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“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Table of Contents
38 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Man vs Wild ago
Chapter 2: Man vs Goblin ago
Chapter 3: Man vs Menu ago
Apocalypse Tamer will go to KU and Audible - Removal of Volume I in Mid-November ago
Apocalypse Tamer Volume I is now up on Amazon and Audible! ago
Chapter 39: Man vs Funeral ago
Chapter 40: Man vs Castle ago
Chapter 41: Man vs Man ago
Chapter 42: Interlude: The Cats of Tunis ago
Chapter 43: Man vs Guild ago
Chapter 44: Man vs Planning ago
Chapter 45: Man vs Mystery ago
Chapter 46: Man vs Hand ago
Chapter 47: Man vs Halloween ago
Chapter 48: Man vs Prizes ago
Chapter 49: Man vs Investigation ago
Chapter 50: Man vs Wine ago
Chapter 51: Man vs Bridge ago
Chapter 52: Man vs Cheat ago
Chapter 53: Man vs Fraud ago
Chapter 54: Man vs General ago
Chapter 55: Man vs Date ago
Chapter 56: Man vs Baguette ago
Chapter 57: Man vs Highroad ago
Chapter 58: Man vs Chase ago
Chapter 59: Man vs Mirror ago
Chapter 60: Man vs Camping ago
Chapter 61: Man vs Snow ago
Chapter 62: Man vs Bar ago
Chapter 63: Man vs Dance ago
Chapter 64: Man vs Soul ago
Chapter 65: Interlude: Horsemen of the Apocalypse ago
Chapter 66: Man vs Tiger ago
Chapter 67: Man vs Paris ago
Chapter 68: Man vs Coffee ago
Chapter 69: Man vs Catacombs ago
Chapter 70: Man vs Shadows ago
Chapter 71: Woman vs Painting ago

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I think this might be litrpg Pokémon, AWESOME!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Man vs Evolution

Bloody hell this is a fun read. Anything that is cohesive, well paced, and packed with great writing is a winner.

Basil is entertaining to read about, with his team of monsters... Ehem pets being just as quirky and lovable. The story is engaging with not too much exposition into explaining the levelling and dungeon systems. But still good enough to draw me in.

A good balance of humor, fun and action. Highly recommended if you're looking for a fun read, with chuckles and laughter aplenty.


I am, quite simply, loving this story. After reading countless LitRPG and Prog Fantasy books with the same angsty heroes and existential pathos, it's refreshing to read a story about a guy who actually wants to be left alone. Who doesn't want to be the hero but is absolutely ok wreaking revenge. Who searches out friends and support without a lengthy backstory of betrayal and despair. 

Basil Bohen is a man who makes a choice to reject society to take care of an old man. Basil is not discovering himself or in awe of the system. The world which did not make much sense to him before the apocalypse, makes even less sense now. He's a great character to read. The humour is by parts deadpan and in-your-face and I find it enjoyable.

I love the interplay between Basil and Plato. Plato is a very pithy example of a cat and I love the way he is written. Kudos to Void for brilliant writing.


Great apocalyptic-litrpg from our favourite Voidy!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Man vs Army

Story of a crazy his cat, and others! Greatly written and the characters eccentricity is pulled of nicely. None of the characters or chapters really grate on you nerves. You feel like the chapters never come fast enough and I am always hungry for more!

If you like Void's other books like Vainqueur The Dragon or Perfect Run then you are definitely (most probably) going to enjoy this little gem!


The makings of another winner

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Man vs Stone

As per usual with a Void novel,

only a few chapters in and the charm &depth of the  thus far revealed system had me captivated.

The interactions between the cast is entertaining though I do slightly  it growing too large for comfort, considering Basil is a tamer.

Looking forward to more!

Glass Man

Absolutely, beautiful storytelling. It's a slow, steady burn that keeps getting better with each arc and chapter. I also just realized the connection between this novel and my personal favorite of Void Herald's, Magik Online. (Unless I'm reading too deeply) Overall, read this story, please. The only people who have an issue with the pacing either aren't in it for the nice long haul, or have had their brains rotted out by quick to the point litRPG series.


~80% solid

I felt that each chapter not link to something that a sensible person would know cannot be summed up in a small amount of time is wrapped up completeing at least one solid point that should be covered. That is to say that I did not really feel that massivly hateful cliffhanger sensation; even if for example 5 things really stand out that needed addressing all five were covered or you got at the very least one out of the way.


There are points that are held onto for a bit of time but they tend not to be things that drive you into a state of nagging with when they will come/'be answered'.

As for people mentioning negatives on the MC, I do not get it. I am not going to be negative of them, we obviously disagree. I just wonder if they missed some of the MCs perspective (that does take a bit to unfold) [ he has been on the bad end of very negative types of people] - is it a lack of empathy or did they just not ask themselves: What could have been done differently. It is one thing to not like a personality type and another altogether to mock and insult you do not personally enjoy it. 


Be good, if you can't do that be neutral, and if you can not do that...

But I do hope you are doing well today, have a good one.


You know, I've been quietly reading this author's books without leaving a review for a while. Each of his stories is unique. Each is, in its own right, appealing. We even get some continuity between the books, with old characters getting brought up. However, there is one good reason why I always read his stuff sparingly in spite of its writing quality: it's like going through a slow descent into madness. The story, and characters, somehow always grow more... eldritch, might be the word? Especially in his more whimsical books. It's like "The Colour Out of Space", as things just keep ramping up. Even in his more serious stories, the main character slowly has their humanity chipped away, bit by bit, and we actually get to witness just what a steady progresison towards Godhood actually does to you. I love it. I hate it. I always need a lie down after reading one of his volumes in one sitting. By the end, everyone is so unhinged you just gotta ask yourself: am I the weird one? Consider yourselves warned. Enjoy the story.


I just love this story! It is a fun, fast-paced adventure with engaging, well-fleshed-out fantasy characters and locales. One sees towns of our present day through the filter of this post-apocalyptic world and characters who perhaps externally differ from what we are familiar with but who still have emotions and traits we can find within ourselves.  Every chapter is greatly anticipated and then too quickly finished.