Rise of the Business [Class]

Rise of the Business [Class]

by Zalut

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

'Rise of the Business [Class]' is a story about a world where humanity ended up fleeing through space, after suffering several great disasters at home.

On arrival we crash-landed and were soon attacked by magic wielding civilizations who learned how to deal with our weaponry with a speed that belied their seemingly simplistic nature. We were lost. But eventually we survived by abandoning technology and adapting.

But this tale takes place thousands of years later, after humanity has had time to rise and falter more than once. It tells of a time where we adapted too much, focusing only on combat and magic and learning to rely on the [System] that our ancestors built in order to compete and survive on this hostile planet with the others.  

This is a story about our final chance during a time when all of humanity is under siege again, where we struggled to adapt too late and ultimately had to learn how to summon a collection of people from Earth through time and space to come help - but not to the 'besieged time' but back a couple of hundred years - before it went too far down the wrong path, so they can hopefully change things enough to prevent a return to that timeline.

Follow Livia as she is ripped from her favorite library and end up getting lucky, or unlucky? On her very first day on the Elderwood continent.

While a trio of native lads excitedly leave home to find adventure, oblivious to how very soon they might end up entangled in the fate of the world.

But the question that remains to be answered, that this first leg of the journey aims to find out; is what can a LitRPG bookworm like Livia do if called on to change humanity and prepare us all for the future, all before her 21st birthday?

Find out soon, as we are finishing up book 1 in the coming two weeks.

Cheers for reading this far, have a biscuit!

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Table of Contents
80 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Hare's Retreat ago
2. Apple Pall ago
3. Antagonize Twenty Five Wasps ago
4. Basking in Moonlight ago
5. Warrior Wasps ago
6. Amateur Pitch ago
7. Chaos Druid ago
8. Retreat to the Hare's Retreat ago
9. Little Brother ago
10. Bastard ago
11. Kauri Tree ago
12. Away from Salcret ago
13. Good on Food ago
14. The Sea ago
15. Magic Mushrooms ago
16. Another Birthday ago
17. Darkness & Stars ago
18. Isekai ago
19. She Remembered ago
20. Campfire ago
21. Fight to the Death ago
22. Words Failed ago
23. Reality ago
24. New Companion ago
25. New Leader New Goals ago
26. Interlude I ago
27. Interlude II ago
28. Interlude III ago
29. Interlude IV ago
30. The Cloven ago
31. Not Mossy ago
32. Real Class ago
33. I Am Going to Burn Them ago
34. Slow as Sloths ago
35. Proper Squad ago
36. Recruits ago
37. That Damn Harold ago
38. Saving Esper Kalle ago
39. Townguard Field ago
40. Render His CV ago
41. Interlude V ago
42. Nobody Peeping ago
43. Hello There ago
44. Less Than a Week ago
45. Roldy ago
46. Hyde ago
47. Hardly Subtle ago
48. The Story of Sten ago
49. Pugilist ago
50. Personal Cypher ago
51. Interlude VI ago
52. Interlude VII ago
53. Journey to Spirithood ago
54. Qualify as Gods ago
55. A Chance to Say No ago
56. Just What Guild Masters Do? ago
57. Went Mental ago
58. Change Everything ago
59. Working Like an Animal ago
60. Uppercut From Hell ago
61. Fuckin' Magic ago
62. Interlude VIII ago
63. Pillar of the Community ago
64. Failed to Ever Return ago
65. Decisions for Later ago
66. Ensuing Loneliness ago
67. Roldy's Quest ago
68. Ambrosia ago
69. The Pinnacle of Nature ago
70. Through Slitted Eyes ago
71. Wild Night on That Honey-Shrew ago
72. Arrived Like a Storm ago
73. Washed Off the Grime ago
74. Bloodfield Farmer ago
75. Avenues for Improvement ago
76. Time to Face the Music ago
77. Strong Wingwoman ago
78. Back to Business ago
79. Keeping a Low Profile ago
80. Happy Drunken Idiot ago

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This story has a slow build and really picks up around chapter 23. Read up to there or even skip up to that point before you drop this, because it will be well worth it. Additionally, if you like "org building" or "leadership" I think you will love this work and should definitely give it a read. 

This writing will positively stand out from the pack for the following characteristics: 

- The perspective is third person and does not focus hard on any single character or subnarrative. I like that there are multiple characters who feel equally present and unified. From my experience, this is quite rare and hard to do. One of my pet peeves is when there are multiple characters that feel very disconnected and this definitely avoids that while keeping the pro of many characters.

- The leadership present feels very natural and realistic. Plot armor in the form of "brotherhood," "battle bonds," "trauma" etc. does not feel present. I really enjoy that. If you are someone who likes hearing folks like Jocko Willinck talk about leadership, you will likely enjoy this story quite a bit. 

- The progression is centered around building an organization and while not quite a rare trait in PF stories, it is done in an interesting way here. If you enjoy other novels of the "org build" sort, you will like this and not find it repetitive. 


The first major weak point of this story is that dialogue feels clunky and hard to follow. I frequently found myself losing track of who was saying what and where the characters are in physical space. I would really need to spend some time comparing this to other stories such that I could offer constructive feedback on how to fix it. However, I do think the issue is present and could definitely be fixed at a later date. Altogether, it did not bother me to an extent where I did not enjoy the story. 

The second weak point is that the characters feel weakly differentiated from one another. The author has laid out a big challenge for themselves in having so many characters present and it will just take time to really develop them all. Keeping in mind that this story has a slow build I think this will eventually be fixed and look forward to getting to know the characters better in the future.