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“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)

Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)

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Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Man vs Wild ago
Chapter 2: Man vs Goblin ago
Chapter 3: Man vs Menu ago
Apocalypse Tamer will go to KU and Audible - Removal of Volume I in Mid-November ago
Apocalypse Tamer Volume I is now up on Amazon and Audible! ago
Chapter 39: Man vs Funeral ago
Chapter 40: Man vs Castle ago
Chapter 41: Man vs Man ago
Chapter 42: Interlude: The Cats of Tunis ago
Chapter 43: Man vs Guild ago
Chapter 44: Man vs Planning ago
Chapter 45: Man vs Mystery ago
Chapter 46: Man vs Hand ago
Chapter 47: Man vs Halloween ago
Chapter 48: Man vs Prizes ago
Chapter 49: Man vs Investigation ago
Chapter 50: Man vs Wine ago
Chapter 51: Man vs Bridge ago
Chapter 52: Man vs Cheat ago
Chapter 53: Man vs Fraud ago
Chapter 54: Man vs General ago
Chapter 55: Man vs Date ago
Chapter 56: Man vs Baguette ago
Chapter 57: Man vs Highroad ago
Chapter 58: Man vs Chase ago
Chapter 59: Man vs Mirror ago
Chapter 60: Man vs Camping ago
Chapter 61: Man vs Snow ago
Chapter 62: Man vs Bar ago
Chapter 63: Man vs Dance ago
Chapter 64: Man vs Soul ago
Chapter 65: Interlude: Horsemen of the Apocalypse ago
Chapter 66: Man vs Tiger ago
Chapter 67: Man vs Paris ago
Chapter 68: Man vs Coffee ago
Chapter 69: Man vs Catacombs ago
Chapter 70: Man vs Shadows ago
Chapter 71: Woman vs Painting ago
Chapter 72: Man vs Specter ago
Chapter 73: Man vs Memory ago
Chapter 74: Woman vs Sword ago
Chapter 75: Man vs Reality ago
Chapter 76: Man vs Wisdom ago
Chapter 77: Man vs Horseman ago
Chapter 78: Man vs Starfall ago
Chapter 79: Man vs Nuke ago
Chapter 80: Man vs Apollyon ago
Chapter 81: Man vs Respec ago
Chapter 82: Man vs Journey (Volume II Epilogue) ago
Chapter 83: Man vs Map ago
Chapter 84: Man vs BFG ago
Chapter 85: Man vs Vampire ago
Chapter 86: Man vs Devil ago
Chapter 87: Man vs Christmas ago
Chapter 88: Man vs Santa ago
Chapter 89: Man vs Gifts ago
Chapter 90: Man vs Train ago

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Like it says on the tin, this story is... Definitely a Void Herald story. If you've read a lot of his stories before, you're likely gonna recognize a lot of the character themes and types of story beats that usually occur - and it isn't too hard to draw parallels if you really wanted to analyze them.

That being said, this is still a good story - and if you do like Void Herald's work, you're likely to enjoy this one too. My only complaint is that the pacing does feel off at points; some things feel like they could happen sooner, and other things could've used more build up. Particularly with a series of antagonists that appear in later chapters.


Just first two chapters but a great set up for a new Taming type novel. Excited for more. Hoping they keep a decent schedule and an interesting cadre of creatures for us to watch grow. This was a great recommendation from another taming writer and I see great things coming from it.


Voidherald aka Maxime J. Durand aka The Only Royal Worth The Title has returned. To anyone who read the adventures of Ryan 'Quicksave' Romano in 'The Perfect Run', Vainqueur or Kairos and was left with two wolves of satisfaction-for-what-has-been-had and insatiable-hunger-for-more then all you need to know is that


Im gonna talk about whats been written so far but i dont know how much is spoiler and how much was in the synopsis above so:

Mind you its only the first chapter, but the characters we've already been introduced to feel real and act in a reasonable manner unlike many other adventure tales. Our MC Basil, a Nintendoswitch player, decides to say stfu to the apocolypse and leave the fighting to the army, prefering to bunk down and stay home.

a reasonable aproach to this conudrum. and as that one news anchor in despicable me says: "what will he do next???!!".


Cheers Void, I cant wait to see how this unravels.


Once again here we are enjoying our dear wordsmith Voidherald's wonderful writing and just like his previous works, you can already see the outline of the looming crystal palace he is constructing word by word.

The grammar as always perfect,

The story, well knowing how his style, it would probably be a good mix of adventure, comedy and action and maybe romance, probably romance, every single one of his protagonist of past works got laid with the exception of Vainquer Best Dragon and Nidhogg.



This story is in it's infancy but nonetheless shows great potential.  The author is creative and articulate and has done an excellent editing job as well.  All in all, I look forward to reading this one for a long while to come.  Please join me in supporting the author in whatever way you see fit to do so.


Pretty early on in the work, but it seems that it'll be a trope defier with the main character being a disgruntled Frenchman living with a cat and farm animals in a friend's house that was designed to survive nuclear war. At a guess, it'll follow the standard jerk with a heart plot.

Since it's Void Herald, we can assume at minimum light comedy and a completed story, both things that I enjoy seeing.

MK bk-201

Maxime J. Durand (Void herald) does it again!

He bring us again the jokes, the references, the great LitRPG straight out of the Best Dragon Vainqueur and the references!.

If you liked any work of Void you know it will be good, he is one of the best if not the best author in all Royalroad, he just has a style of writing, a form of comedy and a formula you just cant match.

I am looking forward to how this work will turn out and im so happy to have found it in its early parts so i can enjoy it right away, if it is anything like Vainqueur i know it will be very enjoyable

The style looks amazing, i just love the blue screen and system interactions and how even the most little parts can bring a laugh.

The story its about a dude who dosent care about becoming a god ( yet, i assume), he just wants to chill with his pets

The grammar impecable

The characters are besides the protagonist are a cat who belives himself superior to all things (also that he is a mini panther) and a bug who got defeated thinking the protagonist would be his first step to become a god.

Thank you again Void

Leahcim Zanathax

New Story from the author of Vainqueur the Dragon!

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Man vs Evolution

The author here, Void Herald, is the same author that wrote Vainqueur the Dragon, another AMAZING story on RR.  If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?  Its amazing, go read it!

Apocalypse Tamer is essentially Pokemon meets System Apocalypse, and that's a good thing!

Its been a lighthearted romp so far, heavy on the fun and humor, light on the existential dread and other depressing tropes common to System Apocalypse stories.

So far, the LitRpg portions of the story have been relatively light, too - which I don't necessarily think of as a good or bad thing, but I know a lot of readers dislike it when a story becomes to rules heavy - too 'crunchy' as some people like to put it.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the story so far!  Give it a shot!


This is a fun little home defense story where this random Bulgarian drug specialist must defend his home from the dungeon that has spawned around it. If you like LitRPG, quirky non-human side characters, a crazy mc who loves his quiet life a little too much, and France, then this is the story for you!


An enjoyable ride with a temperamental shut-in.

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Man vs Evolution

So far the story has been a fun, light hearted approach to the apocalypse as experienced by a shut-in living his best cat-person life in the French country side. While I enjoy the main character so far, he's got a fair screws loose up there, it's the wonderful personalities of the tamed monsters/animals/plant life, that really sell the story and keep me reading. The system is pretty underdeveloped and is more of a story telling device than it is a central element of the chapters so far, so if you're here specifically for the system grind, you may leave disappointed.