read this. THIS is the kind of genre pushing, edgy yet not crazy novel that every webnovelist should aspire to write at some point in their career. Thank you very very much for writing this and I hope you do us all a favor and write this all the way to the end. I have too many questions after all, and I absolutely HAVE to see how all the pieces will fall into place. I know they will Gah! Write faster! Rated, favorited, recommended and WC approved! ^-^

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Portland's never been so interesting


I've read up to Chapter 25 and am reviewing this fiction as a review swap.


Clock Link is narrated from a third person limited perspective, however it’s told from multiple POV’s of the many characters. There are six main characters from which you can experience Portland’s magical murder mystery as it unfolds. In terms of execution it’s done very well and stays consistent throughout the story.


The first six chapters are dedicated to introducing the main characters, their personalities and focuses on the ”time stop” in Portland, where a bank is robbed and a young girl is murdered. This event becomes a catalyst that disrupts the balance within the city and everyone becomes involved whether they want to or not. Following chapters change to seemingly random character perspectives and happen in different timelines, but fear not! The author writes in key events or clues so you’re able to clearly understand whose POV it is and when everything is happening. (Also helps that the date is included in the chapter titles.)

As for the story itself, it’s really fun to read! The story tends to focus more on the characters (, which I’ll explain later in this review,) and how they react to the events. If you’re wondering what the story is about, I think the synopsis is more than enough information you need. I don’t think I need to add any spoilers to this review.


As I’m looking back through, I can’t really find any glaring grammatical mistakes so I probably would have to read through this again and jot down the specific points when I see them. But I do think I saw a few errors but they didn’t bother me that much. When I get a chance, I’ll re-read and try to note them here.

Anyways I wouldn’t be too worried about it. The author clearly has taken a lot of time to proof and edit their work.


I could drone on about each and every character but I think it’ll probably spoil a lot and there are dozens of them. The most important thing you need to know about them is that they’re all unique from each other. They all have their own dialect, thoughts and feelings. When you start reading a chapter, if you’ve read that character's POV before, you can instantly recognize who is speaking and talking before another character comes out to acknowledge the speaker.

The dialogue is especially good and the author has written it so that you can understand a lot about the characters. Specifically what motivates them to do what they’re doing. Even if the characters seem to be talking about nothing, it really is the opposite. Every conversation is written in a way that either becomes important or is just simply interesting.

Although not all the characters are loveable or relatable, I’d imagine you’d be hard pressed not to empathize with at least one of them. (Personally I align myself mostly with Tristan/HistoryGirls99, which is a slightly depressing realization.)


If you’ve watched stuff like Durarara!!, Baccano!, or enjoyed any multiple POV stories, “Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder” is definitely worth a read. And for those of you who aren’t a fan of this type of stories, I’d suggest you read it anyways just so you can meet these wonderful characters.

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This is one of those series that gets you to look at the world in a new light.

Style: every chapter brings a change in POV. While at first this might seem a bit daunting, as anyone who has watched game of thrones can tell you how confusing things can get, the author of Clock Link sticks to only a few main characters. The interesting part is that while most of these characters aren't directly involved with each other, the impact of one their actions can still be seen through the other main characters eyes (as if they're all "linked").

Story: Not much that I can say here without spoiling things. As the situation surrounding each character is different, you have different types of storylines following them. The one main storyline that ties them all together is a murder mystery, however once again the feel of the story differs slightly between characters. Plus compared to most fictions on RRL, it's original, and thus bound to have a good story.

Grammer: Vivid and descriptive when it needs to be, comedic when not. No major grammatical errors other than the occasional typo here and there, however even those become almost nonexistent after DarkClaymore gets there hands on a chapter.

Characters: as each major character is treated as the main character of their own little story, they're all fleshed out and well defined. Hell, even the side characters are fleshed out to the point that THEY think they're the main character.


Tl;dr: tis good. Tis very good.

  • Overall Score

Clock link is easily one of the best novel on RoyalRoad in my opinion. It is really well written and the story is captivating. The start is a bit slow because we have to discover all the different characters, but the pace picks up fast after 10-15 chapters. 

This novel should get more attention, and i don't understant how it is not more popular.

  • Overall Score

hmm the first review for this novel

Your link to " The Order of Phantasmal Architects" is actually a "self link" to ur own novel. Change it if u get time.

Now onto mini - review - the story is a bit fresh take on different POV novel. Good but a bit early to comment on other aspects since only 2 days have passed in novel. Lets hope its a good one.