Caged Worlds: Breakout

Caged Worlds: Breakout

by Sortis

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A Progression LitRPG sprinkled with Cultivation, VR, and AI.

Character is destiny, so they say.

From an orphan to a gang leader. From the best assassin of Earth to the biggest enigma of Elisium. Ethan, the boy who one day will be known through all the realms under the vast cosmos, originally, didn't want any of it.

Yet, life never cared about the wants of an individual. Destiny was beyond that. The good thing was, with an AI to help, magic at his command, and stubbornness engraved in his will, he was planning to visit the beyond. 

Come and see the journey of the void assassin and the necromancer mantis as they pry into the secrets that no one should. Will they survive after opposing god-like beings? Will they thrive in power with their new companions? Will they finally manage to turn their wants... into destined?

What to expect;

A western cultivation world with minimal xianxia tropes.

Single POV for the most part. (around 90%)

Mostly light-hearted, but there are some grim moments as well.

No harem.

The tags are primarily for my freedom but do know that this novel is intended for adults. I don't plan any explicit sex scenes, but there might be intimacy and nudity. 

Update schedule: 3 chapters/week with 2.5k~ words, M-W-F, 2 pm EST.

*Currently, I'm rewriting the first 15 chapters: Updates are temporarily reduced to once a week (Mondays at 2 pm EST).*

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I've enjoyed this one quite a bit even though it needs polish.

Earth undergoes an AI apocalypse. Out of the ashes of conflict, the AI overlord Ani takes over the world but decides to rule it as a benevolent dictator, turning the world into a kind of utopia where work is voluntary and everyone's needs are taken care of.

Fully immersive VR video games are huge in this new society. In the story, these games are so realistic to be indistinguishable from reality, so being a master assassin in VR makes one a master assassin in the real world, for instance.

The MC and other #1 players in different games are selected by Ani to enter cryo and make a 120 year journey to a just-discovered world that has human life. When they get there, things go haywire and the MC is teleported to a pocket dimension. He realizes immediately that this newly-discovered planet is suffused with essence that allows people to cultivate / learn magic (Ani represents everything like a litrpg with stats and levels). Since the MC loves grinding to get stronger and being the best, pushing his limits, this is awesome news. He's no longer bound by the limitations of the human body! Thus begins the MC's journey in a new world!

The MC is famous for his skills as a rogue / assassin. He's already done brutal things in real life in the interim between the AI apocalypse destroying society and Ani taking over. But the vast majority of all the people he's ever killed are all just virtual avatars in VR. I think the author does a good job of showing the MC not wanting to kill but also being willing to do it if necessary. He's not some assassin murder hobo who kills people left and right, and he's also not a novice who's terrified of killing someone in the real world for the first time. It's a good balance.

He's also OP, which is nice. He's behind the curve on cultivating his magic and levels, but his skills are top notch and he punches well above his level.

The main issue is the polish. Some scenes are executed awkwardly, or a big event might happen but it's only given a sentence in the middle of a fat paragraph and my eyes glaze over it. Some of the character interactions can be a little odd. But with a good edit I think all these issues would be resolved.

The beginning is by far the roughest part. By chapter 10 the writing is already a lot better.



High Fantasy Sci-Fi Cultivation, a must read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 45

Caged Worlds: Breakout is a great read. I've enjoyed the character development, and the lore immensely. There are a few spelling/gramatical errors, but they are rapidly being fixed, and if you can look past that you're in for one hell of a story. I can't wait to see how far this goes and I'm avidly looking forward to more from this author.


Great work, Sorits.

Your fan,



Fun hero with creative solutions to big problems.

Reviewed at: Chapter 47

I read because I enjoy fun times and crazy stuff, not to over analyze someone's writing.

The reason why I prefece my review with that is that you as the reader of my review need to know that I am not a serious literary critic.  As long as the writing is not egregious enough to pull me out of the story, I couldn't care less if it is perfect prose.

Caged Worlds does such a good job at giving me the exciting feeling I am looking for.  The pacing is quick and moves forward at a steady pace, and I am often left wondering how our hero will handle certain situations.  I don't really mind plot armor if it is done smoothly and so far I haven't had anything bother me about the plot or writing.

I will say this, I always look forward to this release and excited to read more.  Its a fun romp for sure.


Strong Start, Has Potential, Touch of Work Needed

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

Author has made a nice little mash up of ideas and mediums. It could benefit from a strong edit for clarity and some grammar issues. Doesn't knock you from the moment, but it does add up a bit.

Ideas have potential, but it needs a few more chapters to flush itself out to see where its going. AI seems to just be a voiced, automated system screen atm so not quite sold on that part yet.

Story leans towards Xianxia types so i'll probably stop here. Good luck on your journey Author!


Very enjoyable story and easy to get engaged

Reviewed at: Chapter 34

Brings up some interesting what-ifs regarding AIs and the purpose of living. Explores some dark content and the MC definitely has mental trauma issues to work through. Doesn't rub your face in his misery, but doesn't shy away from the memories at a high level with a few very dark recollections of when he was a child (violence only). I really enjoy the pace of development and how he interacts with his skills. Steers clear of murder hobo territory and aims instead for well adjusted professional / top tier assassin. The system and numbers are all kept to a reasonable level and don't take away from the story. Highly recommended!


A story that makes you want one more chapter

Reviewed at: Chapter 30

A beautiful story with a wonderful balance between the journey, the development of skills, the relationships between the characters and the fighting moments.

A bonus for the story is the harmony maintained between physical combat, magical abilities and the help of artificial intelligence, each aspect having its importance in the character's journey.


A good read some minor spelling and grammar errors but who cares about those if the story is as good as this one.                  The characters are believable without  being too over the top and the progression is fast if not maybe a little to fast but this does not take away from the fact this is a good read.                                                                                                                


The beginning is awfully cringy and I almost went away, but stick around and it gets better quickly.

There are more than a few issues, but it's a fun enough read.

Scanned all the books - and no data-dump?

That's all folks, That's all folks, That's all folks, That's all folks


Reads like a janky 'webnovel' from ''

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

I like the concept, but the execution is killing me...


Firstly, the random scatterbrained uses of different tenses in the same sentences are extremely jarring.

Second, there are constant logic jumps made by the mc with nigh zero explanations behind them.

I saw a review saying that the writing gets better around chap 15, buuuuttt i just cant do it, lol. 


Very well made I enjoy all of the characters so far. The only thing to complain about is that I binged it to fast. Author really has a talent for writing these kinds of stories. I can't wait to see what direction this story is taken in the future. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!