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When you’ve seen as many catastrophes as I have, “disaster” becomes a relative term. Us perpetual kidnap victims get to hang our heads while waiting for the tights-wearing crowd to arrive.

I'm extra special. Why? Because my only real power is being kept alive by constantly attracting insane events. That's me. Adam. The wrong guy in the wrong place, every single time.

Sit back, grab your drink or drug of choice, and follow along as I hit some of the highlights.

We'll start with Ted, a reporter with a scheme of petty revenge. We'll meet Alice, a psychopath with personality problems whoses out to make babies or disemblowel me. I'm never sure. We'll watch me fail at being a glorified field trip supervisor for a powered collage.

There's a whole host of other heroes and villians along the way.

At the end of this story about me and those suffering my pressence, I'll end the world. Because that's the logical last step.

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Book 1 – The Fiasco in News (Complete, Cover)

Book 2 – The Fiasco in School (Incomplete, WIP)

Book 3 – The Fiasco in an Apocalypse


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1, The Fiasco In News; Your Fair Warning ago
Book 1, Part I - Four Idiots Wake up in a Lair ago
Book 1, Part II - Another Man Proposes to Me, and I Like it. ago
Book 1, Part III - Interview questionnaires should be true false, not essay. ago
Book 1, Part IV - Firearm safety is overrated. ago
Book 1, Part V - Yes, Really. Christ. FML. ago
Book 1, Part VI - Cribs; Jail Cell Edition (and a stalker) ago
Book 1, Part VII – Drugs Make Terror Fun ago
Book 1, Part VIII – So the Queens are in Love. #NotCannon #JustAnotherSunday ago
Book 1, Part IX – Sometimes shit happens ago
Book 1, Part X – Rehab Rhymes With Stab ago
Book 1, Part XI – In Which Balls Drop (Get it?) ago
Book 1, Part XII – Drunk Unicorns ago
Book 1, Part XIII – Herald of Failure, Ambassador of Earth ago
Book 1, Part XIV – That’s What She Said, I think. ago
Book 1, Part XV – We’re All Mad Here ago
Book 1, Part XVI – How Bizarre, How Bazaar ago
Book 1, Part XVI – Panic At The Clone War ago
Book 1, Part XVIII – What the Flux? or Flux You! ago
Book 1, Part XIX – King and Queen of the Crazy Prom ago
Book 1, Part XX – Does This Shit Ever Make Sense? ago
Book 1, Part XXI– And For My Next Trick… ago
Book 1, Part XXII – Wonder Where We Went Wrong ago
Book 1, Part XXIII – Space Between, Wicked Lies ago
Book 1, Part XXIV – Fired? Firing? Or still on the Air? ago
Book 1, Part XXV – The Princess is in Another Castle ago
Book 1, Part XXVI – Almost the Same Shit, Different Day ago
Book 2, The Fiasco In School; Your Fair Warning ago
Book 2, Part I – A Real Man Takes His Stabbings ago
Book 2, Part II – Please Ma’am, can I have another?   ago
Book 2, Part III – College Life is Weird ago
Book 2, Part IV – Save The Drama… ago
Book 2, Part V – For my Momma? ago
Book 2, Part VI – Space and Vacuums Suck ago
Book 2, Part VII – Cosmic Rays Meet (Met?) Hamster ago
Book 2, Part VIII – My Sister is Crazy, srsly ago
Book 2, Part IX – I Detest Pink ago
Book 2, Part X – Can't Save Stupid ago
Book 2, Part XI – Surprise Parties ago
Book 2, Part XII - Dammit. Dying is Hard. ago
Book 2, Part XIV - Delayed Reactions Abound ago
Book 2, Part XV – Overly Complicated Shit ago
Book 2, Part XVI - Worst Therapist Ever ago
Book 2, Part XVII – Moles Subclass as Ninjas? ago
Book 2, Part XVIII – Asinine Butter face ago
Book 2, Part XIX – Jiggly Whats? ago
Book 2, Part XX – Aliens and Ex’s are Idiots ago
Book 2, Part XXI – She’s Full of Hot Air ago
Book 2, Part XXII – The Taming of the Shrew? ago
Book 2, Part XXIII – The Kids Are Alight ago
Book 2, Part XIV – The Number Three Also Sucks ago

