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“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)

Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)

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Table of Contents
43 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Man vs Wild ago
Chapter 2: Man vs Goblin ago
Chapter 3: Man vs Menu ago
Chapter 4: Man vs Otter ago
Chapter 5: Man vs Surprise ago
Chapter 6: Man vs Drone ago
Chapter 7: Man vs Architecture ago
Chapter 8: Man vs Craft ago
Chapter 9: Man vs Evolution ago
Chapter 10: Man vs Stone ago
Chapter 11: Man vs Robots ago
Chapter 12: Man vs Merchant ago
Chapter 13: Man vs Garden ago
Chapter 14: Man vs Bomb ago
Chapter 15: Man vs Machine ago
Chapter 16: Man vs Introspection ago
Chapter 17: Man vs Do-It-Yourself ago
Chapter 18: Man vs Police ago
Chapter 19: Man vs Witch ago
Chapter 20: Man vs Mermaid ago
Chapter 21: Man vs Angel ago
Chapter 22: Man vs Army ago
Chapter 23: Man vs Countdown ago
Chapter 24: Man vs Raid ago
Chapter 25: Man vs Dragon ago
Chapter 26: Man vs Future ago
Chapter 27: Interlude: The Guards in Buckingham ago
Chapter 28: Man vs Rooster ago
Chapter 29: Man vs Market ago
Chapter 30: Man vs Main Quest ago
Chapter 31: Man vs Breeding ago
Chapter 32: Man vs Dinosaur ago
Chapter 33: Man vs Beach ago
Chapter 34: Man vs Superboss ago
Chapter 35: Man vs Spy ago
Chapter 36: Man vs Fire ago
Chapter 37: Man vs Home Invaders ago
Chapter 38: Man vs Oath ago
Chapter 39: Man vs Funeral ago
Chapter 40: Man vs Castle ago
Chapter 41: Man vs Man ago
Chapter 42: Interlude: The Cats of Tunis ago
Chapter 43: Man vs Guild ago

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Aster Loka

Apocalypse + Tamer... Love It!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Man vs Wild

I've always loved stories where the main character gathers an army of creatures and monsters around him, and now we've got one from one of the most prolific writers on RR, so we can be confident that it'll be finished and have a proper conclusion!

So far there's only the one chapter out, but it's got plenty of character and fun, setting up the situation very cleanly and setting a light tone for what could easily be a very grim premise.

Basil is a funny character, and his companions are equally amusing. I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Lots of fun right out the gate. Came in with some expectation and each chapter is better than the last.

Reviews must be at least 50 words long, and I sure could write a huge one about how good this is. Going to wait until there's a bit more to chew through though.


I love the author. Some of his fiction are the best..but,

This story is not for me. the plot building is a bit linear. Interactions are mostly between MC and his pets. And each chapter's title is not helping.



I've always liked your approach to humor with circumstances and this story looks like a keeper the likes of Vainquer and Quicksave so I desperately want to see where this goes.

I'm sort of confused on the lab references but I haven't read Magik online so that might be a problem 

Jerry Humes

Great Start - with some refreshing unique ideas

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Man vs Evolution

some refreshing unique ideas

Character and monsters act differentlly enough to the MANY many MANY other similar stories to make me hopefull for the rest of the story! I only hope that the usual band of black-hearted naysayers who try to Dis EVERYBODY who dares to publish won't discourage this promising new author! Anyone who reads any story online - for free even - then still feels a need to disparage it, should just keep their opions to themselves and go look for another story that they DO like.


review of apocalypse tamer

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Man vs Garden

I love your book. Basil is so fun to read about and Plato as his best friend is great. I feel like the lant needs more character work but otherw ise this my favorite book right now. I hope you write mree books like this. Could you take a look at my book by the way? I was inspired by your books.


I love everything about this. The MC is solid, the system is sassy, the cat is chaos, the flower is adorable and the clam mimic with huge cannons is brilliance crystallized.


I'm very much looking forward to what happens in this beautiful amalgamation of tropes turned on their heads.


Can't wait for Basil to meet up with other survivors in his bathrobe, coffees while the survivors are reenacting some apocalypse movie.

It will be glorious!


People already know and like previous novels of this author, which is very obvious in the automatic glowing praise of many of the reviews. This story - so far at least - doesn't deserve to be equaled to the masterfully written stories like Underland, Kairos, or Perfect Run. The MC of this story is unbearable and way too samey to ones you find in all those other litrpg apocalypse stories out there. He's not very bright, makes stupid and unfunny quips all the time and seems to be without any common sense.

It doesn't really help that the "story" progresses very slowly and reluctantly, just like his very first work, which this story is connected to (which was equally not up to the authors usual established standards). Overall this entry just feels hollow, like a thing that was mandated, more written to market than filled with passion. Truly a pity. 


Overall, it starts out strong and then falls flat. Grammer is very good, only a few errors here and there. The tittle and summary is at least mildly misleading. I've always put down Durands books in the past because of dislike of where the story was heading or the characters, not the writing skill of Durand. This is the first time its just flopped. Every author has a relatively bad book from time to time.


The characters are all two dimensional. Sometimes we will be told other characters have more than that, but we are never shown those diminsions so they might as well not exist.

There are several times where a character does not act along the emotion they have been stated to have, or do other actions that make no sense.

THe lack of drama from some characters was good and amusing at the start about certian subjects, but it turns into a lack of impact from story events instead of "this guy just doens't care about certian things".

It was nice not having a genius at the wheel for leveling up, and I do like that. This was a nice change of pace from other litRPG books.


1st, the tittle and summary could be said to be misleading. At the very least, its sets up wrong expectations in the reader. His main focus is being a berserker, not a monster tamer. Which leads to a great focus on combat, which I would say is a weak point of this story.

The authors is looking for snappy fights, but it comes out rushed. With the exeption of some of the first fights. Not enough time describing the scene everyone is fighting in, impact feels weird, toughness of characteres feels driven more by plot than by stats or realism. 

The touching current politics is brave, I will give him that, but it has become more annoying as time goes on. Almost a mirror of how more intense things are getting IRL and the author is unable to keep it out of his book. If you don't like IRL politics in your stories this will be a major turn off. 


World seems decently developed, and he has had a bit of fun weaving in memes into the world building.


Voidherald aka Maxime J. Durand aka The Only Royal Worth The Title has returned. To anyone who read the adventures of Ryan 'Quicksave' Romano in 'The Perfect Run', Vainqueur or Kairos and was left with two wolves of satisfaction-for-what-has-been-had and insatiable-hunger-for-more then all you need to know is that


Im gonna talk about whats been written so far but i dont know how much is spoiler and how much was in the synopsis above so:

Mind you its only the first chapter, but the characters we've already been introduced to feel real and act in a reasonable manner unlike many other adventure tales. Our MC Basil, a Nintendoswitch player, decides to say stfu to the apocolypse and leave the fighting to the army, prefering to bunk down and stay home.

a reasonable aproach to this conudrum. and as that one news anchor in despicable me says: "what will he do next???!!".


Cheers Void, I cant wait to see how this unravels.