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<Smoke Dash Activated>

In the blink of an eye, I hopped through the car window in a puff of smoke and made my way to where the guard was standing.

“What the fuck?” He was shocked by the arcane substances permeating my body, so much so that he holstered his gun and fell to his knees.

“What the hell are you man?” He hollered.

“Your worst nightmare.” My menacing voice came off with such brunt force that it almost caused the guard’s heart to explode. “Let me help you out with that.” I ripped his chest open and roughly spank the lower fat of his heart muscle.


He died instantly without tasting the pain of death. I didn’t bother searching his chest for any manifested Rubik’s Cube. I picked his ass up and carried him to the back of the car where I tossed him in the trunk. Next, I opened the gate, got back in the driver's seat then drove on into the compound.

“I forgot how vast this land is. It will do well as the base of my operations. First I just need to get rid of the cockroaches that are currently infesting it.” Those party mongers were in for a world of hurt.

Aside from the mansion, other villas were on the property that occupied more than 18 acres. The estate had many other fascinating properties. One of these was the Tehran mine which was rumoured to have gold and other rare mineral deposits.

This could be more than just a rumour because Mt Bedrock, a place that was well known for mining all sorts of minerals was located only a few miles away from the Valley. This mine wasn’t much of my concern whether it was filled with gold or not. I could easily acquire an equivalent or greater amount of wealth by offing some rich asshole to the System.

Getting back to my main concern, I pulled up in the driveway, parked the car, got out and went directly to the front door. As I was walking up the steps, my ears picked up on the sound of a scuffle occurring inside. I walked straight through the front door to see what was going on.

“Fuck you, Damien! How could you do this to me? We are supposed to be best friends.” A short lad wearing a red shirt in the centre of the crowd, had a taller youth gripped in a chokehold while he kept on shouting. “How could you fuck my girl behind my back?”

Adopting a defensive posture the taller lad donned in a yellow jacket gave a ridiculous excuse, “I didn’t mean to do it, man. It just happened.”

“It just happened? You expect me to believe that pile of dog shit?” The youth was seething with anger, quite evident by the bloodthirsty veins popping all over his head. He looked to me that he wanted to wring the other guy’s head off his shoulders. I really hoped he did it.

“Carter please don’t hurt him!”

As I continued to observe the party, I saw a brunette step between the 2 youths, trying to break them apart. Her dress was ruffled beyond normalcy, her makeup was scattered across her face, moreover, her panty was dangling at her right ankle. This said a lot about her character.

“Is that a bunny design I see there?” For a moment, the entirety of the situation became hilarious to me. I was invisible to the intoxicated youngsters who were gathered around to witness the physical and verbal argument.

“Seems like that shorter guy caught his best friend and girlfriend engaging in consensual adult activities. What did that simp expect? You don’t need Chris Brown to tell you that these hoes ain’t loyal.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” The red shirt kept on strangling his friend with more intensity this time.

The brunette couldn’t stand the violence anymore. So she tried again to separate the 2 bulls, but her main focus was on her boyfriend or should I say, ex-boyfriend. “Carter stop it! If you kill him you will go to jail!” She thought this speech of hers was convincing but Carter kept up his murderous intent especially when he heard the crowd cheering him on while raising their beer cups.

“Kill him, Carter! Smash his face in!”

“Sack him in the nuts!”

“Kick his ass, Carter! He deserves it for having your girl dancing all over his penis.”

“Rip his bloody neck off!”

“What a vicious bunch.” They almost outclass my ruthlessness. The negative energy circulating the mansion became so toxic that I had to lean against the corner wall and watch some more.

“Carter I said stop!” The brunette finally was able to remove her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend's hand from around Damien’s neck.

Carter was obviously not pleased with her. “Clarisse stay the fuck out of this! You are much to blame as Damien.” His attention was now set on her. “How could you screw my best friend right under my nose?”

Clarisse explained, “I was drunk ok. We all were. If it’s any consolation, we didn’t get to go all the way.”

“What do you mean you didn’t get to go all the way? I walked in on you guys when you were doing it.”

“Technically that’s not true, bro.” Damien tried to corroborate Clarisse’s story as he picked himself up from the ground. Holding the bruised spot on his neck, he made sure to stay far away from Carter's grasp while he spoke. “It is as Clarisse said. We didn’t go all the way.”

Carter was pissed off by the lies his friends were spitting in his face. “You fucking liars! Both of you were conspiring against me!”

“Carter calm down.” Clarisse drew nearer to Carter and tried to grasp his hand.

“Don’t touch me you fucking slut!” Carter dragged away his arm and hollered, “I hate you for what you did. You ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped all over it. How long have you 2 been screwing each other behind my back, huh? How long!?”

Clarisse hesitated to answer but she eventually spoke up while averting eye contact. “Tonight was the first time it happened. But as I’ve been trying to tell we didn’t totally hook up.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Carter demanded an answer. I advise you to close your eyes or skim the next few paragraphs for the answer isn’t going to be pretty.

“Well, ah… the thing is…” Clarisse had to call upon all her courage just to convey her answer to Carter among so many people watching. While she was preparing to speak, Damien was secretly signalling for her not to say it.

“Spit it out already!” Carter shouted.

“Ok! Ok! It didn’t fit! We were about to have sex but he couldn’t get it in me. That’s when you walked in on us. That is the truth. Are you happy now?” Clarisse's voice was heard by all yet comprehended by a few.

“What do you mean it didn’t fit?” Carter was utterly flabbergasted. He glanced at Damien then back at Clarisse and said. “I fit. So I don’t understand when you say he didn’t fit. Was he not hard enough?”

“His dick was too big, ok!” Clarisse felt a load lifted off her chest when she confessed about the dangerously overgrown anaconda that Damien was packing in his trousers.

“What!?” Everyone who was tuned in to the argument became silent when they heard her confession.

Hell, even I was fucking speechless. That brunette completely shatter the remainder of the manly pride that youth had. No man would appreciate their girl blabbering her mouth in public about how big some other dude’s dick was compared to theirs and worse of all it couldn’t fit???

Was Damien really that much of a man or was Clarisse’s merchandise just that freaking tight?


A note from Authors Dread

Heads up! More than 100 chapters are already release on my Patreon. So if you want to jump ahead of the story, head on over there.

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