The Fiasco



Book 2, The Fiasco In School; Your Fair Warning


As always, there's a few things to point out before we get too far.

This is part two in a three part tale. With the first, I was told my adventures are a bit insane. Some cried that it broughtup bad memories, and I understand. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or be spiteful. I was told my tale wanders. There's valid reasons where I'm totally not engaging in avoidance by thinking about other topics.

Other topics of note include violence, aliens, titties, and otherworldly beings from outside our plane of thought. If you’ve been probed and don’t want flashbacks, avoid this tale. If you’re prone to nightmares that summon elder gods, I’d suggest avoiding this tale. If perky nipples bother you, go somewhere else. If Alice is reading this, I'm kidding about the perky nipples.

We’ll start with my latest meet with Wilhem Walker. He’s a powerful jerk who makes Ted look like a saint and could have avoided all this trouble if he wanted to. But he didn’t, and for that I hate him.

We’ll meet my family. Who was there, once, and I’d thought they ran away when my problematic powers appeared. Only reality turned out worse than them avoiding me. I’ll explain how I found them again; then lost them, again. It serves to make a bad series of events worse.

Then there’s Alice, and explaining why matters here would be a spoiler. But she does. More than I’d ever have expected. And who was I kidding, Alice can't...

Never mind.

Maybe by the end, you’ll understand what brought me to my final acts of desperation. You know, the reality ending kind.

Once again to be clear, reader, listener, or unlucky psychics who can only hear my voice, this is me warning you.

A note from FrustratedEgo

Thank you for reading this chapter!

Please take a moment to check out the following spoiler sections for ways to support me. I know this section is frustrating to read (and if anyone knows about frustration, it's me) but these are all ways that keep me writing. Please remember that these steps can be followed at any time, even if you're binge reading.

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themystogrigen @themystogrigen ago


Also, you had me at perky nipples. Buuuuuut, since Alice is involved, they probably have knives. And yandere tendencies.

Welcome back~

Heylel @Heylel ago

IS HEREEEE!!!! The madness that i so enjoy is back!!