Christ Torch Cathedral was filled to bursting on this special occasion. Everyone was in a festive mood. The choir had rehearsed towards this day for a whole mouth. The police band had spent the last two weeks rehearsing with them. For the past few weeks, the ceremony had been the talk of the town and everyone was determined not to miss it. So, the church was filled to capacity. Some people had to sit outside under the canopies.

Chief Akilapa and his bosom friend and in-law Baba ljesa sat at their accustomed pew, They chatted happily as they waited for the ceremony to commence. Beside them sat their wives and children. John and Victoria sat holding hands. Victoria was pregnant again. Each of their mothers carried one of their twins. They were happy and proud and glorified God in their hearts.

Two rows in front were reserved for special guests. They were already filled with dignitaries, most especially top-ranking police officers. C.P. Jones was there as well as his officers. So was P. C. Awesu who kept making the sign of the cross from time to time. Policemen in ceremonial uniform also stood at the entrance of the church

At nine o'clock, the service started. Bishop Job entered in a procession, leading Sergeant Hassan by the hand like a shepherd leading a lost sheep back to the fold. Job felt very proud; Sergeant Hassan had come out overall best student at the Bible School.

The service was long but filled with joy. At long last, the crucial moment arrived. Bishop Job stood before the church while Sergeant Hassan knelt before him. He cleared his throat and a hush fell on the church.

"The Lord says whoever comes to me I will not cast aside. Today, it is my duty and my joy to lead our beloved brother into the ministry. The Bible says when a man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away and everything has become new. As from today, you shall no longer be called Sergeant Hassan or Sergeant Slaughter. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I ordain you from today as Pastor Paul!”

A roll of drums. Loud ovation, singing and dancing


The End

Abiodun Adeniji

1 November – 9 December 1994

Meiran, Lagos.



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