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One of my current favorites

I was skeptical about reading 'The Fiasco' because both the reviews and the synopsis felt vague, as if people were purposefully trying to hide the main character's 'Power' in order to prevent 'spoiling' things... Except his power is introduced inside a few paragraphs in the first chapter, and it's completely explained as well. I don't understand why everyone is acting like it's a huge spoiler when it really isn't. 


I've currently read through the first seven chapters of this story, at which point I needed a break from it to absorb everything that happened. This story doesn't really have brakes, it's action packed at almost every point which -to be honest- is directly consequential of the Main Character's power (the spoiler one). I shall follow suit and not explain his power either, even though I feel explaining it would actually increase the number of readers for this fiction.


Grammar-wise the story is near perfect. I don't remember finding a single mistake. 


Style - The style is first person and the tone is conversational, as if the main character were speaking to some unknown audience... Which, all things considered, might actually be prophetic... Or maybe just foreshadowing :) 


The story itself is a ball of nonstop action and nonsense, which is why it's fun. It's also slightly incoherent and doesn't seem to have a set direction other than 'Get to New York' at the moment. I will come back and maybe score this higher when I finish the next two chapters, but for now the overall story seems to just be 'Go with the Flow'. It's not a terrible story model, but I feel the lack of clear direction and narrative hurt the overall fiction a bit.


I rated the 'Character' score at only 4.5 stars because we haven't seen enough of the characters outside of the main one to know much about them. They are all either mysteries or caricatures at the moment -stereotypes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it leaves open the possibility for the author to drop the ball. Of course, knowing FrustratedEgo, he won't drop the ball. But the half star off is a 'just in case' measure. Once more, I'll probably come back and update this to maybe a full five upon reading the next two chapters (though I might not depending on how they go). 


Overall I rate the story as a 5/5. It's enjoyable, witty, funny, and original. It doesn't try to copy what other authors have done in the same genre and it is its own thing. It's unique. I enjoyed the story very much so far and I hope I keep enjoying it. Of course, the update speed is rather slow... But that's forgivable. Each chapter is long and meaty, all filled with goodies. I highly recommend you read it and don't let the lack of concrete synopsis sway you. Give the first chapter a try. If you don't like the first chapter you won't like the rest of it, since it's more of the same -in that the author is professionally consistent. Now if only his releases were as consistent as his writing... *wink wink nudge nudge (UPDATE MOAR)*

Bobidi Bop
  • Overall Score

Sometimes I am left stunned by the greatness of a story on here. I have gone through a lot of the top rated books, liking some, disliking others, but this here is a hidden gem. I was searching for a new story after catching up to all 209 chapters of "Defiance of the Fall" in about 2-3 days and stumbled upon this on page 4 or 5 of the book seach. I was heasitant at first, as some may be by the description but I've finished book one in less than 24 hours and am amazed. It is charming, witty, funny, and although somewhat tragic it leaves a good taste in the mouth(unrelated to the mints I'm eating at the moment.). It is a very uniqe story which tells both OP and Mary Sue to f*** off into another alternate reality. It also doesn't try to preach about good or evil, it's a tale of people. And best of all, it doesn't bother with stupid events that make no sense, it only deals with crazy ones that make no sense. So once again, unless you are made uncomfortable by sexual implications, Read This Story!

  • Overall Score

Early review, off to a good start

Writing the review as of the 5th chapter. If you're holding off reading the story until more chapters are out, I'd like to point out that each chapter is longer that a lot of other fictions on this site.


