[Maid] to Kill

[Maid] to Kill

by zechamp

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A humble [Maid] in a backwater household, Fayette was resigned to living the dull life of a proper domestic servant, slowly leveling as she cleaned the estate. However, everything changes after she discovers another path in a sudden monster attack.

What if she were to take a more... direct approach to cleaning the filth plaguing this world?

What to expect from this novel:

-Household skills put to gruesome use in combat.

-A bit of romance. Eventually.

-Guillotines. Eventually.

Cover by @Risukasa_nen

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This is a story you can really tell ran its course by chapter 8.

For those first 8 chapters the main character has an actual character, reacting to things somewhat believably, feels emotions and indignation over how the rest of the staff at the mansion she works at was treated. Feels like something is worng with the way the world works andother actual personality traits

Then comes chapter 9 the character suddenly has exactly two personality traits.

1: She likes cleaning and is obsessed with being a maid
2: She has japanese light novel protagonist idiocy turned up to 11

That's already a shapr decline in quality, but then the character turns into a complete sociopath in chapter 15 and 16. Murdering two people in broad daylight in the streets and calling it taking out the trash. Showing no emotions whatsoever and seeing nothing wrong with the act.

Yes, the two people killed where most likely some sort of thugs trying to rob her (or worse) but the encounter was not actually violent in any way, or even all that threatening making the attack completely unjustified.

And the main characters friend claims the attack was self defense. In no way is it justifiable self defense to kill two people who just talked to you merely because they seem dodgy.

Add to that a writing style that is very reminiscent of japanese light novel (and that's not a compliment) and I'd say you should pass on this if you want a story with some meat to it and actual characters rather than broad stroke caricatures. Or want an MC who isn't a sociopath.

TLDR: Gimmick story that nosedive in quality faster than a guy can plummet to his death without a parachute.

Kaleb Bjorkman

Cleaning and the Nature of Humanity

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 – Confrontation

It's already getting deep worldbuilding, especially for a LitRPG. Themes of classism, the inherent powers of authority, and the dissatisfaction of the proletariat are all coming together here.

Also I always *love* the use of nonstandard weapons in fiction, esp. LitRPG. So the limitations of maid tools is awesome to me.


Absolutely annihilate that trash, girl!

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 – Resignation

Holy shit, I love this story.

That's my overall, my five stars, my glorious hopes for its long-term keeping up the promise. I. Love. This. Story. It's a breath of fresh air, it's a splash of cleaning solution on grime, it's all sorts of good things.

Grammar: Pristine; syntax, sentence construction, spelling, it's all good, what's there to say about it, let's move on.

Character score: Differentiated characters both lovable and hateable. Love 'em, love it. In particular, none of the characters feels like a complete stereotype except for the ones who are obviously supposed to be.

Style: A little light on the descriptions; I struggle to get a sense of place, a sense of what things in general look like. That's not necessarily a critique, because it's potentially a deliberate choice, but even just some notes about overall architectural styles would not go amiss.

Story: Hell yeah, girl. Take out the trash. Put on a song from Scarlet Pimpernel, because she knows the gutter and she knows the stink of de feet; kicked like a dog, she has cleansed the bile of defeat!

This story makes me want to sing and giggle and read more chapters. Please make more chapters. Good night!


This is a story about a [Maid] who discovers that slaughtering scum is a much more efficient way to level up her class, compared to the slow grind of dusting an estate. Her mission is to clean up this whole world, and she's only getting started. 

The setting is a feudal fantasy world, with a classic LitRPG system. I especially like how the skills can be used in a variety of unorthadox ways, encouraging creativity and an unpredictable narrative.

Subcategory Justifications:

Style: This work is stylistically vivid, the strong emotions felt by the characters are conveyed exceptionally well. The author does a great job of pulling you into the story, and giving you reason to care about it. 

Story: The plot is moving along at a strong pace; the first story arc has already concluded. There's competent foreshadowing used to frontload the reader about future plot points, which makes the narrative seem much less contrived. 

Grammar: I noticed no errors, and formatting is immaculate. Great job! 

Character: The characters introduced thus far felt like actual people, even the one. Specifically, I'm loving the dynamic between Fayette and Mireille, Mireille's analytical logic acts as a perfect counterweight to Fayette's rash decision-making. 


This reads as some b roll anime. Which is entertaining in its own right but just not my cup of tea. I like more substance, depth, mystery and intrigue to my stories and character motivations. This just reads as a gag/parody that's gonna go too long like Prophecy Approved Campanion. They might as we'll both be NPCs gaining sentience bc they feel similar. The only exception is how much this MC goes against the grain. Makes for a good laugh but I can't see the humor carrying anything close to great webseries. Good grammar, unique style, unique idea, common litrpg execution. I think author should go darker or think harder about the litrpg aspects. A low level maid melting faces off with magic bleach is entertaining but not really not scalable in most if not all other better executed litrpgs... 


Awesome first few chapters.  The highly creative way she uses of her maid skills in combat just makes me wanting more!  The author has done a great job of thinking outside the box.  Our young maid has the potential to become something truly special (dare I say battle maid) though given her situation at the end of chapter 6 I'm left wondering who will she trust enough to serve?  This is definitely worth a read.


This story seems to want to asnwer the question of, "what happens with all those NPC classes in litRPGs, and what if they don't want to be laborers/workers etc anymore." It's comedic in all the right ways, and a very fun read! It's interesting how classes seem to affect people's mindests, which is extremely obvious with the main character, and nicely goes with the storyline. 

My only complaint is that the pacing seems a bit wonky, after the first arc (which was perfect btw) was concluded, the pace started meandering a bit too much. It seems to be picking up again now, but it could still be a bit tighter, I think.

But all in all, it's a great story, and I don't think anyone would regret it if they pick it up!


The story has been great so far. The grammar and spelling are also top notch. 

If a maid beating monsters and men to death with a broom in the name of 'cleaning' is up your alley then, by all means, go right ahead and read. 

Don't know what else to write. I'm not good at reviews so that is all i've got. Hope this helps.




What else do you need to know, honestly? Mo' maids, mo' better as the old saying goes. The protagonist is very likable and is on a very interesting path, and the main side-character introduced so far is also great, so that's a win right there. I also smell ship vibes there, so if that's the promised romance then I am all in.

Hmmmm... the society itself that they're in seems corrupt as fuck and in dire need of some "cleaning" so the promise of eventual guillotines is very enticing as well.


I came for the pun and I very well might just stay for the story. Realistic call to adventure not a Mcguffin that is just thrust upon the MC to discover ways around the system. (I know what I wrote, but I needed you to read this lol) I'm quite enjoying the story thus far, and I'm sure others are inclined to agree from the rating. I won't lie I don't usually read stories that have a female MC mainly because I'm a guy. But some things aren't about genders and I can latch onto those things. In maid to kill I can understand the dedication to be a perfectionist and doing your best even when others tell you the amount of effort you put into something isn't warranted when you could clean it minimally and get a plethora of things done instead. Her ingenuity is something I will continue to look forward to.