Only a Demon can Slay the Gods

Only a Demon can Slay the Gods

by NicKing

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Gust steps into a world of cultivation and magical arts after his father’s death sends him searching for answers.

With his father’s lucky coin in hand, and an indecipherable journal in his back pocket, Augustus Perry stumbles into a world he never knew existed.

There, he finds a school of mages who speak of Gust’s father as if he were a long-lost legend. They fear Gust’s world and some even call him a demon. It is only out of respect for the coin’s former master that the mages take him in and teach him their methods for cultivating mana.

But how could an immortal renegade swordsman turn into the quiet, withdrawn man Gust always knew? What brought him to Gust’s world in the first place, and why did he never go back?

If Gust ever wants to know who his father truly was, he’ll need to embark on the very same quest that drove his old man insane.

New Chapters M-W-F.

**This is my attempt at western progression/cultivation fantasy, inspired by stories like Cradle, the works of Er Gen, and more mainstream fantasy like the Wheel of Time and the Cosmere books.**

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Table of Contents
51 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Subtle Blade ago
Chapter 2: Patrons and Renegades ago
Chapter 3: Immortal Tricks ago
Chapter 4: The School of Fallen Leaves ago
Chapter 5: The Violet Eye ago
Chapter 6: The Grand Patronage ago
Chapter 7: So this is it? ago
Chapter 8: Making Friends ago
Chapter 9: The Omnipotent Shen ago
Chapter 10: The First Step ago
Chapter 11: That isn’t Subtle at all ago
Chapter 12: A Second Chance ago
Chapter 13: No Fun. Just Duty. ago
Chapter 14: Okay, Some Fun ago
Chapter 15: Friendship Achieved ago
Chapter 16: Thousand Insect Mastery ago
Chapter 17: Other Options ago
Chapter 18: Void Essence Elixir ago
Chapter 19: Antithesis ago
Chapter 20: Ups and Downs ago
Chapter 21: Demon Blades in the Void ago
Chapter 22: The Maroon Galaxy ago
Chapter 23: The Third Eye Opens ago
Chapter 24: Mage Hand ago
Chapter 25: In Over Your Head ago
Chapter 26: Earth Avatar Maturation ago
Chapter 27: Demons Aren’t so Scary ago
Chapter 28: Pain is just Progress Entering the Body ago
Chapter 29: Preparations ago
Chapter 30: Shintotsudo ago
Chapter 31: Return of the Matriarch ago
Chapter 32: Mage Sword ago
Chapter 33: Shields and Leaves ago
Chapter 34: Goldenseal and Spirit Wine ago
Chapter 35: The Most Dangerous Animal ago
Chapter 36: Mana Singularity Sense ago
Chapter 37: Trust ago
Chapter 38: Mistress Dyonelle ago
Chapter 39: Sheep’s Clothing ago
Chapter 40: Decisions ago
Chapter 41: The Ancient Maple ago
Chapter 42: A Weapon Unseen ago
Chapter 43: A Flame of a Different Color ago
Chapter 44: The Grandmaster in the Shadows ago
Chapter 45: A Promise ago
Chapter 46: Return to the Sword Space ago
Chapter 47: The Voidflame ago
Chapter 48: The August Archer ago
Chapter 49: At the Bottom of the Top of the Class ago
Chapter 50: Rest and Cultivation ago
Brief Hiatus ago

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If you can get past the first three chapters, or the author edits, it's pretty good.

The MC is a little too pathetic. The first three chapters are the MC repeatedly not accepting reality; he thinks he's stumbled into an elaborate cosplay/roleplay meet up in the middle of the woods.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if MC is 10 or in his 20s. (I think he's supposed to be in his 20s)

The story is interesting. The writing is good. I think the author could be quite good with a little improvement on character development. Everyone feels a little flat. I look forward to the MC, hopefully, gaining some intelligence/wisdom.


The style itself has a well written mix between eastern and western culture and power systems providing a likeable story. Grammar is excellent. The story has a good world background and lore such as the Patrons and provides a great foundation for Gust's purpose of slaying the Patrons without starting off OP. The way all of the characters have been written is kind of annoying such as a whiny, overally stupid MC, or cliché side characters and villains, tho the Patrons seem fine. Second problem I have, would be the slow progression in cultivation and storyline. It really started to bore me untill the 19th chapter. Overall would recommend.


Although these ones seem rather out of reach. This is very much a ground up type of story, slowly progressing towards power. So far anyway. At the time of this review the MC is still getting his ass kicked, because he just got tossed in the ring with people who've been training their entire lives, of course he's losing. While he technically has a leg up on the people around him in terms of progression speed, that seems to be only because the people around him are the lowest of the low, and with what he has to face it seems woefully inadequate. So, not an OP MC, and he also seems to be very social for a transmigrated MC with the mission statement of killing the gods

Chaos Jester

An intriguing start. The main character and world is developed well, though the plot is only beginning to unfurl. 

Not typically my cup of tea genre wise, but based on my knowledge of xianxia, this story is interesting enough to want to get in as close to when it started as possible. 


I'm already stunned by how good this story is, and the plot hasn't even started yet. The main character's arrival in this cultivation setting is actually explained, and has legitimate relevance to the story. Worldbuilding is strong, there's a storyline being followed, and better yet, there's intriguing mystery. The protagonist wants to know what happened to his father, and honestly, so do I. 

This is an extremely compelling start, and I'm confident that this story will continue the level of quality shown thus far. 

Grown Kidd

This is a isekai wuxia that isn't afraid to jump into the story. It dives into the plot without wasting half a page, then drags you in with small hints of a wider world. It nicely sets up the present situation along with future plot points and settings so we're not confused at the sudden introduction.

Style: Near Professional, only a few mistakes here and there, but totally cohesive and flows very smoothly. There's exposition here and there, but it doesn't distract from the story overall. 

Grammar: Perfect. If there was anything wrong, I couldn't find it.

Characters: MC is reletable, not an op, all knowing time traveler who instantly knows the best techniques, elixirs, or anything. He doesn't pretend that the world is like a Webnovel or something tiring similar. The other characters are shown to be a little more than two dimensional, although it may not be needed for some.


overall 4.9/5 this is a very well written story and I hope the author continues with it. Anyone know who is thinking about maybe giving this story a try should. You won't regret spending your time on it.






On another note for the rrl gods, why do we have a two hundred word minimum without even having a word counter? Do I just have to rant until I use a useless thirty words to fill up meaningless space? lower the minimum or add a word counter


Totally hated how the writer made the main character a whiny person more i read the more i disliked the MC . just not my kind of book the MC was stupid ,instead of learning how to survive he wanted alcohol ,The writer must think like this because if i was in that situation my thoughts would be on SURVIVAL