As for what I think of the story:

Writing style and grammar is mostly excellent, so not much to say about that. There are some minor hiccups in words though, and could be rewritten slightly, I'd give story/writing style a 4 out of 5


So far, the story has not yet taken off, but the world and characters are getting introduced, and it seems to be a quite good start.


Small spoiler zone (Should be safe to read, doesn't reveal much)


The main character is so far not thoroughly fleshed out, but is on a good way to be established as a likable character.  As for the future of the story, it can become boring if the main character is immortal, and the reader does not care about other characters, so if you're intending to go for a adventure/action story, you should do something about that. The story so far however seems to be in a setting which is mostly humorous, and the world seems to be unserious and feels very volatile. As a lighthearted comedy, the story is so far progressing nicely. I would like to point out however that a good world setting only goes so far. The story setting seems to make it difficult to make the main character have a long lasting acquaintance, which i hope will be addressed in the story, I think more characters are needed to make the story live out its potential.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
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Two different stories had a baby

If you could take the style of story telling from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and put it in the universe of the Worm online novel you get this glorious amalgamation! I will be ordering a hardcopy of this book.

  • Overall Score

in a world with super powers, meet the man who has the worst luck

A great story(even though it is so young) i can't wait for more to come out and for the story to progress.

What will happen to Adam? will he be brought to another dimension, held in a torture camp, or attacked by aliens and their lasers? find out more next time on. . . 


  • Overall Score
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Well might as well start by saying I thougherly enjoyed reading this story, an incredibly interesting premise is translated into a story that feels like im barreling down a highway at 400 without brakes and just enjoying the beautiful view fly by.

Style: ALOT. Like so much style, the way the author transitions from one arc to another is always something of a joy to see, as i mentioned the premise does alot for this story, having the ability to literally through whatever he wants into the story while it being perfectly reasonable is a great asset.

Story: The Plot Exists as a vague but tangable path for the MC, with the 1st person perspective limiting our exposure to it, its not overly detremental to the story due to how much it adds to the shenanigans.

Grammar: Yeah Good.

Characters: MC is done well, removing a character from the threat of death would often ruin any sense of suspense, but its compensated in this case well in that the MC is absolutely lambasted with terrible situations and watching him try to climb back up.

IN saying that, any other characters development is acceptable at best (limited by the 1st P perspective, hard to develop people through the eyes of another character who cant talk to people for more than a moment before shit goes down.)

All in all, one of the more unique stories on RRL and definitly one of the more FUN stories ive read in general in quite a while. Get on it.

Now just to be hypocritical i havent proof read this review and im sure i missed stuff, so just dont judge this story by my review too hard ok? Thanks.

  • Overall Score

Worst super power ever.

Easy to read comedy about some poor sap with the worst super ever.  What is it?  If you like Comedies then you should read and find out.

  • Overall Score

Can't help but count the chicks before they hatch

Hopefully you don't stop in the middle like most authors but from your past works that doesn't seem likely. Keep up the good work and I will also recommend it to other readers. 

Amadan Na Brion
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

As far as I am concerned, this story is truly a unique gem. there are not many like it on royal road and every time I try to put it down I just have to keep reading.

As for style. the author sticks to first person and has just the right mix of inner thoughts, outer actions, and dialogue. it is not a chore to read and it is easy to understand what is going on.

Grammar is near impecable and Ive only found around 5 small errors, and I'm almost done.

As far as the story goes, this is unique. there is no other story that has this intreguing combination of super powers, horror, wonderland, and romance.

As far as the characters go. Adam is the most fleshed out due to him being the main character. however, that does not mean that any of the other characters are lacking. I particularly like Jade, his lawyer. becuase the author has went through the effort to make them simlilar, if only to a small extent. 

To summarise this story, if find it to be an uplifting piece about how no matter how bad things get, there is always a silver lining.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I really like this story, it is one of few stories with a the truly original storyline and the grammar and spelling is great. So far the author has shown a great sense of humor, good world building skills and the capability to flesh out characters such that they are not simple and 2 dimensional.